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I always wanted to visit The Wine Company as a friend mentioned that it’s pretty affordable to dine there, and they have two good locations in Dempsey Hill and Evans road. I went to the Dempsey road branch and the restaurant was located on the fringe of the more populated area of Dempsey Hill.

We went during the middle of the day for a quick bite. In my personal opinion, most of the items on the menu were more of finger food and drink snacks, not very appealing if you are looking for something substantial. We didn’t have any wine since it does not goes well with burgers, which was a pity as they had an extensive list of wine to choose from.

Even though it was off-peak period when we were there, it took slightly more than 40 minutes, for them to prepare three burgers, and when the burgers came – we were not impressed.

Small would be an understatement – they were tiny!

Given that it was just $10, I wasn’t really expecting much. But the fact that it took so long to come and we were really hungry; you could guess our feeling when we saw the burgers.

Wine Company

It wouldn’t be so bad if you had a full dinner, and the burger was just a snack to go along with drinks. The beef patty was competently done, but I didn’t like the buns. Fries were average, not the type that would make you finish the whole lot of it. Other than that, I liked the idea of having a slice of pineapple in the Chicken Burger ($10).

I wish I could say we loved this place – with the excellent location in Dempsey Hill, a long list of wine and the charming al fresco area. But at the end of the day, the main reason to come to The Wine Company is for drinks. To be fair, we only had two  different burgers so it’s not a good gauge of their food, but the main highlight of the restaurant is still the extensive and affordable wine list.

Restaurant Review
Wine Company
Block 14D Dempsey Road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)
Tel: +65 6479 9341
Open till late

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“We didn’t have any wine since it does not [sic] goes well with burgers…”

This over-generalization just means that you’ve not met the right wine yet. :P PP

Hello Ivan, oh yeah i have too little experience with wine compared to you of course. Which wine will you recommend to go with burger?

Maybe I should rephrase that sentence, i’d prefer coke/beer to go with burgers rather than wine, just my personal preference : )

angeline: With all the wines there, yes i think so

Samuel: haha yeah the patty was kind of tiny, the buns too! but they were slightly bigger than the patty, which makes it kind of sad. But then again, it’s more like drinks snack rather than a main course

poisonivy: I know right. you just reminded me again

yikes! i know u should not covert but i can see myself vomiting blood paying rm25 for that tiny burger. FAINT.. haha (please don’t bring me here if i come visit LOL;))

Hey Brad! I love how the place is designed! (: And the burger’s SO cute; although I can understand that it’ll never fill you up if you’re hungry! (: xx

ciki: of course, what do you crave for? we will bring you to eat everything!

shirin: haha i think even as a drink snack, also not big enough. I’m so greedy

Small burgers just aren’t right now are they? come to England Brad. I’ll take you to where the real burgers are at and ONLY paired with the best chips ever. Most of them only handcut and freshly seasoned…;) x

Passing by, you should try out their desserts. Their warm chocolate cake and pancakes are pretty good… and complement each other… =)

Yes, I remember going there for a New Year Eve dinner one year and was sorely disappointed. (They were promoting a wine pairing set dinner) The food, as you had mentioned are primarily finger food… we ended up walking down to Long Beach for more food…

Burgers are pretty much the easiest things to match with wine! Any wine with well structured tannins would work:

Bordeaux and New World Cabs that are properly aged, Primitivo, Rioja or a smooth Zinfandel all work

Hi Ladyironchef, I don’t know if you know already but The Wine Company has a restaurant on the Sentosa Boardwalk now, which serves a whole range of wines and a whole selection of meals (this is their only outlet that serves more than just appetiser). I’ve been there once and tried their Lamb Steak (not the Lamb Shank!) and also a bit of my boyfriend’s Ribeye Steak, and let me say that they both are to die for! Especially the Lamb Steak. The serving of the steaks was HUGE for only $30, so it was a great value for money. I’m surprised that the restaurant on the Sentosa Boardwalk hasn’t got that many reviews on HungryGoWhere yet. But you should go there and do a review on it! :D

Hmm, I’ve just doublechecked The Wine Company’s website and it appears that each of their restaurant branches has different menus.

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