Sun with Moon Japanese restaurant, Clark Quay, Singapore


Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post on the list of Japanese restaurants in Singapore, my friends have been craving for Japanese food recently.

For Japanese food lovers, there’s this unsatisfiable crave for Japanese food. More sushi, more sashimi, more sushi, more sashimi! You can never have too much Japanese food. I would know, since we went to three Japanese restaurants within a week.

The Central at Eu Tong Seng street, Clark Quay has always been known as a Japanese food heaven. It houses many Japanese restaurants like Ma Maison, Marutama, Waraku Japanese restaurant, and Watami. Our dinner that night was at Sun with Moon, a Japanese restaurant at The Central by the Singapore River.

Sushi is so photogenic! I love how my picture for the Avocado Soft Shell Roll ($12.8) turned out. That aside, it was subtle, and sweet and when I swallowed it down – gulp – it’s gone! Six sushi are never enough.

Tonkatsu Tamago

Tonkatsu Tamago Toji ($12.80)

Wagyu Steak

Wagyu Steak ($45.80 for 120g)

Japanese Soba

Tempura Zaru Soba ($13.80)

California Roll

California Roll ($11.80)

Japanese Sushi

Sun with Moon is at the prime location facing the Singapore River, and most importantly, it’s not together with the other restaurants inside the clustered Central Mall. With the breeze from the river, the al fresco dining area is ideal for a romantic dinner for two at night. Food presentation was sublime and the sight of the food made our mouth water.

Having been to both Sun with Moon (Central @ Clarke Quay & Wheelock) and its sister restaurant Japanese Dining Sun at Chijmes, I have to agree that all three restaurants have very contemporary and chic decorations. Unfortunately, Sun with Moon did not really meet our expectations to make the cut for my recommended Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The food was actually not too bad but there was just something missing. It’s not you, it’s me. Given that there are so many Japanese restaurants in Singapore offering good Japanese food at a similar or lower price, I probably wouldn’t return to Sun with Moon in the near future.

How much are you willing to pay for a Japanese dinner?

Restaurant Review
Sun with Moon
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#01-70/71/72 The Central @ Clarke Quay
Tel: +65 6534 7784


I was craving sushi, and was thinking, hmm where should I go for Jap food porn, first blog that came in to mind was yours. Low and Behold =D

I love the sukiyaki there! Since trying and being won over by it, I’ve never ordered sukiyaki anywhere else!

Sun with moon at wheelock is actually one of my favourite Japanese restaurants to go to. Try the spicy tonkatsu ramen, oyster with bacon, grilled pork cheek! They’re my favourites! Their foie gras used to be really good but the size shrunk consideradbly recently so i dont think its worth the price anymore! Not forgetting the green tea tiramisu or tofu cheesecake at the end! (:

Agreed…there’s something lacking about the food they serve. I would suggest it’s just a bit pedestrian and nothing really stands out about it?

The high location overheads which get passed on to guests don’t help either…

Agreed with u….something really missing in their food….Been there twice, first time i thought maybe just ME, but after second time; no way i gonna upset my pocket and torture my stomach again ……

ahh never been to sun with moon. somehow it never attracted me to really try them.

have u been to ootoya at orchard central? they offer meal sets that will come up to less than 20bucks after tax and GST. it’s not the best around, but i think it’s worth the price! Sometimes you’ll get really good hot genmai cha too~

they always have long queues during dinner time! i once queued half an hour even at 8pm!

It looks good enough for me. but usually i wouldn’t want to pay more than $30/pax for a normal jap meal

fwy: I been to all three of them. Japanese dining sun at chijmes is slightly more pricey, but has better ambience i guess.

Linda: Oh linda, you and your sweet tongue! hehehe :D

Jasmine: Their suyiyaki is so good? din notice it on the menu this time round!

felicia: Ah, a few friends have been telling me about ikoi too, what’s the price range like?

michelle: haha just my own preference, i am sure Sun with moon has a lot of regulars too. Portions are kind of small, and yea we were tempted to order the tofu cheesecake but in the end didn’t get it.

the ninja: Yea i guess, it’s the high rental that is the problem. so far i been there 4 times, but each time didn’t really have a particularly good impression

chiewmei: haha all eel in pot rice in general or specifically the one at Sun with moon?

Elizabeth: Maybe it’s just the two of us. hahaha

layla: Nope, i have been wanting to go though. But it always has long queue! the 20 bucks set meals are lunch or dinner? do they take reservations?

LJ: haha yea for dinner i guess slightly more, depending on whether u get sashimi or sake too

i think sun and moon is pretty good, i’ve tried it several times and while i don’t think the selection is wide, the quality is not too bad. a pity that it is slightly pricer than some of the other japanese restaurants. well, i think the nicest thing i remember from the menu was a sweet potato dessert dish. forgot its name. but it was nice. (:

chelle: yeah the ambience is great, but slightly pricier than other restaurants. But it’s not just about the price, it’s that missing factor (to me). sweey potato dessert dish? like those potato soup kind? lol

Amy: Yeah intriguing name isn’t it? : )

I think the pricing for Ikoi Miramar is around $35. For the price, I think what they serve is quite reasonable. But to make it into your “list”…I think not.

Awesome pictures and I am so drooling at the food. I haven’t been there yet and the pricing does seem a little bit higher. I may just give it a try just to see if it meets expectations.

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