Best Pizzas in Singapore

Best Pizza Singapore

Pizza is one of the most recognized food in the world today. There used to be only one place for pizzas when I was still young, and that was Pizza Hut. But as I grow older, I found satisfaction in seeking new places for something new. Having said that, I still love my Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut.

Whenever I want to explore a new place, I am thankful of the fact that there are so many Pizza restaurants in Singapore. Be it Pizza Buffet, Gourmet Pizza, Italian Thin Crust Pizza, Skinny Pizza, American Style Thick Crust Pizza, 1-for-1 Pizza, or the best Pizza promotions in Singapore — we’ve got them covered in this post.

Here is a list of the best Pizza Places in Singapore:

I think Pizza is the best excuse for having beer. The fact that you can have Pizza at any time of the day is also a bonus. Without further ado, let’s see which are the pizza restaurants.

Bella Pizza Singapore

Bella Pizza

Having been to Bella Pizza on several occasions, their pizzas have never disappointed me. This is definitely my favourite Pizza Place in Singapore!

30 Robertson Quay #01-14
Riverside View Singapore
Tel: +65 6734 0139

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Conveniently located in Orchard road, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a good place to go for American style thick crust pizzas.

583 Orchard Road #01-42
Forum The Shopping Mall Singapore
Tel: +65 6836 0110

Da Paolo Pizza Singapore

Casa Verde

All you need to know about Casa Verde is their ongoing weekday 1-for-1 takeaway pizza promotion – $21 to $24 for 2 wood-fire oven baked pizzas – where else can you find such a good pizza deal in Singapore? Note: the pizza promotion is available from Monday to Thursday, 11am – 9.30pm.

If you are having a headache over what food to bring for picnic, now you have your answer.

1 Cluny road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tel: +65 6467 7326

Da Paolo Restaurant & Bistro Bar

Not sure where to go for dinner if you are in the Rochester Park or Chip Bee Gardens area?

Da Paolo Restaurant might just be the right place if you are craving for pizzas. With an extensive pizza menu to choose from, everyone will be able to get a pizza that they like. Oh yes, you must have their famous tiramisu for desserts too!

3 Rochester Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6774 5537

La Nonna Pizza

La Nonna Restaurant

La Nonna Italian restaurant has an ongoing lunch promotion – 50% off their ala carte menu for their weekday lunch. Try the La Nonna Signature Pizza ($19.0 before 50% discount). This is definitely one of the best Pizza promotions in Singapore!

76 Namly Place
Tel: +65 6762 1587



26 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: +65 6468 1982



Peperoni Pizzeria

Pepperoni Pizzeria is the perfect place to go if you have a big group of friends eating together. Their famous XXL pizza is surely the highlight of the meal, but this is not for the faint-hearted (or those with small appetite).

6 Greenwood Avenue Hillcrest Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6465 6556

7 Binjai Park Singapore
Tel: +65 6463 7800

Pizzeria Mozza Singapore

Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza

You like big and crispy pizza crust? You’d like the pizzas from Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands. For a celebrity chef restaurant, the pizzas are reasonably priced between $18 to $38.

Is Pizzeria Mozza the best pizza restaurant in Singapore? I don’t know… It is really hard to say since there are so many good pizzerias in Singapore. But I think it is definitely amongst the best.

2 Bayfront Ave #B1-42/46
The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 8522

OChre Orchard Central

Looking for a Pizza Buffet in Singapore?

During Saturday lunch, OChre Italian restaurant at Orchard restaurant has an Eat-all-you-can pasta & pizza buffet. At $22+/pax, I’d think that it is a fantastic deal. There are 10 selections of pastas (like Carbonara, Linguine Seafood, Tagliatelle Bolognese, Spaghetti Aglio Olio) and 8 pizzas (Margherita, Salmon, & Quattro Formaggi) to choose from.

181 Orchard Road
#11-03/04 Orchard Central
Tel: +65 6634 0423

Skinny Pizza Singapore

Skinny Pizza

I’m sure you will agree with me that skinny pizzas are the ladies’ favourite – thin, healthy and not too filling. Skinny Pizza has three outlets in Singapore: Raffles City, Wheelock and Suntec City. Otherwise, you can always get them from Barracks Cafe at Dempsey road.

501 Orchard Road #03-04
Wheelock Place Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 7823


And how can we miss out the signature Peking Duck Pizza from Timbre? If you can’t make it to any of the Timbre outlets at The Substation, The Arts House or at Old School Mount Sophia, the popular music restaurant and bar also offers Pizza delivery services.

1 Old Parliament Lane #01-04
The Arts House (Old Parliament House) Singapore
Tel: +65 6336 3386

For more recommendations, read my list of Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore


you should try spizza for friends. they have a few outlets but my family usually go to the one at club street. try their ursula and quinta pizzas. they are AWESOME. they are the must have-s everytime we visit spizza

Amazing array of pizzas around SG to try for!
When it comes to pizza, Domino’s is in my mind :D

You’ve missed out on Domino’s Pizza. It’s almost one of the best, you gotta try it :)

Nt reallie sure abt Domino’s, but have tried Spizza’s Pizza Delivery…was’nt too bad..Also tried La Nonna, Skinny Pizza (Mum loved it) and Pepperonis. Those were quite awesome too…XD

Don’t like crispy pizza bases so I loath Skinny Pizza. Quite a number of interesting places you’ve mentioned, would love to try them out soon. I love Spizza too, and finally, someone else who likes the Hawaiian at Pizza Hut. Definitely has to be a pan pizza Hawaiian for me if it’s Pizza Hut, although I’d much rather go for the wood fired pizzas.

