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There’s nothing sweeter in life to witness your friend tying the knot; be it a simple dinner of having your close friends to  celebrate the special moment, or a grand affair of getting the whole world (including people that you do not know) to be there – this must be it, happily ever after.

I often receive emails from readers and friends, asking me for suggestion of places, to hold their wedding reception and birthday parties. After going to Barracks at House for my friend’s big day, I’d think that the Greenhouse room in Barracks, is a very good place to throw a party.

With that, I declared you husband and wife.’

Such a simple statement, yet it meant so much. Tears of joy, surely. This will be the moment when you look back in ten, twenty, thirty years time down the road, and smile.

Dinner was a simple affair. On this special day, everything and anything, will taste good. We had a choice of the immensely popular Ahi Taki Salad and a seafood platter.

The presence of seafood compelled me to go for the latter, Deep Sea Threesome. A plateful of spicy calamari, appetizing prawns, intriguing black mussels, with the sweetest pineapple and mango.

I know this sounds wrong, but I have been feasting way too much nowadays. With a heavy dinner the previous night, and another tasting the next day, against my better judgment, I decided on the lobster Linguine over the House Ribeye Steak.

And when the first steak arrived on the table, I immediately knew that I was going to regret the decision.

Well, my eyes went wide open when I saw the two words, ‘lobster & linguine’. Unfortunately, I did not read the description of the pasta carefully. The menu goes like this: Lobster Linguine, Crab meat & Prawn Bolognese, homemade black pepper sauce.

Oh, there’s black pepper. Homemade black pepper sauce to be exact. I’m not a fan of anything-black-pepper. The lobster was delicious of course, but I couldn’t finish my linguine. The others were full of praises for the pasta. Anyway, desserts next.

Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake. Swoon. Did I just read warm, chocolate, toffee, and cake? It sounds good, it looks even better. Despite trying a few places for toffee cake, I still couldn’t find a good one that can satisfied me. After having Barrack’s interpretation of this popular dessert, I believe, the missing puzzle for sticky toffee cake – is warm chocolate. I’m a very happy boy.

If you need a place for your birthday party, wedding solemnization, the Greenhouse room at Barracks will be a very good option. Alternatively, there are also other rooms with special theme in Barracks that are available for other events.

* * *

To my awesome Joy & her Bunny, stay happy forever.

Restaurant Review
Barracks at House
8D Dempsey Road
#01-01 to 06 Tanglin Village
Tel: +65 6475 7787


Warm Chocolate is loveee~ :)
The strawberry shortcake at barracks is another must try dessert! Though I’ve not try it. hehe
But one day i will!

the steak was better i think. very nicely done… tender and just the right amount of fats that makes it melt-in-your-mouth without being too ‘ugh’. (and i’m usually “ewww look at all that fat!”)

the lobster linguine was.. not bad. but only mediocre. lobster looked more like a crayfish and i could find maybe 2 morsels of meat in it.

toffee cake was TO DIE FOR. yummmz…

oh myyyyy brad! that place looks beautiful – from the table layout (white and pink is soo pretty!) to the wonderful food. party venue noted!

I must say. that’s a really gorgeous set-up there, very nice table settings and all. You friend sure has good taste! and of course.. the linguine looks lavish. Yum.

Why why why, I love black pepper haha. The cake looks to-die-for! Btw they have normal dining (not necessarily events)right? Heh.

alkanphel: you can go to Barracks and try : )

Angeline: Oh yeah everyone is raving abt their strawberry shortcake, but i have yet to try them

aileen: i know, totally regret ordering the lobster linguine over the steak! boo. haha can i have another slice of the toffee cake?

Pris: We should have swap with each other! i didn’t finish my linguine

Hello dorothy! yeah it’s a nice place for holding events, you can do yr birthday party there!

Sihan: yep, stunning settings right? lavish linguine? my, my, you are so good with words. hee

danghl: haha i don’t like black pepper that much. Yeah they have normal dine-in too. the greenhouse is a separate room for events

emily: High five! the cake is so good

The little Teochew: You are my partner in crime! lets go for a dessert hunt

Pet: The greenhouse is a very nice place for holding parties

I know you’re going to say “no way, I’m not that good” when I type this, but you should have been their wedding photographer.

aww! this is a really romantic place for a wedding! (: and the warm chocolate and toffee cake: mmm. (: congrats to your friend brad (: xx

dawn: aww.. dawn you are starting to know me well! hee i took some shots of the lovely couple, nothing professional of course, just some pictures for memories

Shirin: I’m sure they will be very happy together. Yeah the greenhouse looks gorgeous yeah? how many people can say they got married in a greenhouse?

ciki: Here’s to happily ever after Ciki!

Caibao: HAHA finally! time to read through all the backlogs. This is a demand. lol

I probably won’t choose the linguine over a STEAK in the 1st place. But then again … here’s someone who have been on a roll, chomping down everything in sight. :)


thanks for sharing, very good suggestion, will consider this place for my japanese niece wedding party ^__^

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