Mr Prata, Evans road, Supper Place in Singapore

Supper Places in Singapore

I never thought I would say this: but I am actually kind of addicted to having supper. What’s there not to like about pigging-out in the middle of the night? For those of you who have been around for some time, you would have notice that I hardly blog about Supper places in Singapore. Although i do occasionally (and literally) sneak a snack into bed with me, i usually am not the type to go out for a late night supper.

Remember I blogged about Brotzeit german bier bar & restaurant a while back? It all started with an innocent question: “Brad, where’s a good place for Supper in Singapore?”

“Eh, I am not sure?”

“How is that possible? You are the food blogger!”

“Ya, but I hardly go for supper?”

“Whatever. Think of some 24 hour eating places in Singapore, we are having supper tonight!”

“But we just had a German dinner at Brotzeit!”

“Don’t worry, we will keep it a secret and nobody will find out what happened tonight.”

See? It’s so easy to succumb to temptation! While it is very affordable to have supper at night, I loath to think about the amount of calories in the Roti Prata. Okay fine, forget about that. Tonight, we are having Prata + Milo, nothing else matters.

We decided to have supper at Mr Prata at Evans lodge, which is located just beside Hatched. Mr Prata is one of the few 24 hour eating places in Singapore that allows you to satisfy your sinful indulgence. Their prata menu is quite an eye-opener, it has so many different kinds of prata that we had no idea which to order.

To be frank, I know absolutely nothing about roti prata. There is only plain or egg prata in my dictionary. Just the day before, my friends told me that they were going for prata sushi, and I actually fell for the trick! Silly right? Two egg pratas for me please!

Now I need some help, tell me where’s your favorite supper place in Singapore?

Supper Places in Singapore
Mr Prata
26 Evans Road
Tel: +65 6235 6993
Open 24 Hours


it’s been months since i last had supper.

usually such suppers are taken after lots of alcohol, so i can’t tell what is good or bad. hah!

Ahhhhhh! I should have txted you last weekend when I was desperately looking for a prata place for supper cos my friend from overseas wanted to go but I don’t remember reading it on LIC! So we went to good’ol Niqqi’s instead (the one near NUS) but really wanted something differentttt! :)

I like the area, but not so much of the prata. Personally, my favourite is still Casaurina Prata at Thomson. The variety is definitely wider now compared to the past, but I rather enjoy my no-frill plain prata with curry anyday over those over-the-top fanciful items.

If all else fails, I usually just head for Crystal Jade at Holland Village:)

my usual suppers are at home – jollibean peanut pancakes, peanut waffles, cheapo yam ice cream, cakes…

sometimes will crave for egg prata with sugar. :D

I know there are also cheese and some other flavours but they tend to cost more. If the curry is good, eating prata plain or with egg is good enough for me.

Being an Eastie , there is not much supper places here or sue me !
I am boring =p My usual haunts are fei Fei Won Ton noodles , Simpang for their tomyum soup , pratas and kebabs , Macs(though not that often). Mustafa is also good for late night shopping followed by .. more prata! gee… after writing this , just realised that I am a pig=p

Brad, you’re making me so homesick! I had a massive craving for prata a few nights ago and I woke Nick up and we sat there thinking about ALL the good Singapore food we missed, making ourselves hungrier and hungrier… xx

Haha. Supper always brings to mind prata, cos there’s prata shops within walkable distance for me! Al Ameen or Al Azar thank you! ;) There’s really alot of kinds of prata available, have you tried tissue prata then? (:

fave supper place…. ah mei prata at rail mall! or EAT beside it. ahaha. nothing really fantastic but i used to frequent it out of convenience. not to mention holland v has crystal jade till late too~ and now coffee bean’s 24hours here as well!

how about a prata with egg,cheese and POTATO in it!! they sell it at Niqqi’s! the one near NUS… ahaha. i’m a potato lover so i’ll take anything potato ;D

