German Food at Paulaner Brauhaus Millenia Walk, Singapore

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

Ever since I had my first experience of having German food in Singapore, I have been craving for more hearty German fare. Looking at my list of German restaurants in Singapore, I always know that I’ll be going to Paulaner Brauhaus at Millennia Walk next.

I like Millennia walk. It’s in town, yet not over-crowded. The restaurants at Millennia walk are classy yet not necessarily expensive. There’s this off-the-limelight vibe that makes me feel comfortable. The menu at Paulaner Brauhaus is typically Bavarian, and offers Munich specialties as well as popular international dishes.

German Food Singapore

We started off with a Soup ($10.50) and Rosti ($13). The former was slightly salty and overwhelming, while  I’m not a big fan of the latter. Something strange happened while we were having the appetizers. Somehow, our eyes kept drifting to the Sausages. One second I was looking at the Rosti, and before I knew it, the sausage was in my mouth.

German Sausages

If you like sausages, trust me, you must definitely order the Sausage Pan ($25)

As usual, I had problems trying to identity the different sausages. Not that it mattered anyway, since we dutifully finished every one of them. I’ve always wondered if anyone will be able to have a whole plate of sausages as a main. Given that there are around 7-8 sausages with mash, it should be very filling. But I’d rather order it to share. Food always tastes better when you share it with people you like.

Best Pork Knuckle

We had a problem, and it’s this Pork Knuckle ($29.50) that you are looking at right now. Between the three of us – we struggled to finish it. As much as I hate to waste food, but unfortunately there were leftovers of the meat. The problem was not with the pork knuckle, but rather with us. Warning: do not order a full size pork knuckle when you are dining with two ladies.

I’d be lying if I say I’m not excited when I see a pork knuckle. They are like the sexiest things on earth; deep-fried to a handsome golden brown coat, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – I will do anything just to have a pork knuckle!

* * *

It’s not wise to have such a heavy meal at 3pm in the afternoon, especially not when I was supposed to have a dinner at 7pm. But you know what? In times like this, it’s best to pretend to have short-term memory loss and tuck in. Always eat first and worry later.

If you are looking for a place for dinner tonight, why not head down to Paulaner Brauhaus at Millenia Walk with a group of friends for some German Beer and Pork knuckles? TGIF, have a good weekend everyone!

Restaurant Review
Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-01 Millenia Walk
Tel: +65 6883 2572

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weird, can only access via firefox, IE still cannot!

i’ve been here before but in 2004 i think. but from the 1st pic looks quite different. they still hv a 2nd floor rite?

As usual, great photos! I marvel at how you manage to capture so lovely shots, don’t your companions mind you taking pictures? I think I must think of ways to bribe my friends to be patient while I take pictures of food. Hehehe. ;)

Hi Brad,

I’ve been to a better German restaurant before. It’s at Bukit Pasoh Road, Magma German Wine Bistro and Bar. and I think their food is so much nicer than Paulaner but all German!

Hope to see you going there and post up soon. :) haha.


I see you made your readers think I made mean comments. Fair enough, but I was just pointing out something I found similar, why so prissy? It’s just a template?!

My first comment you deleted: Looking forward to your new masthead. Loved how you ripped off template (since 2007?) and passed it off as your own “awesome” originality. Or maybe, it’s your designer’s fault, not yours. Apologies if that may be the case, but still…

My second comment you deleted: Typical of you Brad, to always delete comments that don’t sit well with you. may have copied your template, but since you deleted my comment, it must be the other way round then. Big deal, just templates, what’s there to be ashamed about?

If you’re unhappy, email me, real email now. If you want to keep hiding from your readers, delete this comment again. Comments are easy to type.

OMGGGGG. you missed out one amazing dish – banana pancakes with apple compote. I SWEAR, it is really really good.

and well, laying claims on creating a template including a masthead with links, three column layout, widget support and advertising space? it’s like saying anyone who pairs a tanktop with jeans is copying my dress style.. :p

exactly chiewmei, it was just about templates n similarities, and i was amazed this blogger got so worked up n started deleting comments that he doesn’t agree with :(

actually, i was referring to your curious insistence in posting your nonconstructive template-related comments. but yes well, i’m glad we all agree it really isn’t anything worth blowing up.

misssteelgourmet : in the first place its none of your business. even if his template is something you’ve seen somewhere before, is there a need to point out? just keep it to yourself lah. are you that kind of person, anything that you’re not happy or you think you feel like voicing out, you’ll just do it? i’m not surprised in real life you must have offended alot of people. or maybe you don’t dare to voice anything out in real life so you’ll do the exact opposite online.

like you said, it’s just a template, big fuck?

sallyk: you sound like lic in his tweets. anyway, as you said, “big f***”, “just a template”, so why must lic hurriedly delete the comments? that’s my point now, which you have missed.

wah wats the arguement about ar… i think brad’s blog is getting a lot of fans for the things he post, the food he eats, and the nice food photos… so lets move on and concentrate on the article, the food and whether it interest u to go and EAT it too.

and to be fair, its his blog, he has the rights to delete the comments he do not like or not constructive or related to his article. So to be fair, its his freedom lah. No need to be so work up bah…

I was there last year in Dec 09 for Xmas lunch & really enjoyed the food. I finished up all the fries.

I was looking through your blog and it’s really awesome:)
I was wondering whether I could use some of your pictures for a German class project ( a blog about food!)?

Well, I can’t say much good or bad about the food, but about the difficulties to get any. Any food or drink, that is.

I went there planning to join some friends for an hour or so and to eat a bite and get something to drink. It took about half an hour to extract a menu from quite arrogant staff. (“Yeah, yeah, sure…” mumbled from the corner of one’s mouth, if someaone asks for something for the third time, means “kiss my *ss” in German culture. Apparently the stuff IS well adapted to the theme of the venue.)
The menue itself was apparently all that was on the menue for the evening, I didn’t manage to get someone to take an order for the other half hour, and left after a bit more than one hour.

I can understand that the staff was under a lot of strain that evening, they were very busy, mainly with first returning credit cards to people who where not the card owners, and then trying to retieve cards and invoices and re-match cards and owners.

The menu looked decent, though a bit overpriced. One thing I have to say in their favour is that they got the decoration right: The chairs are exact copies of the horrible, back-breaking iron folding chairs you find in many German beer gardens. Kudos to that.

Besides that, I’d say that there are many places in Singapore that offer good food and good service. I’d recommend the bar and restaurant of the Conrad hotel right across the street, if you want excellent food and service at Millenia walk, or Werner’s Oven on the east coast, if you are dying to have authentic German food.

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