Koi Cafe Singapore: The Bubble Tea craze

Koi Bubble Tea

I don’t get it. I don’t get the fuss over KOI Cafe’s Bubble Tea, but here I am queuing up for it behind twenty people. Please keep your calm, but I have to confess that this is my first time having bubble tea in Singapore.

I know there are plenty of bubble tea shops like Gong Cha, I love Taimei, Sweet talk and Each a cup that have been around for some time, but I wasn’t really tempted to have bubble tea even during the bubble tea craze a couple of years back.

Okay, stop looking at me like as if I’m a weirdo. Even though I only have my first bubble tea in Singapore last month, I’ve tried bubble tea when I was in Taiwan two years back. The milk tea was great; smooth and silky and wholesome, with lots of big chewy black pearls. The size of the drink is huge and it’s very cheap too – now that’s what i called a true Taiwan bubble tea.

KOI Cafe

Speaking of that, I asked a very silly question on twitter: Why is bubble tea called bubble tea? From the response, I was told that the marbled-size pearls resembled little pops of bubbles, but is that really the reason? (Corrected after comment by btlover)

Sorry for the rants and lets get back to Koi cafe’s milk tea. There’s so many different flavors available on the menu but I had the original Pearl milk tea on both occasions that I went to the Koi cafe outlet at Marine Parade. Are they worth the queue and price? The Pearl milk tea is almost a dollar more than the other bubble tea shops in Singapore. It’s good, but I wouldn’t queue up specially for it.

Will all the Koi Cafe lovers stand up and tell me why is Koi Cafe’s bubble tea so awesome?

I still don’t get it.

* * *

List of KOI Bubble Tea Cafe in Singapore

// Updated with KOI Cafe Clementi, & KOI Cafe Tampines

Koi Cafe Ang Mo Kio
Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio Central #01-2545 Tel: +65 6459 1518

Koi Cafe Bishan
513 Bishan street 13 #01-503 Tel: +65 6258 1729

Koi Cafe Clementi
Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3 #01-101 Tel: +65 64405845

Koi Cafe Illuma
201 Victoria Street #01-15 Iluma At Bugis Tel: +65 6884 6817

Koi Cafe People’s Park
1 Park Road #01-16 People’s Park Complex Tel: +65 6536 8330

Koi Cafe Marine Parade
Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562 Tel: +65 6440 4869

Koi Cafe Toa Payoh
190A Toa Payoh Central #01-562 Tel: +65 6256 1169

Koi Cafe Tampines
Blk 510 tampines central #01-250


i neva tried koi drinks before but heard of it.is it really that good that ppl travel to far places juz to drink it?

i went to taiwan recently and visited their Koi equivalent – Koi is a franchise from taiwan. there are way more branches, the tea tastes better, is about half sg’s price, and no queue – you get your tea in <5min.

Koi is pretty good – but if you ask me to queue like mad to get one, no way.

I personally love koi!! I myself am a frequent patron of this bubble tea chain outlet.

As I frequent Taiwan, I am really picky when it comes to things like drinking bubble tea. In Taipei, bubble tea tastes really good. And the size they serve back home is really generous; and pricewise it is quite economical

I personally feel that koi is too costly. And always behind a cup of koi comes a long queue. But I will still continue patronizing koi cafe, as I feel that bubble tea from koi really supersedes those produced from each a cup and sweetalk.

I feel that koi is best when the sugar level is at 25% as I do not have a sweet tooth. I recommend those who haven’t tried this out to try it as it tastes far better than the ones you are consuming right now. :)

recently there r lot of bubble tea that indicate that come from taiwan…

i been stay at taiwan for oversea support for few month & had try many type of bubble tea at taiwan..Koi cafe…to me nothing special at all compare other brand from taiwan…

y’day i had try a new bubble tea shop from taiwan? name “Witchry Idel” locate at marine parade, their signature drink ????was damn good. one of the best bubble tea that i compare those taiwan bubble tea..& more important thing is their price is cheap <$2.00 if compare those so call "taiwan bubble tea".

for those ppl wan try nice & cheap bubble tea, this is one of the brand that u may try it…

KOI’s makes awesome frothy milk teas, that come in a sealed cup, with munchy pearls inside — and that’s why they are so so so good.