Yeah, on visits to Singapore, I was surprised at how many varieties of prata out there. I’m with you. Long live egg prata!

missyeley: You need something to fill yr stomach after all the drinks! haha. so it means u haven been drinking for a long time? :p

fivetwosix: text me anytime! haha the next time u are looking for a supper place, u can check out this one : )

Dennis: okay make a mental note of Casaurina Prata at Thomson. Yea man, i just like my prata with sugar! haha

jiaying: whoa, that’s a lot of food! and u still say u don’t eat a lot eh?

fwy: yeah the “exotic” toppings always cost a lot more, i rather go for my favorite egg prata

rachel: don’t worry, u are not alone, i’m a pig too! haha

mike: Where’s spize dude?

Shirin: Both of you are really silly! haha the next time cravings hit, don’t do that. It’s very dangerous! just go out and grab some food as a replacement : )

chelle: Al Meen at bukit timah yeah? i been there before. Eh, nope. I never tried tissue prata too! hahahaha

layla: Really? is ah mei prata good? never really feel like going there for supper even though i passed by it all the time! haha potato in prata sounds.. filling!

Ju: I hereby give Ju permission to go and have her prata supper

V: Ya man, too many varieties. It’s almost like pizza! long live egg prata!

wow, the old days, before i have my baby.. now still small 4mths old!! oh grow up fast and we can have supper together haha.

OK when i WAS young. After zouk, havelock bah ku teh, prata at middle road, Dennis haha but no more lah. Then not so young after my long hrs gaming at lan shop, havelock teochew porridge, prata still at middle road haha, geylang you tiao when its at lor 9, now not nice liao. Geylang beef horfun, geylang frog’s leg porridge. Some tze char at east coast road. Boon tong kee chicken rice river valley… Older… prata at bendemeer, dimsum at geylang rd (sims ave) call won dou sek, claypot rice, adam rd food market, beauty world opp one stretch of eating place….. now very much older.. no time for supper… no life liao haha.

I reside in the East so my usual supper spots are around this area – Changi Airport, Simpang Bedok, Upp Thomson Rd, Kovan. If I am not feeling lazy, there are lots of choices in the red light district for good dim sum and tau hway as well! :)

fwy: how about having supper, then don’t sleep and wait till morning and have breakfast? sounds like a plan? haha

cleartear: hahaha looks you were very happening last time! u really eat everything within one night? like how many places will u check out at one time?

Josephine: all the places that u have mentioned are always too far away from me! :p but what’s good at upp thomson?

ah mei at railmail isn’t v fantastic, but the kosong is quite nice if u like those super crispy kind! ahaha. kind of depends on who’s making the prata too.

and yeahhhh potato in a prata! i love potatos so i’ll eat anything with them ;D

I absolutely love prata at Singapore, especially the one at Jalan Kayu but I forgot the name.
My order is usually Milo Dinosaur with Cheese prata or Roti Bom. <3 OHHHH Indulge in the goodness.

Spize in River Vally Road! – Love it, even though it’s crowded 5 am in the morning:)

(Banana prata with ice cream and chocolate is wonderful when you’ve had enough chicken murtbak….yum!)

24 hour non-stop Prata @ East Coast road.

The prata shop located beside 7-11 or few stores down from 328 Tajong Katong Laksa serves prata with a bad attitude. It’s right underneath the overhead bridge crossing over to Roxy.

My wife and I went for Prata in the morning at this shop. The prata was served by a burly surly Indian man with very bad attitude. We ordered two pratas, two coffees and a mee soto. The mee soto was from a Malay store owner whom was okay. When the prata arrived, I asked for an empty plate so that we can put a prata in each plate which he should have done so in the first place. The server whom I was told was from Malaysia, made a sour face started saying that two prata per plate. He won’t give the extra plate because he had to clean it afterwards.

Wow! I was totally flabbergasted. This non-stop Prata plate should be called non-sense service Prata. I can’t believe this server had such shockingly bad attitude. I would give this place a wide berth.

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