Gong Cha Bubble Tea Singapore

Gong Cha Bubble Tea

Here’s the ultimate question that all bubble tea lovers want to know: is KOI Cafe really the best bubble tea in Singapore, or is Gong Cha Bubble Tea better?

After much persuasion from many of you, I finally made my way down to City Square Mall just for the Gong Cha Bubble Tea.

“Who the hell comes to City Square Mall?” That was the first question on my mind. There are actually quite a few City Square Mall restaurants like Pu Tien, Nanxiang steamed restaurant, Pasta Stylo, Paradise Inn and Sushi Tei.

Since I only tried Koi cafe’s Original pearl milk tea before, it’s only fair to order the same thing from Gong Cha for comparison. I heard that Gong Cha at City Square Mall has very long queues during lunch time. Fortunately, there wasn’t any queue when I was there at 3pm.

To be honest, I couldn’t really taste the difference between Gong Cha and KOI. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Gong Cha’s black pearls seem to be slightly smaller than KOI bubble tea’s. But if it comes down to the best bubble tea in Singapore, I’d probably choose KOI cafe over Gong Cha Bubble tea.

Gong Cha Bubble Tea Singapore

KOI cafe currently has 7 outlets at Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Chinatown, Clementi, Iluma, Marine Parade, and Toa Payoh, while Gong Cha is catching up with 9 branches at Novena square, City square mall, Plaza Singapura, Vivocity, Raffles City, Orchard Central, Bedok Point & The Central. Even though KOI has long queues, they have a better queuing system which is more systematic.

What do you think? Is KOI, I love Taimei or Gong Cha the best bubble tea in Singapore?

List of Gong Cha Singapore Outlets

// Updated with Gong Cha VivoCity, Gong Cha Plaza Singapura, Gong Cha Raffles City, Gong Cha Orchard Central, Gong Cha Bedok Point, Gong Cha The Central, Gong Cha Bedok Point, Gong Cha Ang Mo Kio, Gong Cha Bishan Junction 8, Gong Cha Scape

Gong Cha City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-k3/k4
City Square Mall Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 3803

Gong Cha Novena Square
10 Sinaran Drive #01-172
Novena Square 2 Singapore
Tel: +65 6397 6816

Gong Cha Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard road
#01-k1 Plaza Singapura

Gong Cha VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk #01-111
VivoCity Singapore

Gong Cha Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road B1-71
Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore
(Near Paper Market & That CD Shop)

Gong Cha Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#B1-02 Orchard Central

Gong Cha The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-15/16
The Central @ Clarke Quay Singapore

Gong Cha Bedok Point
795 New Upper Changi Road #02-30

Gong Cha Ang Mo Kio
Julibee Entertainment Complex  #01-14
Ang Mo Kio Ave8
Tel:+65 64566476

Gong Cha Bishan Junction 8
9 Bishan Place Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 62599938

Gong Cha Scape
2 Orchard Link #02-39


Still gonna vote for koi!
But i’ve tried one more recently, and its pretty decent, its the one at NEX with the pink pearls *-*

For me. Gong Cha milk tea has more tea taste, and KOI’s tase milkier. Depends on the preference too.

Koi in Taiwan is really better in quality. I think it has got to do with the water and the freshness of the tea leaves there. I’ve tried 2 other bubble tea stalls while I’m there too (one from market in taipei and another brand from just 2 shops away from koi in Kaosiong at 12midnight while koi closed at 11.30pm). Koi is simply the best.

I’ve tried GongCha camelia green tea and it is not bad too. So far, Koi & Gongcha are provbably the two brands that I’ll get the tea from in sg. Most other brands give sour taste in their tea. Try drinking tea without milk at quarter sugar level and you’ll know which is the best.

GongCha is the BEST !
I’ve tried Koi once . But it somehow taste weird .. :/ Although Koi has much more choices then GongCha , but GongCha is much healthier & nicer . You guys should try the GongCha MilkTea with different tea base . There are 4 tea bases – OoLong , Alisan , Greean Tea & Black tea . It’s great . The Taro Milk & Lemon Juice with AiYu Jelly is super nice too ! :D

But well , it still depends on one’s preference . To me , it’s not really fair to compare the drinks like that . So , ya .

Well Koi in Taiwan is called 50 Lan. They are ‘the Starbucks’ of Taiwan. I guess Koi recognize the speicality of Gong Cha signature drink ( House Special) as 50 Lan themseleves have launcehd a similar drink in Taiwan. LOL. But the taste is no way near to Gong Cha’s house special.

