Brunch at Hatched, Evans Road, Singapore

Hatched, Evans road

If there’s anything that I will not get sick of, it will definitely be eggs. I love eggs! Be it scrambled eggs, poached eggs or sunny side-up, I can have them every day.

I always envisage the idea of a restaurant serving all day brunch. By that, I mean a place which has all day breakfast for not just breakfast, lunch but also dinner – serving nothing but breakfast food.

In the past year, we have seen the entrance of many new brunch places in Singapore. Hatched at Evans Lodge is a restaurant that serves all day breakfast. I went to Hatched during a weekday lunch. Even though it wasn’t very crowded, there was a slight hiccup as the staff forgot to pass my order to the kitchen and we waited for slightly longer than 30 minutes.

Otherwise, the menu is perfect for me. Hatched has all kinds of eggs; boiled, poached, baked, scrambled, fried, and omelette. There were so many different type of eggs on the menu – it took us a while to read through the menu.

Eggs Benedict

And of course, brunch is all about Eggs Benedict. Hollandaise sauce is the key to a good eggs benedict, but the one here could be more buttery. Sir Benedict ($16 for two) however, is no ordinary stuff. Eggs and bacon are the best couple ever, no one can resist the temptation when eggs meet bacon.

Pancake Party

Lets have a pancake party!

Soft and fluffy, the Pancake Party ($10 for 3) is the perfect start to a good breakfast. I’ve decided, pancakes are my favorite breakfast food. You know what I’d do? Dip the pancake into the honey syrup, and mix it with the fresh butter cream; this is sheer luxury.

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I love the sauteed mushrooms and juicy tomatoes that came together with the Papillote ($12). The sliced smoked salmon of bright red hue was wrapped around the scrambled eggs and presented on top of the toast.

* * *

If you are craving for breakfast food during dinner, Hatched is definitely an ideal place. All day brunch, anyone?

Restaurant Review
26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Tel: +65 6735 0012
Closed on Monday

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Hmm prices are sightly higher than Epicurious right? But still worth a try for me considering they offer all-day breakfast. There is just something about eating “breakfast” for dinner…

Everytime I look at menus for brunch, I’ll be torn between the big breakfast, or the pancakes. Always. Without fail. Is it me or does it occur to everyone too. Haha.

kaiyi: hello there! nope i haven go to wild honey yet, waiting for the hype to die down first. what’s the Tunisian breakfast consist of?

jo: yea epicurious is still one of the most affordable places for brunch. the only compiling reason for hatched – they offered breakfast all day till night

angeline: Let me know if it’s good : )

ju: Oh yea i can remember how miserable i was during that period, cannot buy eggs because they were too expensive!

chelle: nope, definitely not just you. It happens to me all the time! haha you know what i’d do? order both the big breakfast and the pancakes!

ai wei: Enough said! haha

stargirl: high five! when are you gonna have pancakes? go! haha

majimo: nope, i haven been to canopy yet, will check it out soon : )

jiaying: hahaha can you still go back and get them now?

LFB: you sure? i will finish all your eggs!

Shirin: it sure is, and pancakes are always so adorable, aren’t they? : )

charlie: hahaha you can’t compare it this way, ALL pancakes taste good to me. But riders have the awesome ambience, so naturally having pancakes there are even more enjoyable

When Smokin’ Frog opening hour on sat was 1pm not 12 noon as I thought, I came to Hatch as recommended by this blog. Nice ambience, nice chill out place with magazines to flip thru while waiting for our lunch. Ordered the cowboy (the burger)cos I still had a craving for burgers having come from a vain attempt at smokin’ frog. Well, I won’t recommend it. The english muffin they use ,instead of a real bun, was too soft, the burger was tiny, with a fried egg on top and I would rather have fries with it rather than the teaspoon size scoop of mash potatos they served, also the grilled tomato they served with it was Cold. The drumblets side we order was much better, really tasty sauce they serve with it. I guess I should have stuck with what they are truely good at = EGGS.

Wwwism: haha yeah i guess they are more of an egg place rather than burger, thanks for the warning! go back again and try out the breakfast items? otherwise there’s always riders cafe for brunch : )

I didn’t like the eggs benedict at Hatched.
So far, the eggs benedict that has won my heart is at Mimolette’s brunch.

Then again, the cost there is much higher than at Hatched.

Hatch is extremely crowded. Popped by for brunch yesterday after church at around 1030 and it was full house. Even when we left at around 12, there was still a line of people waiting. Pricing wise, Hatched is quite value for money.

With Riders Cafe, I not too sure. Would you enjoy eating at a place that constantly smells of horse dung? Well unless you like the smell of it then this is the place to be at, I digress however.

Aside from that overpowering down, it’s a quaint little place in a very nice part of Singapore. Decent food.

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