Check out Limoncello at 95 Robertson Quay, #01-19/20 Rivergate, they have one of the best thin-crust pizzas I’ve ever had.

They have a special kind of pizza, white pizza, that comes without the tomato base. They do a great tenderloin as well!

You should try La Noce…Simply delectable pizzas!Scrumptious,aromatic italian spices that infuses the appetite and tucks you in with a satiated sigh! Our familys’ most loved pizza joint; even my 3yr old niece has an insatiable appetite for! Not to mention, the pizza chef’s friendly & charming nature, will keep you coming back for more!

Omg. You need to go to l’operetta at boat quay. They have the best wood-fired pizzas in Singapore. First VPN certified pizzas in Singapore!

As an American, I would never eat at Pizza Hut or Dominos but you have covered a lot of good local pizza places like Pepperonis and Spizza (thanks to your readers). However don’t forget the wonderful pizzas at Picotin. They are nice for a main course or as an appetizer for a large group. The atmosphere is great up by the old Turf Club and there is a diverse menu for the rest of your party if they want something other than pizza.

I tried this new place called Slices Pizza Bar in Orchard Towers!!! Yes in Orchard Towers amongst all the bars!!! On the 2nd floor.

Happened to be out and about with the boys late one night and chanced upon them….they do AMAZING pizzas!! They open til 3am and 5am on wkends!!!

On my (small) Italian & pizza lover opinion, my favs so far are:
Casa Verde, altough I think their oven is not wood-fired, it looks – and taste – like gas-fired. They use really superb ingredients and the base is very light and tasty too (although missing the ‘plus’ taste given by the wood-fire oven).
Da Paolo at Chip Bee, although they also do not have a wood-fired hoven. The ingredients that they use are really good in quality and the pizza base is very tasty .
Solepomodoro in Little India has a great w-f oven and makes a really good pizza base, but I think they should def improve the quality of the ingredients.
I absolutely didn’t like Modesto’s pizza in Orchard – the base was stuffy and the ingredients weren’t really good either.
Domino and Pizza Hut are Not Classificable for my taste :)
I want to try Pepperoni and Spizza soon, thanks for the tips :P

I would have to agree that the dishes offered by the Pizza Capers were definitely better than some offered by some other all-too popular pizzerias. The pizza had generous toppings, good quality ingredients and great mix of flavours. I think they really thought out the spices and flavorings.

if talking about pizza, you should try Palio which is located at RWSentosa Hotel Michael. Their Pizza really is super duper nice!

You must try Pizza Capers! My favourite is their Reef and Beef. Oh the sumptuous Hollandaise sauce and chucks of shrimps!!!!!!!!!!

Pizza Capers? The one at 226 East Coast Road? Tried before. Quite good. I like their salmon affairs and spaghetti bolognaise. Their desert dumplings too.. But I cannot remember the exact filing haha..

Anyone heard of The Manhattan Pizza Co. run by Joey Manoli?,The Pizza King is finally here in Singapore. I tried it in New York and fell in love with it.

Wonder if the Singapore outlet will be just as yummy. Anyone tried yet? Lemme know!!

The Manhattan Pizza Co. @ Orchard Central is the best. And it’s cheap too! 10″ slice for less than $6!!!! I am in love with the pepperoni pizza.

Pizza is not Italian in origin, but it was the Italians who gave it the name “pizza”, and introduced it in the United States. Pizza was invented by the Greeks around several hundred years B.C. who were the early pioneers and skilled bakers, settling in Southern Italy around the Naples Region. Pizza was introduced in the United States towards the end of the nineteenth century, along with a wave of largely southern Italian immigrants who operated Italian bakeries and grocery stores.

Topping is spelled with 2 p(s) not 1 :)

Perfect New York Pies at the manahattan pizza co. I checked this post and have tried 5 of the places. They are half the price of all the others… No pretentiousness just great pizza! The manahattan pizza co should be in this list in my opinion!

wow, i am looking forward to trying some of these. Recently I tried the pizza at Al Forno (East Coast) and really loved it. You might want to give that a try too! :)

You should add in Pizzeria L’Operetta! They serve authentic Napoletana Pizza using a fully wooden oven to make their pizzas! Definitely must try!!!

Best New York style pizza in Singapore is Slices at the notorious Orchard Towers. Open late till at least 2am on weekdays. Try a secret pizza that’s not on the menu – The Cowabunga. Pepperoni and anchovies, named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s favorite pizza toppings.

I feel that the best pizza I had is Extra Virgin Pizza 2 @ United square. 10inch pizza using woodstone oven to cook it. Try thePistachio Pizza. Something very different. the crust is Crispy but not to the super Crispy type like biscuit.

There are many good pizza places toward the east. Al Forno, Pizza Capers etc.. which the writer may be unaware of.

I tried Bella’s Pizza after reading your favorable review on its food. And I must say that I am terribly disappointed with its Pizza. The base was unremarkable and the choice of toppings didn’t enhance the crust in anyway. They were way off the mark of what makes a great pizza, the way Italian eateries craft them in Italy.

Now I have decided that your taste buds are suspect. And I will never trust your restaurant reviews ever again.

You guys should try zzapi located at valley point. Thin crust pizza, so crispy! Compare to peperoni, zzapi pizza doesn’t have that much burn smell. Price range is very similar to other restaurant

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