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If you are looking for splendid views and good seafood, Palm Beach’s got it all. The overall experience is much appreciated by a clientèle that includes a lot of tourists – partly due to its excellent location at One Fullerton – but this is no tourist trap.

Palm Beach is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Singapore, and they have been serving good and fresh seafood to discerning guests for many years. This is a good option for entertaining clients over a scrumptious seafood dinner.

If you are still looking for a restaurant for lo hei, try Palm Beach’s Alaskan King Crab Yu Sheng (S$58 or S$88).

Palm Beach Singapore Food Blog

I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely order the Seafood Deluxe Combination ($23.00 per person) with a selection of five seafood items – air-flown Hokkaido scallop, huge gleaming oysters, live poached prawns, fresh salmon sashimi, and the gigantic bamboo clam.

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Also not to be missed is Palm beach’s signature Chilli Crab ($4.50 per 100g).

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The award winning Double Baked Cheese Crab ($4.50 per 100g) reminded me of the baked cheese lobster that I’ve before, with its strong cheesy taste. Baked parmesan cheese and crab? This was a winner!

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Palm Beach’s awarding winning Coco Lobo – Australian Lobster with Vermicelli in Superior Stock ($16.80 per 100g) – came piping hot in individual claypot, with the lobster meat and vermicelli absorbing the essence of the flavourful stock.

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Sweet and tangy, intense yet refreshing. It was also not too spicy. The Honey Tangy Marble Goby ($7.50 per 100g) was fried till golden-brown: crispy and soft and appetizing, drizzled with just enough of the terrific sauce.

* * *

This is the third part of a series that I’m doing on the waterfront restaurants in One Fullerton. I’ll like to thank Fullerton Heritage, Karin of Palm Beach Seafood and Gail for arranging and hosting this dinner.

From what we observed, most Singaporeans seem to dine in the comfort of the air-condition, while the tourists prefer the al fresco area with the waterfront view. Will you dine indoors or outside at the al fresco area?

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant
1 Fullerton Road
#01-09 One Fullerton
Tel: +65 6227 2332


i love the chilli crab! at this rate, being a pescatarian in Singapore would be really really easy for me! (: i also love your picture of the coco lobo! xx

just a random non post related comment…
i really like the branding of ur blog noe. to me it feels like its inspired by magazine covers, cos i can so picture myself picking up a magazine with a cover that says “Ladyironchef…for the delicious in you” with a huge mouthwatering shot of a well plated dish splattered across.
i also like how u occasionally to personify ur food when u write, which is unique n refreshing, n smtg i can identify with.

Karen: WHEN are you coming over to Singapore?

Sook: haha are you sure my dear? when you are eating seafood everyday next time, you probably feel like having something simple :p

ciki: You are too nice! the spirit of lohei must be released from people who enjoyed tossing. lol

Ju: Aww… Lets keep it a secret

Hello Joan: You were in Singapore? why din u tell me, we could have meet up! haha are you coming back anytime soon? let me know yeah

shaoface: Are there crabs in the sunset? haha when you come back to Singapore, you can have crabs everyday : )

caibao: Thank you thank you! that’s enough for me. hee

yx: Thanks dear, now where’s mister ang? haha

shirin: Oh, i din know you are pescatarian! means can eat fish/seafood but not meat right?

Lemongrass: Calling for a whiff of lemon grass. Callng once, calling twice. Gone, it’s in my stomach. HAHA

poisonivy: Thank you dear, you are so sweet. Now I am having a headache over my March masthead. oops.

dawn: “You eat with your eyes first” Well said, i’m going to quote you on this line next time. hee

omg chilli crabbbbbbb, I wish I know how to cook it.

if u ever come to perth during summer, tell me, the flower crabs here are the largest and the freshest, we just catch them with nets, no need to pay! ;)

dan: They taste awesome too!

samuelgoh: the ones that we cook ourselves always dont taste as good, cos the “fire” at home is not as big. catch live and eat? sounds like a plan

howard: When are you coming? I’m waiting for you, anytime man!

LFB: Ignore the crabs, too much hassle and so little meat. I say, give us the mantou and lots of gravy

Brad, I wish you could be more descriptive about the dish in that first picture… the one with all the noodles and vegetables and fish with the chopsticks digging in?

I’m probably not going to make it to Singapore to try that dish and I wouldn’t even know what to order if I got there.

But I might try making that at home because it looks so amazing!

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