Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Esplanade, Singapore

Best Chocolate Souffle in Singapore

Chocolate lovers must head to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Esplanade. The desserts here are relatively more expensive, but the satisfaction that you get in return from the richness of their quality chocolate will be worth every penny.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

When the Chocolate Lava Cake arrived on the table, everyone kept quiet. We didn’t speak for at least a minute. If you have ever experienced this phenomenon, it can only mean two things: a) the food is so good that everyone forgot how to speak, and b) your dining companion is too busy, desperately trying to figure out how the chef came up with this amazing creation.

Best Waffle in Singapore

Equally good was the Banana Spilt Waffles. Every mouthful was so gratifying. Chocolate overdose? Definitely not, can we have another one please?

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-06/08 Esplanade Mall
Tel: +65 6235 9556


Now there’s another branch at Vivo!

I tried the waffles once and it was awesomeeeee! I shall try the ‘Best Chocolate Souffle’ soon :)

You had the exact same thing as me when I went with my family. haha
I was a little baffled when I saw their chocolate souffle. I thought souffle will be something like the one at bakerzin. Max Brenner rendition is more like molten chocolate cake. Nevertheless, it is still SUPER SHIOK when I pour the “chocolate lava” into the souffle. Have to agree that’s the best I’ve tried. Perhaps it will be even more “oomph” if they use quality ice-cream. haha :)

hi brad! i share your sentiments about waffles. dessert can never go wrong when you pair yeasty + warm (i.e. waffle, choc sauce) with cold and sensational (i.e. ice cream and fresh fruits). how dare you tempt me early on a monday morning!!!! :’(((

The chocolate desserts look amazing. Though the souffle looks a bit like a molten chocolate cake from your pictures. Love how you do the pouring of chocolate sauce over the desserts pictures, makes me wish that I can reach into my screen to sneak a bite. (:

so farnee.. if the room goes silent..
a) the food is so good that everyone forgot how to speak, and b) your dining companion is too busy, desperately trying to figure out how the chef came up with this out-of-this-world creation .. OR

c) everyone has their mouth’s stuffed full with black molten chocolate and are worried they get caught on film! LOL

Thanks for the intro :D I will definitely bring my SO there when we are around the area. Cheers!

i need my chocolate fix and i need it now! i have only been to Max Brenner’s once but I have never ordered their souffle or waffles! your pictures are lovely! (as usual)

there’s one at Vivo too! your photos are getting better and better! makes me hungry all the time :D

I used to go to Max Brenner’s in Melbourne all the time – some UNBELIEVABLE stuff in there. Put on a fair bit of weight because of it hehe :)

I love Max Brenner’s! It’s a really cosy, romantic place – and the fact that it sells extremely good hot chocolate and chocolate desserts makes it even sexier! Your photos are (as always!) beautiful, Brad! (:

[Apparently, Laurent Bernard has the best hot chocolate in Singapore though!]

Shirin xx

I remembered my first taste of Max Brenner very well. It was the last day of my exams in NUS. A well deserved treat to me and my fellow mates.

Felt Nostalgic when i saw your entry :P

Jasmine: Yeah i heard abt the vivo one too, let me know after u try the souffle!

Angeline: I know, it does seems like chocolate lava cake but so long it’s good – who really cares what it is! yeah the ice cream is kind of sad, the scoop is too small and if only there are vanilla beans! haha

felicia: You are guilty as charged! haha but don’t worry, i walked past it plenty of times without wanting to step inside. Now you know – go on, try it!

Shihui: My job is to tempt and make you hungry! HAHA

aiwei: I’m sure KL has lots of good waffles too, the next time i go up, must bring me around to try them okay!

chelle: yeah it’s a close rendition to the chocolate lava cake, come on, put your hand into the screen and grab it!

ciki: hahaha i am too busy trying to finish the cake than to take my camera and try to capture their mouth smudged with chocolate. lol

cleartear: yeah i saw the metal straw thingy, is there like a reason behind it or just for fun?

Amy: That is the best quote ever! inspiring! hee

KJ: You are welcome, do check it out and let me know if you like it!

FFichiban: haha yeah both came with a tube of chocolate for us to drizzle it on top. The one in Sydney is different?

amy: Okay the next time you go to Max Brenner, you totally need to check out the Chocolate souffle!

Simon: Really? the ones in Sydney aren’t that good? the chocolate souffle that i had was amazing!

a lil fat monkey: Pity there isn’t one in KL eh? but you can always come down to Singapore and i will bring you there! : )

Megan: I know right, it’s totally wicked! and i was so tempted to get another chocolate souffle after we finished it.

danghl: hee thanks! desserts are always very photogenic!

Sarah: I can totally relate to you, at this rate if I’m to go back there every week for the chocolate souffle, it’s impossible not to put on weight. lol

Shirin: You tried the stuff at laurent? the other time when i went there, i only had a chocolate tart and cake. must go back and check out their chocolate souffle soon!

