Koi Cafe Singapore: The Bubble Tea craze

Koi Bubble Tea

I don’t get it. I don’t get the fuss over KOI Cafe’s Bubble Tea, but here I am queuing up for it behind twenty people. Please keep your calm, but I have to confess that this is my first time having bubble tea in Singapore.

I know there are plenty of bubble tea shops like Gong Cha, I love Taimei, Sweet talk and Each a cup that have been around for some time, but I wasn’t really tempted to have bubble tea even during the bubble tea craze a couple of years back.

Okay, stop looking at me like as if I’m a weirdo. Even though I only have my first bubble tea in Singapore last month, I’ve tried bubble tea when I was in Taiwan two years back. The milk tea was great; smooth and silky and wholesome, with lots of big chewy black pearls. The size of the drink is huge and it’s very cheap too – now that’s what i called a true Taiwan bubble tea.

KOI Cafe

Speaking of that, I asked a very silly question on twitter: Why is bubble tea called bubble tea? From the response, I was told that the marbled-size pearls resembled little pops of bubbles, but is that really the reason? (Corrected after comment by btlover)

Sorry for the rants and lets get back to Koi cafe’s milk tea. There’s so many different flavors available on the menu but I had the original Pearl milk tea on both occasions that I went to the Koi cafe outlet at Marine Parade. Are they worth the queue and price? The Pearl milk tea is almost a dollar more than the other bubble tea shops in Singapore. It’s good, but I wouldn’t queue up specially for it.

Will all the Koi Cafe lovers stand up and tell me why is Koi Cafe’s bubble tea so awesome?

I still don’t get it.

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List of KOI Bubble Tea Cafe in Singapore

// Updated with KOI Cafe Clementi, & KOI Cafe Tampines

Koi Cafe Ang Mo Kio
Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio Central #01-2545 Tel: +65 6459 1518

Koi Cafe Bishan
513 Bishan street 13 #01-503 Tel: +65 6258 1729

Koi Cafe Clementi
Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3 #01-101 Tel: +65 64405845

Koi Cafe Illuma
201 Victoria Street #01-15 Iluma At Bugis Tel: +65 6884 6817

Koi Cafe People’s Park
1 Park Road #01-16 People’s Park Complex Tel: +65 6536 8330

Koi Cafe Marine Parade
Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562 Tel: +65 6440 4869

Koi Cafe Toa Payoh
190A Toa Payoh Central #01-562 Tel: +65 6256 1169

Koi Cafe Tampines
Blk 510 tampines central #01-250