Brunch vs Breakfast Singapore

Brunch Breakfast Singapore

Brunch is something very close to my heart. It is the meal that I always fantasized about. It is the time when my favorite pancakes, eggs, sausages, waffles, toast, cereals, hash brown come together and party. And the best part? Brunch is not just restricted to the weekends.

A friend planted this crazy idea of having (real) brunch every Sunday so I came up with this Breakfast vs Brunch chart, hoping that it will inspire you to have more breakfast, brunch, or both. But before we start, I’d strongly recommend that you read my list of Brunch Places in Singapore first. Go on, I can wait.

Okay, we can proceed on now that you have finally read about all the breakfast places in Singapore. I’m sure everyone will have different definition of what’s breakfast and brunch, but here’s what I think of them:

Breakfast typically starts from the early wee hours. You can have supper at 3am in the morning and still call it breakfast. But usually, breakfast is for the folks who wake up early (or sleep late). Brunch on the other hand, allows you the luxury of having breakfast all day long. Brunch during dinner? You got it!

All Day Breakfast.

These three words carry a very heavy weight in my dictionary. This means that we have the license to laze in bed till noon time; that we can afford to eat breakfast anytime in the day we want; that we can combine breakfast and lunch together and nobody can point a finger at us.

Brunch buffet is the ideal solution. It allows us to start early in the morning, and gorge ourselves silly till the late afternoon. Throw in a few glasses of champagne, you will never want Sunday to end.

Brunch in Singapore is not just about the English breakfast. We have the popular Kaya toast with soft boiled egg. Two places that most people will think of when it comes to the Best Kaya Toast in Singapore will be Ya Kun and Killineys. But apparently there’s a strong group of supporters rooting for the kaya toast at Chin Mee Chin East coast too. This is what we call the true Singapore Brunch.

Okay it’s time to start Project #Brunch52. Pick up your phone, and make a reservation for brunch! Have a good Sunday everyone!


Brunch brunch brunch, I love brunch! And I love the places which serve all day breakfast. When I’m here, I like eating English/western breakfast. But when I’m overseas, I’ll always miss the good ol’ kaya roti here heh. :)

Brunch is the best meal ever. It should totally replace breakfast and lunch, combining the both to be one big happy meal. (: Just had a great brunch @ jones over the weekend. Now, it makes me wish for the next weekend to be here, like now! And it’s only Monday. Omg.

stargirl: ME TOO! ME TOO! : )

Angeline: Brunch is for angeline everyday! haha

J2kfm: i cannot believe myself, but so far i have only tried yakun once!

LFB: You don’t need to be a Singaporean for that dude, it apply to everyone in the world! haha

danghl: I know right, that’s the irony of life!

Shirin: Thanks s! yea i had fun coming up with the chart/graph : )

Lj: Enjoy the all day breakfast!

Chelle: I totally agree with you! brunch is the best meal ever! YAY! no worries, the weekends will be here soon and u can have your brunch again!

ciki: Brunch is for you and me

LOL this is too cute brad ;) breakfast is AMAZING. i’m a brekkie girl thru n thru but then i’m a complete hot-blooded brunch girl if i’m hungover or yes, lazy in bed! x

THANK YOU for your fantastic brunch list. I absolutely lovelovelove brunch and had the pleasure of enjoying them while in Sydney. I never knew Singapore had so many brunch places (though many of them rather expensive)! Now I know where to go when I want to have poached eggs with toast…

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