Interview & Food Tee with A Table For Two

When I was in Sydney back in December, I met a lot of food bloggers there, and one of the best Sydney food blog is definitely A Table For Two. Billy is the genius behind ATFT, his food photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I was very fortunate to be able to witness first-hand, the cooking skill of Billy when he invited me to visit him in Terrigal, Central Coast.

Back then, he mentioned that he was working on a project to design food T-shirts and I didn’t ask much since everything was still in the pipeline. Two weeks ago, I got a nice surprise when he asked if I’m interested to be the featured food blogger for his March ATFT Food Tee and I agreed immediately!

Billy’s a great designer, and I love the previous two food T-Shirt designs he did for January and February. For this month “LadyIronChef” limited edition t-shirts, the idea came from my blog name of course. Did you get the meaning behind it?

Anyway, Billy did an interview with me and here’s an excerpt of it:

9. If I only have one day in Singapore, where would you take me to taste the best food in Singapore.

… Lets do a one-day food trail; we will start off by having Dim Sum at Yan Ting restaurant, St Regis. They have the best char siew sou ever, and I love the mini egg tarts too. Wonderfully light and buttery pastry, a smooth and not too sweet egg custard filling – it taste so good!

Even though I know Australia has much better brunch, I will like to bring you to Epicurious café at Robertson Quay, one of my all time favorite places for brunch. One of my favorite restaurants in Singapore is Sage the restaurant, at Mohamed Sultan road; Chef Jusman can wipe up a mean duck confit, and for someone who do not like mushroom soup, I love the one at Sage …

* * *

Check out A Table For Two to read the whole interview, and if you are interested to get the The “LadyIronChef” limited edition t-shirts, they are now available from the ATFT shop. Limited to 50 units only.