Chomp Chomp: Best Hawker Centre Singapore

BBQ Stingray

When my good friend came back from a holiday in Europe, I was determined to get her appetite for our favorite Singapore food back. The food blogger was the one who chose the place, but for once, I couldn’t decide where to go for dinner. To be safe, I asked which is her favorite hawker center.

Her reply was very straight forward: “Chomp Chomp is the best hawker centre in Singapore.”

It was such an overwhelming experience to step inside Chomp Chomp market at Serangoon Gardens. There were stalls on the left, and on the right. Rows and rows of them stretching right to the end. I know all the hawker centres in Singapore look the same, but somehow there is this sense of hope in Chomp Chomp — it feels like everything will taste good no matter which stall we order from.

I felt as though I was a kid in Disneyland as I walked around to check out the different food stalls in Chomp Chomp. There was so much food! And everything seemed to look so good! I was tempted to order something from every stall, but it was impossible since there was only two of us.

Whenever I asked for recommendations for the best BBQ stingray in Singapore, people will always point me to the ones in Chomp Chomp. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the name of the stall when I was there.

In the end, I randomly ordered from some stalls since I have never been to Chomp Chomp Food Market before. “OH MAN! I miss BBQ Stingray!” I almost shouted that out when it was brought to our table. Even though I sweated profusely after eating the BBQ Stingray ($8), I just couldn’t stop having more of it.

Oyster Omelette

The oyster omelette from Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster was delicious. I actually prefer fried carrot cake to oyster omelette since I only like the egg and not the oyster. But still, you can never say no to oyster omelette, and the slightly spicy-sourish chili sauce made it even better!

Chomp Chomp BBQ Chicken Wings

I’m not sure if Chomp Chomp is the only hawker centre that has the big glasses of sugarcane juices, but I absolutely love it! Sugarcane is the perfect choice of drink to go along with our local Singapore hawker food.

A dollar for a chicken wing? Just give me all the wings on the rack!

Chomp Chomp Hokkien Mee

The hokkien mee from Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodle wasn’t really my type. They used very fine yellow and rice noodle, and it was a drier version (I preferred wet hokkien mee).

* * *

I know there are some of you who will say that Chomp Chomp is over hyped, with most of the hawker food there being priced slightly higher than the other hawker centres in Singapore. Furthermore, there are limited seats which make it really crowded during weekends. The worst part? The air ventilation is pretty bad, and you leave the place smelling like Chomp Chomp.

But I have to say that it’s quite an experience to eat at Chomp Chomp even though they are similar to most of the hawker centres in Singapore. Which stalls in Chomp Chomp food centre do you usually order from?

Lucy BBQ Seafood
20 Kensington Park road
Stall 5/6 Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chong Pang Huat
20 Kensington Park road
Stall 26 Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster
20 Kensington Park road
Stall 26 Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodle
20 Kensington Park road
Stall 27 Chomp Chomp Food Centre


hie – i’ve been in sg for about 4 months now, and i must say i m glad to have some guidance as to where i can find good food to eat. i have already inflicted some awful tasting things on myself here, and it would be great to get some prior warning.

cheers and keep up the chipper writing and lovely pix. i have always admired food photographers ever since young – the way all of you make the dishes look so appetising and yummy!

There’s a stall near the entrance that sells popiah/kueh pi tie/oyster cake that’s good. Opp this stall there’s carrot cake.

A stone’s throw away from Chomp Chomp there’s a nice dessert place called Dessert Bowl (I think). I like the mango pomelo. It’s diagonally opp UOB. Must walk up the stairs (and it’s next to a KTV lounge). And just a few doors down there’s another dessert cafe but hardly any customers. I

The best ? Will check it out next year, I’m back in Singapore in June! The ‘best’ I’ve had is the one in Chinatown, it’s HUGE!

Actually Chomp Chomp is my absolute fav place to go for local food too! Agree, it’s kinda dirty (@ Terrence Hui), no doubt – but “got feel” mahhh :)

the wanton mee stall at the end of the row has really good well..wanton mee ( : the char siew is sweet, moist and well marinated.

Would not say best.. but then singaporeans tend to use the term loosely. Pricing not great (especially the drinks, yikes), the crowd is unbearable at most times, you smell like the hawker centre after and the traffice jam getting there w/e should dampen your appetite. Fair place but not a die die must try tag…. gardens resident. bose

id recommend Charlie’s drink stall (diagonally opposite wonton mee stall mentioned above) for the sugar cane / watermelon juice because all the other drink stalls are overcharging!

and i love the stingray from Lucy!
and carrot cake which is on the right hand side when you face chop chop at the entrance.

i love chomp chomp!!!!!

i always go there to eat the carrot cake there , the chilli is totally AWESOME. the cook is also very friendly , however , the helper there is a little -.-” chomp chomp is seriously the best hawker centre in spore ! :D D especially the cleanliness and the CARROT CAKE . AWESOMEMEST ! :D

i live in serangoon and whenever there is any short gathering, my friend will call for CHOMP CHOMP. hahaha. but honestly, the food standard is dropping and th prices are kinda steep… i love love love th desert stall but i can’t rmb th name. its situated @ th middle. their ice kachang is a MUST try.

ordered from my usual stall, lucy, today, but it was kind of disappointing. the sambal was not evenly spread on the stingray as it usually was, and some parts were way too burnt. missing a little something.

Does chomp chomp have any malay stalls that sells bbq stingray,hotplate tofu and satay?

hi abi, they only have one stall that is run by a malay guy, his satay is delicious! authentic malay style of satay

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