Ice Cream Kingdom Singapore

Ice Cream Kingdom Singapore

Ice Cream Kingdom has a new logo!

Sometimes in life, the best decisions are the things that you never planned for. When I first went to Ice Cream Kingdom a month ago, we were choosing among a few ice cream places after our dinner. Since one of us was driving, we decided to check out this new ice cream shop at Holland Grove. I like the fact that Ice Cream Kingdom is off the main track, it feels like a little treasure hunt while you navigate and find your way there.

In search of the best ice cream in Singapore – here we go!

Having been to many Ice Cream Places in Singapore, the one thing that struck me about Ice Cream Kingdom was this: it felt like I was having ice cream at a neighbor’s place.

I’ve mentioned before that Stella is currently doing this as an one-lady-show; from making the ice cream, to serving you the perfect scoop. For those of you who have already gone down, I’m sure you will agree with me that everything is very personalized and Stella is really friendly to everyone.

I like the new Ice Cream Kingdom logo. I think it depicts the true meaning of what ice cream is about. Everyone deserves the royal treat, and at Ice Cream Kingdom – ice cream will always be there for you.

Anyway, this is a notice that the special 1-for-1 scoop promotion has ended last Saturday. Stella told me that the response was overwhelming – I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who actually went down and mentioned ladyironchef for the ice cream deal! Thank you everyone! Even though the promotion has ended, please continue to drop by and show your support for Ice Cream Kingdom.

Stella and I are currently discussing some ideas, and there will be exciting plans coming up. Meanwhile, please remember to have your daily dose of ice cream!

If you have any fantasy ice cream flavors to suggest, please post a comment and let Stella know. Otherwise, you can get the latest ice cream updates by following @ick_sg on twitter.

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