Ashleybrad Photography: Singapore Food Photographer

Singapore Food Photographer

Click on picture to go to my food photography portfolio,

When I picked up my first camera two years ago, I knew that life would never be the same again. From someone who knew nuts about photography before I started my food blog, it’s amazing to see how much my photos have improved. I always see myself as a food photographer rather than a food writer, for one simple reason – I’m better at taking photos than writing.

I had the idea of doing a photography portfolio website for my food and travel photographs way back last year. After much procrastination, I finally started on the planning with my designer UNNU in early Jan, and it took us a few months to prepare everything.

I am very happy to launch, photography portfolio of ladyironchef

Singapore Food Photography

My first Dslr was a Nikon D40, it’s small and light and inexpensive, the perfect entry level dslr to get started on photography. Shortly after, I bought my trusty Nikkor 60mm f2.8 Micro lens, and also a SB-600 flash. A year plus later, I reckon it’s time to upgrade to a Full Frame Body and I brought my current camera, Nikon D700. This would definitely be one of the best decisions I made in my life, seriously, I couldn’t imagine myself without the camera now.

I could still vividly remember that day when I bought my D700. I was waiting in the shop for a hour as the delivery man was late, and when it came, I was so excited that I could hardly breathe! It may sound exaggerated, but at that moment I touched MY camera for the first time, I could feel a connection between us – it’s like falling in love.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’d have seen my earlier photos and noticed the differences. For the record, I did not attend for any photography classes before, everything was self-taught with some pointers from friends. I’m definitely not qualified to give you photography tips, but I’d suggest don’t bother to sign up for any photography lessons. The best way to improve your photography skills is simply just by shooting and practicing more – save the money for a new lens!

Keppel Bay, Singapore

Who is ashley?

I knew you were going to ask me that, and believe it or not – THERE’S NO ASHLEY! Ordinary names are too boring, I am controversial! Glad I got your attention! Anyway, I will be updating every week with photos on restaurants that I will not blog about, and also the non-food photographs.

Lastly, all these will not be possible without UNNU, she’s the best designer I can ever ask for, and if you require  any web design help, I’d strongly recommend her services. I must thank my lucky stars when I met her at an event a couple of years back. Thank you for bearing with my fickle-mindedness and for being such an awesome designer!



well done Brad,love the look of your portfolio. Definitely one of the best food photography ive seen from Singapore! All the best mate.


Kudos to you on what is the next logical/complementary step from food blogging :)

I love your entrepreneurial spirit!

I wish you all the best in this new venture and hope to support you wherever I can (preferably eating the tantalizing food you shoot).

Best regards,

Way to go Brad!! Congrats on the launch! So proud of your journey!! Keep it going! Will support whenever I have opp to!

Jia you!

Hi! Saw your site from Arnold’s tweet! This is a great resource for an aspiring food photographer like me! Thanks for this! Hope you could drop by my site and critique my shots! Thanks!

P.S. I’m a Nuffie. I work for Nuffnang PH. ;)

Congrats on launch my dear! Well done. You are inspiring to everyone who’s passionate about taking photographs (Whether food related or not). WOW. can UNNU save my blog design? xx

congrats on the launch!
if you were to ever hold a food photography workshop like leslie tay,
i’d be the first in line to sign up!

Billy: You know that you have the best food photography in Sydney too right? hee

Arnold: Thanks for the support bro! I really appreciate everything : )

A lil fat monkey: haha how can I forget our dear monkey? *big grin*

Claudia: Thanks claudia, i’m really glad to know you will always be there whenever I need you.

Carlos: Hello there! thanks for dropping by, have fun taking more shots!

misterang: haha no la, i not qualified to teach, we can share and discuss

diva: thanks dear, you are making me hungry from the other side of the world, and i always feel like buying an air ticket and fly to London immediately!

felicia: Wow, you are really too nice to me! No plans at the moment, but I’ll definitely give it some thought : )

Puff: hee i know! thanks for always dropping by, have a good weekend feasting yeah?

lol, i tot there is a real Ashley as ur companion o something… congratez on ur launch. and dun be so humble. u write well!

Hey Brad, I love your portfolio – all your photos are gorgeous! And everything’s so professional! (: Well done and many congratulations! Keep blogging and taking photos – I’ll never tire of reading your blog! xx

ai wei: HAHA nope, there’s no companion, everything is done by myself : )

Ffichiban: Thanks for the encouragements!

Shirin: And i always enjoy reading your lovely comments! hee

J2kfm: haha thanks dude! yeah get a dslr! you know you want it

Simon: sure thing, i will update it very often

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