La Nonna: Best Lunch Promotion in Singapore

Linguine La Granchio

There are many times when I have this dilemma if I should blog about a particular restaurant.

I have to admit that I didn’t include La Nonna into my Best Singapore Italian Restaurants list for selfish reasons. But on second thoughts, this blog is about sharing the best restaurants in Singapore, and I think it is a shame if no one knows about this great lunch deal.

La Nonna is having an ongoing lunch promotion, 1-for-1 Pizza/Pasta/Main Course during weekday lunch. Personally I think that it is value for money, and the lunch promotion is available at both the Holland Village and Namly Place outlet.

Before Arnold (Mr Gadget) left for Melbourne, Valerie ( and I brought him to La Nonna Namly Place for lunch. We had the Linguini al Granchio ($19.0 before 50% discount). Linguine pasta served with crab meat in tomato cream sauce and fresh basil.

La Nonna Pizza

The La Nonna Signature Pizza ($19.0 before 50% discount) reminded me of the Carbonara. A raw egg was cracked in the middle of the thin crust pizza that had tomato, cheese, asaparagus and hints of black truffle.

Best Tiramisu in Singapore

I believe I met my perfect mate. It was lust love at first sight the minute my eyes fell on the Tiramisu ($12.0 before 50% discount). “It’s rude to keep staring at it” I heard a voice at the back of my head. Against my freewill, my body commanded my arms to pick up a fork and gobbled up the dessert.

Panna Cotta

Valerie beckoned to me when the waiter emerged from the door with a flat white plate. Inside it was the Panna Cotta ($12.50 before 50% discount). The fresh berry coulis was like sexy red lipstick on the pale white skin of the smooth vanilla custard – it was totally irresistible!

* * *

La Nonna’s 1-for-1 lunch promotion is quite a good deal, do check it out for lunch while the promotion is still available.

Restaurant Review
La Nonna Restaurant
76 Namly Place
Tel: +65 6762 1587


26 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: +65 6468 1982


arghh. I can’t enjoy their set lunch promotion :( I see you’ve been having lots of tiramisu lately!

They have been having this promotion for a loong time since last year. I highly recommend the other desserts like the chocolate tart! ( i used to love their banana crepe and lemon tart but they are off the menu).

Jo: I feel for you! but there’s plenty of good food at the Joo chiat/east coast area too? : )

LFB: OH DUDE, you got the perfect name for it, raw egg pizza! ding!

angeline: take leave on weekdays and go for the lunch promotion!

linjie: yeah it’s a good deal, half price for all the ala carte items

bookjunkie: aww thanks for your kind words, glad you like them : )

oysterdiaries: yeah it seems that it has been an ongoing deal as La Nonna at namly place is quite inaccessible. is the chocolate tart still on the ala carte menu? I didn’t notice it, will try it the next time round, thanks for the tip!

Check out the food! You are so detailed in your blogging. Thanks for the information. In Singapore, it is too hard to find decent cuisine. though it is a food haven. You need the environment, price, cuisine type, company, all the other factors to make it the best spot.

Man, that place was so tasty and the service was very good too!

Thanks again for taking me to lunch guys.

Come to Melbourne soon so I can repay the favour… :)

Arnold aka Mr.Gadget

thanks for your sharing… the food look like very delicious :)

Hi. Thanks for sharing this wonderful lunch deal. Just wondering if the 1-for-1 is still valid now. Thank you! ????

Love the Signature Pizza is so crispy and the pasta taste so good..
Great places for pizza & pasta lovers!

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