Best Dim Sum at Taste Paradise Ion Orchard, Singapore

Best Char Siew Sou

Did something major happen in the dim sum world that I’m not aware of? Over the weekends, there’s a crazy number of people searching of ‘Dim Sum Buffet‘, and ‘Dim Sum Singapore‘.

Anyway, I was wondering if I should blog about Taste Paradise Chinese Restaurant since I’ve raved about them before. But I thought this will be a good reminder if you have missed my previous post, or have yet to visit them. Taste Paradise at Ion Orchard is definitely one of the top 3 among my list of Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore.

If you are thinking of having Yum Cha this week, please go to the Ion Orchard branch as Taste Paradise at Mosque Street does not serve dim sum. The menu at Taste Paradise has almost 40 different dim sum to choose from, and they have three seating time slots for weekend dim sum brunch: 11am-12.30pm, 12.30pm-2pm, and 2pm-4pm.

Yan Ting restaurant has the best Char Siew Sou in town, but I dare say Taste Paradise’s Baked BBQ Pork Pastry ($3.90 for 3) is almost just as good. It’s a definite must order on the dim sum menu!

Xiao Long Bao Singapore

I heard that Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant at Holland Village serves free flow of Xiao Long Bao for their steamboat buffet. Well, I’m not sure about you, but all I need is one good Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($3.80).

Best Custard Bun

Best Custard Bun in Singapore

I’d like to introduce my new favorite dim sum, which incidentally is the most ordinary and plain-looking item on our table. Custard bun ($4.20 for 3) is the Chinese equivalent of the Western Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. My dear, you really need to try their custard bun! This stuff is seriously addictive. I’d vouch for it with my name.

Taste Paradise Dim Sum

Judging from the response, the Deep-fried Prawn with Mango Roll ($4.80 for 3) was a popular choice. The combination of mango and prawn never fails to disappoint – I’d gladly have second helpings of it.

Dim Sum Singapore

We also had the usual Steamed Prawn Dumpling ($4.80 for 4), and Steamed Pork Dumpling ($4.80 for 4). If you like rice rolls, there are 8 different types of Cheong Fun on the menu to choose from.

XO Carrot Cake

Taste Paradise is famous for their XO Carrot Cake ($8). It was good, but I did not think it was worth the money for the small portion. Personally, I rather spend the money on another basket of custard bun and char siew sou.

Egg Tart Dim Sum

You will probably be sick of me saying this, but allow me to repeat this again: happiness comes in the form of a Mini Egg Tart ($3.60 for 3). Warm flaky pastry with soft egg custard, one is never enough!

Taste Paradise Singapore

Taste Paradise is definitely one of the best dim sum restaurant in Singapore; affordable and good dim sum, with an accessible location at Ion Orchard. You must try the Custard bun & Char Siew Sou!

Speaking of that, what is your favorite dim sum?

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Taste Paradise Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 9660

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WOWW! those custard buns looks amazing! coincidentally, it’s also my favourite to have when I go for dimsum! hehe the best i’ve had is at Imperial Treasure but I will definitely want to try them here! (: Thanks for sharing!

Went back rc recently and their mango custard bun is not as good as before. Taste paradise is the one to go! i think i will only order two items there. custard bun and char siew sor! hehe :P

Wow! Seriously that good ah! Better than Yan Ting and Royal China? So is this the brunch a buffet or a la carte, since there are seating sessions? Hehe, I also recently blogged a dim sum buffet – the one at Jade, Fullerton. Good value for money but it wasn’t that spectacular.

Thanks for the review!

I have been thinking of where to bring my parents for some decent and this might just be it!

How much do the brunch go for?

carlos: YES! you need to try this place when u are in town yeah? : )

lianne: Okay, i need to get down to Imperial treasure next, and your job will be: go taste paradise when u are back, and after back report back to me if u like it!

