One on the Bund Restaurant, Clifford Pier, Singapore

One On The Bund

It’s easy to fall in love with dining in the Marina Bay District. Superb view overlooking the Marina area and there’s the up and coming Marina Bay Sands at the heart of the area.

Restaurants at One Fullerton and the Esplanade area that offer the romantic view to couples are a dime a dozen, but it is as Clifford Pier that you feel truly special- there’s only one restaurant in the whole pier.

One on the Bund is a fine dining Shanghainese restaurant in Singapore that is located at Clifford Pier, an area that visitors to Kusu island will be familiar with. Gone is the ferry terminal, and in place is the current One on the bund.

Despite taking over the whole pier, it has retained the old architecture and added an oriental yet contemporary vibe to the whole dining area. Stepping inside the restaurant, it feels like you’ve been transported to a giant museum with high ceilings and exquisite adornments.

One On The Bund

I heard about One on the Bund from all the media hype when it started operations back in 2008. Unfortunately there wasn’t much reviews online and I wasn’t really keen to venture here without any indicator on the prices of the food.

They have this huge main walkway leading all the way to the al fresco area at the back. Personally, that will be the best bet if you want to enjoy the night breeze over some desserts. The main dining hall uses traditional dining furniture, and there’s also a noodle bar, private dining area and a small dessert bar area.

With such a grand setting, I had a feeling that it’s gonna be good.

Roasted Peking Duck

In every way, having Peking duck is like falling in love. I’d watch the chef slice the roasted duck skin one by one, and the anticipation always make my mouth water. Butterflies will gather around my stomach, and it reminds me about the feeling of guessing what the other party is thinking; more fats, thicker skin, more fats, thicker skin.

Best Peking Duck

Best Peking Duck in Singapore

The Signature wood-fire roasted duck in Peking style (S$88, order in advance), I decided, didn’t need the Chinese pancake wrap. I found it to be a pity to put the meat and skin into the wrap when it tasted so good on its own. We were told to dip it in sugar, and it was the first time that we actually heard of this manner of eating peking duck. But apparently after some research online, it seems to be a common way of having the peking duck.

The fine sugar struck like glue to the layer of fats, and I don’t care what you say – this is the best peking duck in Singapore! With the presence of the sugar, the usual Peking duck sauce paled in comparison, and I’m really thankful that Ju, Catherine and Julia don’t really have the stomach for this – I finished up almost 3/4 of the whole plate by myself.

Oh my god: this-is-so-good! I am not kidding you!

Water Cooked Fish

If the kitchen is the stage, then surely the chef is the actor and we are the audience that will never be satisfied. More food, more food! The Eastern Sea Dragon ($48) or Braised Fish Fillets in a Chilli Broth is all about the showmanship. The stage was set when the staff brought out their tools and placed it on our table, with a rustic-looking stove, they prepared the water-cooked-fish live in front of us.

Roasted Lamb

From afar, we could actually smell the Crispy Lamb Ribs ($48) and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing – with the thick, gamy lamb smell filling the air. What’s the difference between lamb and mutton? We actually debated about this while having the lamb, and from the quick discussion I came up with a conclusion: a) Lamb is a sheep less than a year old b) Older sheep is called mutton c) mutton has a stronger and tougher taste and d) I like lamb > mutton.


As part of the menu that we had, there was some Chinese pastries. But because I still wanted dessert, we ordered additional macarons, chocolate cake and tiramisu. One On The Bund a fine dining Chinese restaurant, but they also have pastry chefs weaving their magic with the lovely Western creations.

Best Tiramisu

The others were astonished by how much tiramisu I had, the whole slab could easily fill 6 people. It probably looks smaller in the picture, but I can assured you that it’s absolutely gigantic! I don’t know about you, but I think $16 for such a big serving of tiramisu is totally worth the money.

* * *

This is the last part of a series that I’m doing on the waterfront restaurants in One Fullerton. I’ll like to thank Fullerton Heritage, and One on the bund for hosting this dinner.

One on the bund is a fine dining Shanghainese restaurant, and understandably there’s a premium price to pay for the lavish settings. If you are not into Chinese food, I’d suggest the unlikely – go to One on the Bund for desserts. Given that it’s a Chinese restaurant, their western desserts are surprisingly quite good. Bring your date to the romantic Clifford Pier, order some sweets and enjoy the view across Marina Bay.

Restaurant Review
One on the Bund Restaurant
80 Collyer Quay
Clifford Pier
Tel: +65 6221 0004

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So many delicious food yet only one that caught my eye. Well, I guess you knew it. Ti-ra-misu~~
That being said, where is your favourite place for that lovely dessert? :)

Hey Brad, I totally agree with “he needs food”. I’m drooling as well! The peking duck! But more than that – the desserts! Yumm! And I love the chairs and tables. So quaint! (:

About the thick gamey smell your talking about for the lamb.

If u get the ‘muttony’ flavour or taste in the lamb it is because the animal was a male lamb and once he undergoes puberty, the production of sperm will bring out that muttony flavour in the meat. Not some April fools joke but what my vet friend told me. I can’t stand mutton but have kinda taken to liking lamb if that smell/taste isn’t present.

Angeline: haha i haven tried that many tiramisu, and all of them taste good to me! i want to try Da paolo one soon : )

Ju: Oh yes it was good! i had so much of it

Julia: HAHAH no man, you all too slow!

Simon: Oh yes, you should come over and try it soon!

he needs food: hahahaha don’t drool, go and grab some food

Shirin: if i ever go back, it will definitely to try the desserts, they are pretty good!

Joe: Thanks for sharing the info dude, i didn’t know of that! wow! seriously eh? is it proven scientifically?

Service too good. Clear the plates before we even finished our dish. I booked for the VIP room and paid nett SGD1800 for the Empress menu. It was a family gathering so we eat and chat at the same time. Service staff were so anxious to clear our plates before we finished the food. It happened during the Peking duck serving. I informed one of the service staff please check with guests before they cleared the plate. She replied next dish coming so needed to clear the plate !! Next few dishes again it was like a speedy meal. Fast fast fast. Last, on the menu for desserts there were two choices. I asked the service staff do they served two desserts to a guest or guest can pick what they like. She replied two. Came out each guest was served one dessert and like it or not they need to swop between themselves. For $1800nett, the food and the service. Not worth I would say.

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