Mr Prata, Evans road, Supper Place in Singapore

Supper Places in Singapore

I never thought I would say this: but I am actually kind of addicted to having supper. What’s there not to like about pigging-out in the middle of the night? For those of you who have been around for some time, you would have notice that I hardly blog about Supper places in Singapore. Although i do occasionally (and literally) sneak a snack into bed with me, i usually am not the type to go out for a late night supper.

Remember I blogged about Brotzeit german bier bar & restaurant a while back? It all started with an innocent question: “Brad, where’s a good place for Supper in Singapore?”

“Eh, I am not sure?”

“How is that possible? You are the food blogger!”

“Ya, but I hardly go for supper?”

“Whatever. Think of some 24 hour eating places in Singapore, we are having supper tonight!”

“But we just had a German dinner at Brotzeit!”

“Don’t worry, we will keep it a secret and nobody will find out what happened tonight.”

See? It’s so easy to succumb to temptation! While it is very affordable to have supper at night, I loath to think about the amount of calories in the Roti Prata. Okay fine, forget about that. Tonight, we are having Prata + Milo, nothing else matters.

We decided to have supper at Mr Prata at Evans lodge, which is located just beside Hatched. Mr Prata is one of the few 24 hour eating places in Singapore that allows you to satisfy your sinful indulgence. Their prata menu is quite an eye-opener, it has so many different kinds of prata that we had no idea which to order.

To be frank, I know absolutely nothing about roti prata. There is only plain or egg prata in my dictionary. Just the day before, my friends told me that they were going for prata sushi, and I actually fell for the trick! Silly right? Two egg pratas for me please!

Now I need some help, tell me where’s your favorite supper place in Singapore?

Supper Places in Singapore
Mr Prata
26 Evans Road
Tel: +65 6235 6993
Open 24 Hours