Tried both koi & gongcha in AMK. Not too bad.
Was there today, come across a new bubble tea shop. Was recomended to a drink (winter melon with hantein/seaweed jelly), its really refreshing & yummy. Like the qq taste of their pearls. End up buying another cup to bring back.
Bubble tea lovers should try it out.

Pete: You’re talking about Gong Cha or Koi? Saw from the Gong Cha Singapore facebook, the new outlets in S’pore comments are not that good. THey need some control or start to lose some loyal fans to Koi.
WOndering is Koi going to Malaysia, since Gong Cha will be opening in KL in April.

Hi Billy, its not the Koi outlet. Was there just now to buy another one of the Winter Melon with Hantein. Get a loyalty program card which gives you a free cup of drink of your choice after 10 purchases. The shop name is Cafe Cuppa.

Ohh not sure of Cafe Cuppa. Cause in Malaysia only have Cha Time. heard that Gong Cha and Koi are the main competitors in S’pore with the craqzy queues. Well at least Gong Cha is coming to Malaysi according to their facebook. Cn atry it in KL then

frankly speaking, or maybe i’m really a bit slow. :X till two months ago, i finally got to know gong cha through my collegues. hahaha. and only until last month where i decided to give it a try to compare the bubble tea. my bf and i also feel that koi is better than gong cha. :X maybe you can give it a try at arttease or wannabe at tanjong pagar. it created long quee too. hahahhaha.

I so prefer gong cha over many of the other bubble tea shops:D but I still think Taiwan bubble tea beats all the SG ones hands down…I had a cheap roadside bubble tea and it was already like gong cha standard…

Heard that it is good.. Does the black bubbles are made of vegetables or gelatin ? Please let me know whether it is halal certified or not..


Gong Cha of coz! their signature Alisan Tea is fantabulous! frothy milk is tad saltish (like cheese)… blends in well with the tea towards the ending ..

i always love my alisan tea with white pearl jelly.. chewy but not sticky like normal pearls. must try!!!!

Do try “Bean In A Cup” organic soya tea with pearls!
Very nice and healthier option for the health conscious. It’s value for money for organic soya tea. Price is comparative to other bubble tea that use cow’s milk.
There’s 4 outlets:
Chinatown (Maxwell Food center)
Bugis (Opposite Guangying temple)
Toa Payoh (Beside Watsons near the library)
AMK (AMK Ave 10)

Just went to gong cha bedok branch. The service was so bad. I ordered two cups of beverage. The person at the counter gave me one cup. Then I stood there for like 8-10 minutes like an idiot before I asked the person where was my other cup of beverage. He then showed bad attitude and just passed me a drink that was ready for quite some time rudely. I’m so not going back to gong cha.

I tried my first cup of gong cha oolong milk tea last week. It tasted really unique. I LOVED IT. I just had to get a second cup on the same day. I went to vivo and the queue was so long. I agree their queuing system could be improved.

I’ve also been a fan of koi. Their ice cream with milk tea are great. And they have a wider variety of choices compared to gong cha. Plus their cups are bigger. But if you’re talking about comparing tastes, I’d prefer gong cha. Hands down.

Overall I think these two outlets are special in their own ways and it really depends on ones taste. If I were you, each a cup isn’t a shabby choice as well. The queue ain’t that long and their prices are somewhat cheaper. LOL (:

The Manager and staff of the Gong cha outlet next to Tampines MRT are extremely rude. Don’t believe me go check it out yourself. Geez…

heyyy i love the minimalistic feel of your blog:D very simple yet nice design!

im quite a bubble lover frankly speaking. HAHA at least everytime if i have a chance getting near to places w gongcha or koi i will most probably wont let the chance goes.

i love koi and gong cha but my preference goes slightly more towards gongcha, both due to the price and taste! gongcha has a more unique taste w the milk foam covered tea. the tea itself is great as well.

koi has a very enriching taste (personal feel(: ) and i love drinking it but not so often.

perhaps it is not fair to compare gongcha’s milk tea w koi cos that is not their house’s special.

nice post anyway(:

Noooo……!!! -.- Gong chas pearls r bigger n chewier lorh… Your tongue must have something wrong lorh. R u just trying to gain popularity or what…

hahaha btw one gong cha outlet is opening at gek poh soon.anw for me both koi and gong cha are number 1 :b

Hi, there are 2 outlets at ang mo kio for gong cha now. One is the already mentioned Jubilee one, and another new one is at Ang Mo Kio Hub. Oh and there’s one at Changi Airport T2 (coming soon). :)

Gong cha is the best!!!! I really live the milk tea and I would always order it with extra pearls and make it 50%. You don’t need it to be so sweet as it is already made with a very nice taste!

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