LFB: Devil love cheong fun? next time u guys come earlier, so we can have dim sum for lunch

angeline: I know right, seriously i will just order char siew sou and custard buns, they are so good!

byron: Thanks dude! glad they make you hungry!

Shun: OH wow another vote for imperial treasure, okay it’s on my next-to-go-list

Ju: hahahha i thought usually ladies don’t like deep-fried stuff? :p

linjie: actually i feel that the prices are very reasonable considering the quality. I have gone to some restaurants that charged a higher price (but the dim sum wasn’t as good)

camemberu: Yeah i saw yr jade post! Probably on par with Yanting, the dim sum is ala carte, no buffet.

emy: Now you know! bring them there for yum cha this weekend okay! they don’t have buffet, so everything is ala carte. The prices i listed are for each basket

Maybe people are searching for places to bring their moms to for mothers’ day!

I certainly was! :)

Made reservations to try out Jade @ One Fullerton!

there are a couple of restaurants which serve really good custard buns too! Peach blossoms in Marina Mandarin, Summer Palace at Regent and Shang palace are shangri la ;] Maybe you could try those out as well..

And maybe figure out the recipe for it too! I’ve been searching all over for it!

The food was indeed good but the service was very bad. I called and booked the place for 2pm sat, when i arrived they said still got long queue and told me to go walk around and said they will call me once the table is available. However after walking for 20mins i went back and the crowd was gone, they forgot about me and said “oh yea we were just gonna call you!” Then they didnt give us menu and make us wait for 10mins until i storm to the waitress to get the menu. Thats not the end, they said its last order and we ordered some deserts. The restaurant was quite empty and we waited for another 15mins. They came to us and said if we are not ordering desert can we foot the bill??!!! I was so mad that i said desert had been ordered but now i want to cancel it and please give me the bill ASAP. My gosh even after i gave them the credit card they took so long again i had to walk up the cashier and asked to sign the bill.

The food was great but seriously i cant go back again with such services.

In your opinion, between yanting red star and taste paradise, which is the best to go for a dimsum lover? Thanks for your time :)

Elle: I really love the dim sum at both Yan Ting and Taste Paradise! Hmm.. For dim sum, prices are about the same, i guess Yanting edges out slightly with ambience. But Taste paradise has very good custard bun! : D

Hihi thanks so much for the quick reply! Ok I guess I’ll bring my friend (who has picky taste) to yanting. Thanks for the advice :)

Zomgg I simply adore custard buns!! Ahhhh if you do get gold of any good recipes, do share please and thank you! ^^

i didn’t see the custard buns on the menu when i went there last week! :( such a pity i didn’t get to try them. anywhere else with nice custard buns? (:

The experience I had wasn’t exactly paradise. I must admit, the taste is pretty good. However, the service sucks big time! I wouldn’t suggest coming here unless you have no place else to go for expensive Tim sum.

hello!! was wondering what lens you’re using to take your photos? they look rly gooddddd nomnom.

We liked Dim Sum at TP, the food was good, service was good too. The prices were a bit high but the quality of the food made up for it.


Horrible experience at Taste Paradise Orchard

Last Wednesday (October 19) I arranged for a company dinner at Taste of Paradise. We were a group of 20 consisting of visitors from the US, UK and locals. We ordered an elaborate set meal with wine to along with our meal.
Horrible part is this – one guy got served a cockroach, bug in his meal!!! Never thought this could happen at such an expensive restaurant. Even more appalling part was how service manager and crew dealt with it.
I’m just amazed at how restaurant owners and management have trained the service people very bad way – which is how not to handle.
Will not be going to the place again.

I just had a bad experience at taste paradise suntec . Spoilt my cny eve dinner. This is my second bad experience w the taste restaurants . Good example of how business gets greedy and make service promises they can’t keep.

anyone know where is a good place to try authentic zha leung or rather deep fried doughsticks wrapped in glutinous rolls?the doughsticks has to be crispy and the rolls thin and smooth!

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