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Singapore Food Blog - Brotzeit

All along, I thought that German food was all about pork knuckles, beer and sausages. While I was hiking at Katoomba, Blue Mountains, I met a German dude and I asked him what’s a normal German meal like? He mentioned that Germans are very big on bread, and contrary to popular belief, no – they do not have pork knuckle and sausages every meal. At least, that’s what he told me.

Coincidentally, I had my first German meal a few days later when I went back to Sydney from Katoomba. It was awesome, and I have been craving for German food ever since I came back to Singapore. Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant was one of the few places that came to mind when I wanted to plan for a German dinner. There’s currently three Brotzeit restaurant at Raffles City, 313 @ Somerset and Vivocity.

Needless to say, I was very excited. If you were there that night, you’d probably saw me from afar. Yes, the guy sitting near the entrance of the restaurant at Vivocity, with a big camera snapping away.

Anyway, German Pork Knuckles.

Yes, I wanted pork knuckles, and I wanted it immediately! It’s not exaggerating to say that pork knuckles are the representative of German Food for me. Extremely crispy, deep-fried but not dry, hearty but not heavy, I just love every bite of the Pork Knuckle ($36). It may not look very filling, but trust me, you need a few people to finish this.

Singapore Food Blog - Brotzeit

The sausages platter Wustelpatte ($32.50) is a great way to try a little of everything. There’s spicy chicken sausages, Nurnberger pork bratwurst, mini pork cheese sausages, weisswurst sausage and garlic sausages. Half the time, I couldn’t tell which was which, but who cares? We finished every single one of them.

Singapore Food Blog - Brotzeit

Somehow, the crackling pork knuckles reminded me of roasted pork, and when I saw the Schweinsbraten ($29.50) on the menu, I pleaded commanded my friends: lets get the roasted pork! But it was quite different from what I’ve imagined. I thought it’d be something like the roast pork that we’re so familiar with. Instead, Brotzeit’s rendition was roasted pork with gravy, alongside homemade red cabbage. Even though the robust gravy added flavor to the meat, but I still preferred the crispy roasted pork.

Singapore Food Blog - Brotzeit

I was dazzled for a good twenty seconds the moment the Seafood platter, Fischplatte ($34.50) arrived on the table. Time seemed to slow as my senses fully captured everything on the plate; my eyes took in every single detail of the marination on the thick slices of tuna. The vibrant colors of the smoked salmon and bright-red marinated prawns also caught my attention. It was amazing to smell the white anchovies, and even more appealing to put it in my month, everything was so refreshing. Again, if you are with a good of friends, it’s more like a tasting platter since everyone only gets to try a little of everything.

* * *

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant will definitely be one of the top choices when it comes to German Food in Singapore. Reservations are a must, especially when it’s dinner time. There was about 7-8 of us, and for the food that we had, it wasn’t particularly filling for the most of people. On hindsight, we should have order at least one more main dish to share. Anyway, I reckon the budget is about $30-40 per person if you want to get a decent filling meal, and at least in the $50s if beer is included.

It’s always easier to order food when there are more people, and this is particularly true for Brotzeit. There’s so many items on the menu and it was a challenge going through all of them. My advise? Get a group of friends and hit Brotzeit for the Pork Knuckle, German sausages and booze. Hurry up!

Where do you go for German food in Singapore? And what’s the one must-try item when you are having a German dinner?

Restaurant Review
Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-149/-151 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6272 8815

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i must say, of all my 21 years, i have never really eaten a “German” meal and I have always wanted to try Brotzeit every time i pass by and now after your review, i will DEFINITELY check it out:) just a little question though, i never (yes another never) knew how to pronounce Brotzeit! Did you find out how to?

Brotzeit is fantastic. I have gone three times – incidentally all three times to their Vivo branch. My German friend said that it’s the most authentic it can get (to German pub food) in Singapore.

If you are into german food, give Werner’s Oven a try! They got a cosy homely feel, good pork knuckles and a german bakery right beside! They even do brunch on weekends!

I’ve eaten in the Vivocity Brotzeit loads of times – so I’m suprised by two things in this report. Reservations essential for dinner? Really? Sure it gets busy at peak hour (8pm) at the weekends – but I have never once booked to eat here – and I’ve never been turned away or had to wait for a table.

I’m also not convinced that you need to spend $20-30 for a filling meal.

