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With so many new Burger joints popping up in Singapore, which one do you go to? I have my fair share of going to some of the burger places in Singapore. I’ve tried Wagyu beef burgers with foie gras, expensive gourmet burgers, incredibility tiny burgers at some of the chic drinking places. But at the end of the day, I’d go to Smok’inn Frogz Kitchen at Bar Bar Black Sheep when I’m craving for a really good burger.

The thing about a good burger, to put it simply – they are so seducing! There’s nothing as sexciting like a gorgeous burger. Some places try too hard, they come up with fanciful names or throw in exotic ingredients, but you know what? All I want for a good burger is: a good juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese sandwiched between two toasted fluffy buns.

And Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen is just exactly all about that, there isn’t any fanciful name – just a simple ‘homemade beef burger‘. Considering the burger is $12 nett, I’d think that it’s very hard to beat them.

Singapore Food Blog

Besides their popular Homemade Beef Burger, we also had the Grilled chicken burger and the Mushroom Cheese burger. Having tried the homemade beef burger on the previous two occasions, I was keen to go for the other burgers available on the menu and I chose the Grilled Chicken Burger. It was decent, but not wow. Maybe it was my fault as I was expecting to have a thick chicken patty, but instead there was chunks of grilled chicken stacked up together to form a patty.

We couldn’t really differentiate between the Homemade Beef Burger and Mushroom Cheese Burger since both had beef patty and came with cheese. The only exception to the latter was the inclusion of the mushrooms instead of caramelized onions. Beer goes so well with burger, needless to say, we finished every crumb of it and even most of the fries.

* * *

Maybe I shouldn’t hype too much about the burgers lest all of you have too much expectations of it, but I think it’s definitely up there among the best burgers in Singapore. If you are going to check out Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen at Bar Bar Black Sheep, try to go before 6.30pm as it gets really crowded after that, and they are not open for lunch during weekdays.

Now you need to tell me: where’s your favorite burger place in Singapore?

Restaurant Review
Smokā€™Inn Frogz Kitchen
879 Bukit Timah Road
Weekdays: 5pm-11pm
Sat: 1pm-11pm
Sun: 9am-11pm
Bar Bar Black Sheep

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I certainly enjoyed my Mushroom Cheese burger. And let’s not forget the fries go very well with the Palak Paneer and Mutton Vindaloo from the neighbouring Indian stall (once my garlic naan ran out). :D

Hmm…I wonder why they have that name for a burger joint? Definitely will have a try if I’m nearby the vicinity. :D Thanks for sharing!

jiaying: I haven even tried the hamburger, somehow the decoration is kind of turn off (to me)

LFB: now we know Indian food goes very well with burgers. HAHA

Mike: Sure thing dude, bring it on! : )

stumpbo: I have no idea too, i think they mentioned it before in a newspaper interview, but can’t remember the exact reason. anyway who cares the name so long the burger is good!

danghl: East side has a lot of good food too! well you can always travel to the West : )

ju: I am sure! with the burgers, and the “al fresco” area, did they drink beer? haha

dawn: haha will you have burgers for breakfast? kind of sinful yeah?

Samuel: WOW you really have burgers for breakfast? yeah i tried the wild rocket burgers before at Relish, check out my post on that!

mike: You really need to check this place out!

Hey, the info you gave is wrong with regards to it’s openning times, weekday is 5pm and sat is 1pm , NOT 12noon. I went there at 1210pm, and couldn’t get my burger fix. More accurately it’s location should be one block before brewerks, park at old holland road.

pammiez: you went here before already right?

Wwwism: Hello there, my apologies for the wrong timing, did you get the burger in the end?

Clare: ooh nice, i heard so much about the spruce burger but have yet to try it, will go soon (i hope). Have fun at Smok’inn frogz! : )

i just went there yesterday!i ordered the classic and thought they were pretty juicy but still a bit dry! maybe it’s just me? heeh

Hi Ladyironchef,

I went there tonight at 9pm for my burger fix, had a take away for the homemade burger. It WAS delcious. Certainly one of the best burgers around and certainly one of the best for its price, great value for money. $12 for burger that came with a small salad and very good fries, that was good even after I brought it home. While I was waiting there, I saw an order of beer battered fish, that will be the next item on the menu I am trying. And after that I think I will go for the steak sandwich.

Funny I asked them what time they close and it wasn’t 11pm, they said last order was 940pm.

I guess business is so good, they keep cutting their hours… who knows

amy: Don’t worry dear, everyone have different preference : )

Wwwism: Hello dude, glad to hear you enjoy the burger! yeah next time you should dine in there, i bet it will be even better! ok will update the closing time, thanks for letting me know!

Fatkuraprincess: Haven try the hamburger, don’t think i will be going there any soon, but definitely will check out everything with fries burger

Arnold: it’s probably not the best in Singapore, but it’s the best among the ones that i had tried so far. will bring you here the next time you are in Singapore!

This place sadly no longer serves the same excellent quality food. Must have changed hands. Oh well, search for the best value burger continues.

I have to try this one out – Smokin’ Frogz. I live in Bukit Timah so it should definitely be on my list. Good food haunts in Singapore are plenty, I realized. Thanks for your blog… my list is getting longer.

We took your recommendation and since it was not too far away.

We arrived at a few minutes before 5.30pm and the sign at the stall says business starts at 5.30pm but there wasn’t anyone around.

We decided to have a beer and allow the kitchen to warm up. We didn’t want to be the first customer but my friend didn’t have lunch.

I did the ordering at the counter. The lady behind the counter was grouchy and rude.

The burger patties could have been cooked a little longer for a slightly charred taste.

No hamburger relish or mustard for a place that specialises in hamburgers. The tomoto and chilli sauce dispensers were dirty and oily.

When I asked the lady for hamburger relish. She gave me a look of amazement. Look lady, if your hamburgers were $5. I understand your look of amazement. But when you charge $13, you should provide the condiment.

I enjoyed the atmosphere. We will come back again for the beer and the Indian food. Not hamburgers. Good luck in your business.

The beef burgers (225gm) from the Eagle’s Nest at the American Club on claymore hill are the best in Singapore. I’ve had burgers from Seah Street Deli, Brewerkz, Botak Jones, etc but none of them come close to those at the Eagle’s nest. When you say you want the patty medium – it’s medium. Medium rare is medium rare.

For a juicy burger, i must recommend a hole-in-the-wall shop called Fat Ed’s at Sixth Avenue just a 5 minute walk from smok’inn frog.
A 200gm Beef patty burger for About 8-9 bucks if i do recall. And it’s juiciness, assured.

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