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This is freaking me out, I have no idea how this could be possible, but according to the date on my calendar, it says 29th March 2010 – which is exactly three years since the start of this Singapore Food Blog.

Three years!

Over the past three years, I have received so much love from every one. Many of you have graciously left me with such kind words and encouragement. Considering that there’s barely ten friends who read my blog back then, it is surreal to know that ladyironchef is getting 7,000 hits a day now. The only thing that came to my mind was, Wow! And THANK YOU!

All along, people have always asked me about how my Singapore Food Blog – ladyironchef actually came about. I’m not going to explain the part about ‘why lady’, you can read about it here. When I created ladyironchef, I had no intention to write it as a proper food blog – if you get what I mean. iI was meant to be more like a personal blog about my daily rants. Naturally, I have never expected it to be what it is today. I am very fortunate to have a bunch of folks who enjoyed reading my blog in the early stages, and it slowly evolved to what you see now.

Back when I started this food blog three years ago, there wasn’t so many food blogs in Singapore. And since then, we have seen the explosion of the local food blog scene with so many new additions each year. Looking back, it still amazes me sometimes that I actually lasted so long. Writing a blog involves much more effort and discipline than you can possibly imagine and it is sometimes a lonely process, but at the same time, I got to know so many amazing people who are passionate about what they do and it really makes everything feel worthwhile.

One of the commonly-asked question that I received: What is the secret to the success of my food blog? Frankly speaking, I have no idea at all! Personally, I felt that there’s no secret to food blogging, always stay true to yourself, take good photographs of the delicious food, and write in a descriptive manner so that others can feel the taste of the food through your words.

The best part about life is – you will always have no idea what will happen next. And one of the best thing that comes together with the blog is photography. many people seem surprised to hear that I have never attended any photography lessons. They always thought that I was firstly a food photographer before I started my food blog. I just stumbled my way around with the help of some pointers from friends, and even till today, I feel so lucky and fortunate every time I use my camera.

Anyway, I’m really grateful for all the opportunities that I have received from the blog, and all the lovely people that I got to know in the process. There are so many awesome things that it’s impossible to say everything in one post. Food-wise, life has really been good to me.

I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I know that right now, I really enjoy what I’m doing, the food blog has become a part of me, and I like it that way. My greatest satisfaction lies in getting people hungry, and I find joy in doing that.

And just in case you are still wondering, yes ladyironchef is a guy. My name is Brad.


OMG HEHE I learnt something new today that you’re a guy and not a girl. it must be all the floral purple colours of the blog and the name that made be presume. great blog! love reading and seeing your amazing photos :-)

A lil fat monkey: don’t just lust from your side, come over and we will have a big pig-out!

boss: thanks for dropping by! yeah lets go and have a good meal soon

tesia: OH YES! *throw chocolate and cupcakes at you!

Jess: hahaha thank you for the support! yeah sure thing, i have a super duper sweet tooth, will blog abt some desserts soon

Shirin: Tee hee, i was wondering where has my biggest supporter S gone to! : )

**ly*: I know, there are people who told me they thought it’s a mid 30s lady writing. Why 30s? haha

Serene tan: You mean you don’t know before? Never read my “about” page, tsk tsk! haha

felicia: that’s so nice of you! did you all have a good lunch?

lynn: thanks dear, hope i’m keeping you hungry eh? hee

foodwink: Thank you for your kind words, drop by often and say hi!

Simon: haha did the purple color lead to the confusion too? i change the color every month to match the color of the photo

incognita: okay maybe i should really write a post on that, everybody’s asking the same question! the trick is: to eat even more! HAHA

brenda: here’s a toast to more foodieventures!

i guess ur food have inspired many to start up their own food blogs.. however i felt that it is ur preservance of giving in-depth descriptions and screen-licking photos that have raised so many regular readers.. i personally have bookmarked ur webby for a year to refer to whenever i m out of places to dine.. ??s, Brad!

Congrats on your “3rd birthday”, Brad!
I’m still a big fan of your food pics, always makes me hungry!


Yo bro! Wow! What an inspirational story you have there! When I started my blog, I always wonder, how did Brad got so successful? And now I know it’s through hard work and the essence of a blog itself – the content that inspires it’s reader and in your case, make them hungry. I always see that behind your laptop you’re always on your blog. Glad to hear that your hard work is paying off and that life has constantly improved for you!

Wee Kiat

mister ang: of cos, you witness the whole story bro!

happyhues: thank you! i will definitely keep blogging, do drop by often!

B: hahahaha yeah it is : )

Stella: My dear, your encouragements really makes my day (or night)! lol and wow bookmarked for a year? THANK YOU!

kara: i dropped by your portfolio site, lovely photos!

Wee Kiat: thank you for your kind words! see you around

Derick: sure thing, i will definitely blog more stuff to make you hungry! drop by often and say hi!

Beth: OH WOW! yeah i was jogging in Bukit timah just now, *very unglam. oops. hahaha

missyeley: I WILL! my greatest satisfaction lies in getting all of you hungry! : )

Wow 3 years and growing with even better pictures is a huge achievement!

My friends and I often found ourselves mention Ladyironchef whenever we are looking for nice dining places. It actually became a household name =)

And yes before we became really accustomed to this name, we really thought the writer is a lady..=D Your last sentence is indeed impactful.

beth: haha yeah i always run there : )

irony: WOW! that’s really a very high compliment, i’m really flattered. Thank you, and your friends! : )

ciki: thanks ciki! cheers!

i love your blog! its so easy to read and i can always trust your reviews!
thanks for being awesome! haha :D

Woo hoo.. Awesome food blogger.. have been following your food blog so I hv more choice to explore of choosing where to go wif friends.

Keep up the gd work and continue to find more nice fd and places

Hey brad!
nice to see your food blog so successful now.. i remember how it all started.. hahaha..

hopefully next week i have the time to catch up with you.. =)

have a happy sunday..

hey brad!

a little late but congratulations! and i’m sorry i haven’t been around for reaaaally long – but the food still look as good as ever! dangerous to visit late at night after finishing a stressful assignment! :P

ade: I’m glad to know that my blog is helping you to find new places to eat!

James: Thanks buddy, you definitely witness everything behind-the-scenes. hope to see u soon yeah? (:

Layla: haha it’s never too late, have you been busy? haven heard from you for so long! drop by soon okay? eat well!

Happy blog-versary! And keep us all salivating for all the great food reviews!

I just found that my own blog is nearly 5 years old! *gulp* I wish I can master better photography soon!

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