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Update: The Cafe is now closed.

I’ve walked past Society Bar at One Fullerton a couple of times when I was dining in the waterfront restaurants there. I know it’s under the same management of The Prime Society at Dempsey, but for some reason I never visited.

Most of the restaurants at One Fullerton can be costly, that’s why the first thing that struck me when I saw Society Bar’s menu – was the affordability of the food.

Society Bar is a bistro version of The Prime Society. There’s no premium meats of course, most of the mains are priced below $20. The food is not spectacular, but I think it’s affordable considering the excellent location of the bistro bar at One Fullerton.

Tunisian Braised Chicken Leg

The Tunisian Braised Chicken Leg Pilaff With Brown Rice ($16.50) caught all of us by surprise. The chicken leg was very pleasant, in the sense that every bite was smooth and tender. It was one of our favorites among the main courses.

Society Burger

On paper, the proper definition of a burger is minced meat patty enveloped between two buns, with some tomato, lettuce, and if you are lucky, extra stuff like cheese and bacon to go along. Society Bar’s Beef Burger ($14.50) was pretty decent, not fantastic – but the hearty portion was enough to satisfy our meat cravings

Singapore Food Blog

We could smell the Tiger Beer Battered Fish & Chips from afar. Catherine enjoyed the fresh dory fish tremendously, but both Ju and I thought it was slightly too salty.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

After having two excellent pasta the previous week, I was still itching for good homely spaghetti. It was either cream or tomato base, we went for the latter as tomato’s always less heavy than cream-base pasta. Well maybe I was pushing my luck too far, but the Spaghetti With Mediterranean Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil and Parmesan ($12.50) was slightly overcooked, and we couldn’t finish it.

Baked Apple Tartlet

I was hoping that there will be Vanilla bean ice cream when we ordered the Baked Apple Tartlet ($7.50). But it came with rum & raisin ice cream instead. Drizzled with toffee sauce, the combination of warm baked dessert with cold ice cream always work.

Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding

Looking through the dessert menu, the Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding ($8) caught our attention immediately. For a sticky pudding, it wasn’t sticky and moist enough. I’d probably like it If I didn’t know this was a sticky puddng. The hunt for the best sticky date pudding continues.

Society Bar

This is the fourth part of a series that I’m doing on the waterfront restaurants in One Fullerton. I’ll like to thank Fullerton Heritage, Society Bar and Marina Mathews of Crocmedia for hosting this dinner.

There’s really nothing much to say, if you want a romantic dinner at the swanky One Fullerton, yet somewhere easy-on-the-pocket; I’d say give Society Bar a try. But remember not to expect too much for the food, they are decent – but not wow. Otherwise, drop by for drinks after dinner to enjoy the stunning view overlooking the Marina Bay area.

Here’s the question: Is food more important or ambience?

Restaurant Review
Society Bar
1 Fullerton Road
#01-11 One Fullerton
Tel: +65 6423 9689
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm

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I think it depends on the event/occasion/purpose, and the individual’s expectations. For me, it’s slightly more like Food > Ambience. Even if the ambience is awesome but the food sucks, I have second thoughts abt returning. Maybe not for the food. Then again, it varies. Service is another factor I consider. But of course, the company is equally important. :)

Nothing to do with this post, but time to change your masthead eh? It’s March! Heh.

Hey Brad, (: my first reaction was: ‘OMG. I need to try this!’ … But then again, that’s kinda the same reaction I have for all of your other posts! Your pictures are.. amazing. Nothing can compare! I think your pictures are the best on TasteSpotting. (:

I also noticed that the beef burger bun had so many sesame seeds on them (correct me if I’m wrong) That is so cute! I haven’t seen a bun like that before (that, or I’m highly deprived). I would love to have dinner at this place someday (: xx

danghl: yeah and depends on who you are dining with too. Of course if ambience good but food sucks i also won’t like. But if food decent, and ambience awesome, i don’t mind. Are you looking forward to the new masthead? i usually upload it by 10th-14th every month! haha

dawn: because i run a lot! there are sacrifices to be made! tee hee

Shirin: Don’t worry, it’s good to be hungry. but how come you are highly deprived? nic never bring you for nice food? haha S you really flattered me, there are a lot of awesome photos on tastespotting : )

For hubby and I, it’s food. But i do agree for special occasion, ambiance is a consideration. Even with a nice ambiance but bad food, this can ruin the night for food lovers like us :)

HungryTrotters: I’m a sucker for ambience, but yeah i agree, the food can’t be too bad, otherwise it’d ruin the whole occasion. Anyway, so long you are with yr love one, anywhere is nice :)

I like this place very much!!The location should ranked as 5 stars location…next to merlion, facing the casino and also sg flyer…
The food is good and the rpice is reasonable..definately will come back again!

taufulo: oops, sorry i must have somehow missed your comment, hope that you had a great time in Singapore : )

Cas: Hello there yeah the location is excellent, with affordable prices. good to know you enjoyed the dinner!

food is most important if i’m with friends, if i’m alone then ambience so i can feel the groove. what is that cocktail? that’s what i want now.
when you come visit me can you take my photos? i need new headshots. LOL ;-)

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