But it’s okay if some don’t get it, just like how Men go crazy over soccer, and some are just plain crazy.

Bubble tea, what a unique drink to say the least. My kids absolutely LOVE bubbel tea (and I think the name makes it very appealing.) When we first tried it, we all giggled when we sucked up our first great big chewy pearl. At first it was yummy, but I have to say that by the end of the drink, it started to get ugggh. It’s definitely the type of drink you can’t have too often.

girls, go try marine parade’s M2 IT bubble tea shop next to PET shop. Love tea after tea taste n milk is so so creamy. only $1.90 for students n best of all ,no queue…..

Hi everyone,

I have to say that after tasting koi’s fresh bubble milk tea, no other bubble tea shop is able to imitate or even produce a better tasting milk tea… Koi’s hazelnut milk tea and oolong milk tea is a must try. Simply heavenly and it is worth the long queue.

I have been an avid customer since I got hooked last March. I’m just wondering how much kilocalories does each medium sized milk tea contains or how many tablespoons of sugar is it?

Cause I heard some people saying a medium sized cup with 100% sugar level and pearls is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice! Some mentioned it is equivalent to 12 bowls of rice.. Staggering isn’t it? Anybody can verify the authenticity?

Thanks thanks…

And please try the oolong tea macchiato :)

I have heard that Artease Cafe served Great bubble tea too… Should head down to Esplanade and give it a try someday.

The hazelnut milk tea is AWESOME. I’ve never like bubble tea so much before I tried the Koi. Koi is the most expensive bubble tea I’ve bought. However, I think it is worth it!
( I always ask for either less pearl or no pearl. The pearl is SUPER NICE. But if i do not request, they will give me half a cup of pearl with half a cup of tea. so note guys, less pearl! )

I prefer Koi than Gongcha. I tried Gongcha’s alisan tea with aiyu jelly. and i swear i’ll never try gong cha again. sorry for that.

hi ladyironchef,

is koi bubble tea nicer than ochado, chatime and gong cha?what makes it nicer than the rest?

Koi’s Oolong Milk Tea (25% sugar) is awesome!Love the strong tea taste.. For Gong Cha, it will be their Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js (Jelly, Pudding & Pearls, like it with no sugar)that’s worth the Q.. :)

Regard about the new outlet which open at bedok. Ever since last year i worked in bugis i started drinking koi from iluma outlet. I have never met such people before. I ordered twice and i met the same situation. There was not much crowd, after the person had called my number, he just leave my drink there with the plastic bag and walked away. Without even saying ‘Thank You’.Is this the right attitude to serve a customer? Even other bubble tea shops like Gong Cha or Each a cup they also won’t have such problem come out. I don’t expect such things to happen again..because I really like koi a lot..

The milk tea in Koi is one of the best. Their quality is awesome, and with good reputation, many wants to buy. Singaporeans also kiasu, where got long queue will purposely queue up all there. This acts like a cycle… I will definitely recommend Koi, if you are those who really go for quality this will be the best choice (although value for money or time wise not very good).

Try KOI “green tea macchiato”.
You will love green tea and macchiato after you drink it. Choose either 50% or 70% sugar level. For me, I will choose 70% because I am a sweet tooth. Strongly recommend. :)

Koi is good, but I also discovered another good Taiwan bubble tea franchise in Singapore – Tea12. They just opened in Clementi. Good tasting tea too. Give it a try if you’re tired of queuing at koi :)

I would not recommend KOI. Yes, their tea is great but the service is arrogant. Their manager(foreign talent) in Marine Parade especially thinks that we should be grateful that they are willing to sell us Bubble Tea. Boycott these guys!

Koi has been consistently changing the SOP of the pearls cooking, sugar amount etc in hope of meeting the ever changing consumer needs. Among these few years, the pearls have become chewier and smaller as they went through consistent change in the cooking methods, more changes are to be expected in the future as well.

On a side note, I have a friend working as a part-timer and she complained that the benefits of working as a full-timer and a part-timer is completely unfair. First and foremost, full-timer gets a free cup (unlimited amt) of any drink of their choice while part-timers only gets to drink the basic teas.

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