Reiz: Don’t feel nostalgic, just go back and have it! : )

On a slightly different note, but nonetheless still on the chocolate theme, check out Beschle (swiss chocolate) at Mandarin Gallery. I tell you, HEAVEN! The dark choc champagne truffle is really good, and the bars of dark choc (in particular “quizas no 1″, it really is NUMBER ONE! Made purely from cocoa beans and cane sugar, no lecithin or emulsifer or vanilla extract is used. One really tastes the “rawness” of cocoa but yet it’s so smooth…

exactly! vanilla bean ice-cream goes best with chocolate. haha. They should really improve on the quality of ice-cream in order to become “the ultimate”. hehe

I thought the Pure chocolate cake at Lauren Bernand’s was THE BEST! I thought i was the happiest girl ever when i ate it. It was pure chocolatey goodness and it just melts in my mouth. And i saw so many caucasians leaving with scoops of chocolate icecream too! I wil definitely go back to try that, as well as the Pleasure chocolate cake which looks so damn good. OH! And the chocolte souffle of coufse, since is so widely acclaimed!
Max brenner’s chocolate fondue is one of the best i ever eaten. Actually, make that the best. I never heard that its desserts were good (think my friend tried one of them and it didnt turn out so well ):)

Not that they’re not good exactly. Just not as much of the wow factor that you have with the branch in Singapore.

I’ll have to see what the chocolate souffle is like here if I ever find myself in a store.

Good to see that it’s also good in Singapore. Linda loves it so much that I often buy her the chocolate fondant as takeaway, try that next time if it’s on the menu!

Hot chocolate is good too, but since Singapore is so hot and humid not sure if it’ll taste as nice as it does in the Sydney winter lol.

Max Brenner’s brings back memories!! It was the first meal I had once I touched down Sydney in 2006. Winter + chocolate = Heaven

Joyce: Beschle is a new place? never heard of it! is it like a chocolatier, and are there dine-in areas as well? will drop by to take a look

Linda: HAHAH is this like your weekly indulgence linda? :D

Angeline: Totally agreed, if they have good vanilla ice cream, it will be unbeatable! hee

Rachel: okay now you make me want to go down to Laurent Bernand immediately! haha there are just so many chocolate desserts there!

j2kfm: the best chocolate souffle for me bro! i cannot speak for everyone! haha

Simon: go on, try the chocolate souffle from yr side and let me know what u think of it

Howard: You buy the chocolate fondue as takeaway? That’s such a sinful indulgence! oh linda you are spoil with such a nice bf. hahahahaha

sweesan: i know right, i will never forget my first time having max brenner too :)

Ladyironchef, Beschle is relatively new as they only entered the S’pore market when the new Mandarin Gallery opened. The chocolate art house is more than 100 yrs old (dates back to the late 1800s I think). They don’t have a cafe or sit down area though. Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention, they have this rather interesting “hot chocolate”, it comes in the form of a chocolate (shaped somewhat like Hershey’s Kisses), pop one or two into your mug, add hot milk and a thick cup of hot chocolate is ready. The other thing that caught my attention was chocolate spread with cinnamon, a bestseller apparently. Both of these I didn’t get round to buying as I was too engrossed with their truffles and bars :)

Hey Brad.

I’ve been to the Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at Mohd Sultan Road and I feel that their chocolate desserts there are much nicer than the one at Max Brenner. Just a suggestion you might wish to try.

Anyway, they have another store at Portsdown too. Do have a try.


arghh!! i seriously need to come to singapore for a chocolate desserts tour and OD on desserts again with you!!! max brenner is my absolute fav thing when i visited australia (next to fried mars bars) ~goes and checks flight rates to singapore~ lol

I like chocolate but majority of my friends blamed me for wasting their money.

NOT A PLACE FOR GROUP GATHERING even if you are treating them!

How many people can appreciate EXPENSIVE chocolate?

Max Brenner’s souffle is not a souffle. a souffle is NEVER taken out of its mould, and has to be served within 90s of taking it out of the oven. this is more like a lava chocolate cake.

when we asked the staff, they were totally clueless at what a souffle really is. how can you call it your BEST DESSERT or BEST SOUFFLE?

My friends and I ordered the waffles (which are good), and the waiter suggested that we order one of the best-sellers there, the “souffle”.

I agree with niwdlab; once a souffle is taken out of the oven, and even more so the mould, it starts to sink. We were shocked that Singaporeans couldnt differentiate between a fluffy souffle and a lava cake. And even more so that Max Brenner, a connoisseur of desserts, was putting it on the menu.


Thats a chocolate fondant, not a souffle. Souffle means to puff-up, and it’s never removed out of the mould. I can only imagine every french pastry chef turning in their graves at this desecration of the term “souffle”

@ Beatrix @ moOmoomoo I know right, it’s irritating that my bro said my souffle is not a soufflé!!! Just because he had his first one at Melbourne’s max brenner, he thinks he knows what’s a soufflé!!!

U guys should try the tcc’s dark’s devotion. Super awesome. So much nicer than the “best souffle”. Highly recommended.

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