Other than that – the fish dishes are also good – and I really like the ‘pizza-ish’ flat breads. Can’t remember exactly what they call them just now.

I went there recently – the seafood salad was soooo good! And when we asked the waitress, she told us that the Pork Knuckle was meant for one? Thank goodness we didn’t believe her. :p

yea, you’re right. the colors on the seafood platter are indeed spectacular. Looks like this is one place I’m bringing my family, my inlaws, my nieces and nephews, because there’s no way I am finishing all that with just one accompanying date! :P

Wow the knuckles look great with all the sauerkraut and gherkins thrown in. Any chance anyone knew where we can get ‘wet knuckles’ besides Brauhaus at United Square?

oh my godddddddddddd, I don’t have to read

That first picture; enough said.

ps: brad what camera are you using? thinking of getting a D500 what do u advice?

Ffichiban: My friend, you realize how sinful those things are? haha but i will gladly have them all the time!

angeline: I know right, the famous pork knuckles! drools

amy: no dear, i can’t pronounce it too. maybe the next time if you go there for dinner, test the staff! haha

Esther: Really? that’s good to hear! when a German likes the food, you know it’s good stuff

cleartear: Make a shortlist of all the places, then tick them off by visiting one every week

kuma: HAHA nuff’ said.

Memoirsoffood: I heard so much of them, but it’s in the east right?

jiaying: Another supporter of werner’s? what’s the price like?

Vicky: Hello that time when i was there on a weekday night, they were full at 7pm. And on a couple of occasions that i walked by the other outlet at raffles city, they were also very packed. how much do you spend each time?

Chiewmei: She told us the pork knuckle serves two to three. lol!

Melissa: Ooh, that’s new. I didn’t know of them. thanks for the tip-off

ciki: actually you can! just take your time and slowly enjoy, it really isn’t a lot of food. haha

virtousity: oh yes, they look so good right? wet knuckles as in it’s the type that is not crispy? but pork knuckles are meant to be crispy! haha

Samuel: Hello dude, i’m using a Nikon D700. for entry level the canon D500 should be good enough : ) how much is yr budget?


Brad: I hope to keep my budget around 1.3k, and I’m looking to buy a macro lens too, which I know will be quite expensive.

did you have to use macro for that pork knuckle shot? or rather, for most of your shots?

Ju: Yeah Brahaus is still around. wanna go again? :p

Memoirsoffood: thanks dude. will check it out if i ever make the long journey to the east. lol

Samuel: haha Macro lens are expensive stuff, i got my 60mm macro lens for 750 two years ago, it costed about 950 bucks now (because of the rise in Yen). Anyway yeah most of my photos are taken with the 60mm f2.8 macro lens.

I like Pork Knuckle, pork bratwurst sausages & of course the mini pork cheese sausages… but not the beer… shall go and try :D

hey LIC! love ur blog and thanks for featuring german restuarants!

anw, brotzeit is pronounced as b[rote] as in b + rote in rote learning and [cai]t as in ? + t. it’s the same zeit in zeitgeist.

AND I LOVE PORK KNUCKLES! i had amazing pork knuckles in munich. actually only people in the bavarian region eat pork knuckles. the rest of germany, not so much.

but due to its popularity, bavarian cuisine is still the quintessential german food for foreigners.

i’ll definitely try out more dishes at brotzeit (went there only once)!

BB: let me know after you try yeah? : )

amy: You should! quick, book an air ticket and fly over asap! haha

esophoriax: Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Oh wow, now i know how to pronounce it. haha! really eh? i didn’t know that only bavarian region eat pork knuckles, yea man like even in Sydney i see Bavarian Pubs and restaurants. thanks for letting me know!

Hey Brad,

great review on Brotzeit! :)

“Brotzeit” is a typical Bavarian expression – “Brot” being German for bread and “Zeit” for time, meaning a cozy meal complemented by fresh beer.

Anyway check out our latest outlet at Discovery Walk in 313@Somerset. Same great beer, food and ambience

try brauhaus @ united square soon! i loved it! with alot, alot and alot of different kinds of beer!

Use to love German food and beers @ Brotzeit but after my biz trip to the very country where I tasted REAL German food…I yet to find real German food in Sg anymore…lol

Mhmm, looks delicious. :) I’m confused though. I always thought that pork knuckles were done in the oven, not deep-fried. At least, this is how I’ve always had them and I’m German!

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