B Bakery: Patisserie in Singapore

B Bakery

It’s really amazing what cravings can do.

What was supposed to be a light dim sum lunch to the newly renovated Lei Gardens, continued with desserts at B Bakery. I need cakes. No, I want cakes!

Nestled in a shop house on Bussorah street, B Bakery is a charming little patisserie, right in the middle of the Arab street area. Despite its tiny size, B Bakery has an impressive array of desserts. Besides the cakes and pastries, they also served salad, pasta and sandwiches at very reasonable prices.

The twin strawberry on the Passion fruit Cheesecake ($4.80) caught our eyes immediately. What do you call a cheesecake that does not taste like one? The texture wasn’t heavy at all. Instead it was airily light, and incredibly smooth – just like the perfect rendition of the Japanese cheesecake. With a subtle hint of sourish aftertaste from the passion fruit, for once, I actually like a passion fruit cake.

pataisserie in singapore

I always have this thing for lemon and lime. Call it a fetish if you want, but I like citrus fruits. There’s this tangy zest that always send a wave through me, and e Manjari Chocolate cake ($4.80). But unfortunately, the marriage of chocolate and lemon is an ill-advised one – they simply don’t work. On it’s own, the chocolate layer was a delight, but with the addition of the lemon component, everything tasted weird.

After having very good carrot cakes from Cedele and Prive, I was not having any high expectations when we ordered B Bakery’s Carrot Cake ($3.50). And surprisingly, it’s good! With a lightly fragrant cinnamon scent, the moisture was just right and the layer of cream cheese topping was not overly-sweet.

* * *

I will definitely be going back to B Bakery whenever I need some cake. Now, if only Arab street is more accessible. Anyway, walking there-and-back sounds like the perfect excuse to indulge and binge on all the cakes.

Cravings must always be satisfied, I want to eat cake.

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B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Tel: +65 6293 9010

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