L’etoile Cafe Owen Road

L'etoile cafe

It’s really nice to see so many new cafes sprouting up around Singapore. I’ve been going on a cafe-hopping adventure, and one of the places that I went to is L’etoile Cafe at Owen Road.

The French-themed Japanese cafe is a real hidden gem, so if you are looking for a place to hangout with your friends this weekend, you can consider coming here.

Getting to L’etoile is not that difficult. Take the North-East line, alight at Farrer Park and find exit D which leads to Owen Road.


Letoile cafe owen road

The ground floor is pretty much like a regular cafe with simple furnishings. It is the second floor (the first picture of this post) that makes the cafe stand out.

They did a good job mixing and matching old furniture. The result: a quirky and whimsical look that you can’t find elsewhere. I particularly loved the birdcage painting on the wall.

French Toast

The current brunch menu is simple and affordable. They have several items like big breakfast ($9.5), eggs benedict ($5.9), banana nutella toast ($5.9), French toast ($5.9), and French crepes ($5).

From what I understand, they will be introducing a new all day brunch menu in the coming weeks. For now, their food menu is available till 3-4pm.

L'etoile owen road

L’etoile cafe is a place where you can have a cup of coffee, read a book, and watch the world goes by. It’s also a place where you can hangout with a group of friends and play card games all day long. I like that it is not too crowded, and the off-the-track location makes it feel as though you are going on a quest to find a hidden treasure.

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road
Tel: +65 6298 2872
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 9am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

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Once again, thank you for mentioning us but we’d like to let your readers know that we do not have regular hours. We announce our openings a few days ahead on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/libertycoffee Please do not include Liberty Coffee in the Farrer Park cafe hopping trail without first checking whether we’re open on Facebook!

I think you got the prices way way wrong. Egg benny is $12 plus, so too the big breakfast. Definitely not at $5.90. Visited on June 13 2012

In fact, we ordered exactly the same, big breakfast, eggs benny and banana nutella toast, with two beverages and it came up to $50.75!! Quite pricey for the amount of food we got.

The service was excruciatingly slow even on a lazy saturday morning. Waited for my big breakfast for 30 minutes and decided that they are not worth my time.
The prices are not around $5.90 range though, more like $12.90. The glum looking waitresses really spoilt my day.

If I’m not wrong, th birdcage painting is a wall sticker :/ Saw it around offices and rooms :)

Not impressed. Food is mediocre. Ambiance is nothing great too. Overpriced for the quality of food

Worst meal I’ve ever had. The sausage was not at all cooked and the scrambled egg beside the french toast was over cooked? I don’t usually complain about food (according to my friends) but the taste was beyond horrible and the price is also very ‘horrible’.
ps: imagine tasting raw sausage with the bloody sauce still inside the sausage… its a lot worse than you will imagine

Its the worst service I have encountered in a long long while… The food came 30 minutes late (only a pasta and a salad), and that was after 2 reminders to check and no one came to update. No one welcomed us when we entered the cafe and no one brought us the menu. No one apologised for the late serving and no one said thank you when we paid up and left.

Avoid this place, at all cost!!!

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