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Dear Awfully Chocolate,

I think I am in love. Having tried your one-and-only dark chocolate ice cream, I have to admit you are irresistible. Every spoonful reminds me of how a good ice cream should be like. Bitter sweet, and rich and chocolatey, you are every man’s dream.

It’s a pity that there’s no other chocolate flavors, but then again, this is precisely what makes it so special. Is this the best dark chocolate ice cream in Singapore? I have no idea, but I know it’s definitely a timeless favorite.

Give me ice cream, and I will smile for you.

I get over things easily, and sweet stuff always helps. Want to get into my good books? Get me a dessert – I can be easily bribed with a cake or ice cream.

The unique Awfully chocolate outlets never fails to catch my attention whenever I walk past it. Simple yet elegant, the all-white design is totally unlike the other cake shops in Singapore. After trying the dark chocolate ice cream, I’m wondering how the famous dark chocolate fudge cake will taste like. Promise me you will appear in my dreams tonight.

Restaurant Review
Awfully Chocolate
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-156 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6410 9725
Daily: 10am – 10pm


oooo!!!! i am so gng to try their ice-cream now!!! their cake is good good good!!! juz tat i havent try the other famous chocolate lava cakes… but still… i can finish one whole awfully choco cake myself. hahhaa!

YES IT IS. omg my favourite flavour from a shop that does it well! *swoon*

i also like godiva dark chocolate cheesecake :p

dear ladyironchef,
i think i am in love. thank you for your wonderful ice-cream shot, and for reminding me to get my gelato fix in a bit.

yours in chocolate,


agreed on the outlets’ looks, minimalistic and unique. my to-try list just keeps piling, after each time i visit LIC haha.

aiwei: I’m sure there’s lots of good ice cream over your side too : )

Anne: One whole cake on your whole? wow! i haven tried their famous choc fudge cake before, now i’m really wondering how it tasted like

dawn: Brilliant! Now, why didn’t i think of that? If not, we can just have a spoonful of cake, follow by ice cream! hee

Shirin: haha the packaging got you yeah?

he needs food: “Sinfully black in colour and velvety bitter sweet”, i’m sold. haha

YX: I think it’s mister ang one, can’t remember have to ask him!

Chiewmai: Godiva sells cheesecake too? but in Singapore all their shops just sell chocolate only right?

pignette: The next time you walked past their shop, don’t be afraid to step in

josephine: Okay, the question: Did you try last night?

Ju: Desperate moments? You don’t need a desperate moment to have ice cream, just have it anytime you feel like having

Sharon: Ok, where’s the nearest outlet to your place?

Sihan: haha quite unique to use such packaging, we are all suckers for pretty things. Sure, after next week yeah? Super busy this week : )

Dear Ciki, I’m so happy to hear you’re in love. When are you showing us a photo of you and your beloved gelato? haha

danghl: HAHA which are the next-to-try ones?

diva: Three years are a long long time, but at least you are working in a happy environment surrounded by cakes and ice cream!

emily: I know right, this is my first time there. Everytime i feel intimated by the shopfront, looks so spacious and nobody is there it

haha conquer your fears, there are great rewards =p anyway, “Bitter sweet, and rich and chocolatey, you are every man’s dream.” no no i disagree, it’s every woman’s dream too :)

hey, i found another very nice hangout place.. pasta’s not bad.. the mudpie is as good as NYDC! for a fraction of that price!

Vivavox cafe, icon@IBP. 3A international business park.

went there to try today, and it exceeded my expectations. :D

r their cakes good?! I’ve heard about their cakes but no so much about their ice cream.

have u tried tom’s palette at shaw towers? not sure if it’s still there but their ice cream is good :)

Emily: I apologize, it’s every man & woman dream! hahahaha

m.Ru: Hello thanks for sharing! Mudpie as good as NYDC? but i haven tried the NYDC one! haha international business park is a little ulu though, will remember it when i am passing by the area : )

Samuel: I only had the ice cream din try their cakes. Yea tom’s is still at shaw, and it’s a pity i haven tried their ice cream although i have heard so much good things abt it

awwwww… i want dark chocolate ice cream and cake too! (although i have tons of dark chocolate here)

i have always wanted to visit awfully chocolate, but have never had the chance! ) :

i will definitely try it once i reach back singapore! (which is a good long four months later..)

Get me a dessert – I can be easily bribed with a cake or ice cream. –> sounds like me too! and of course, with dark chocolates! ( :

i hope you are eating good back in singapore! ( :

The cake is AWESOME. You’ve never had it before? Pls go get it soon, under the guise of someone’s birthday or whatever. ;) It’s one of my fave chocolate cakes out there, with the others being Lana and Jane’s Station.

if you like chocolate ice cream, you can also try the one at tom’s palette @ shaw towers. they do a pretty mean homemade chocolate ice cream.

Hello nick, thanks for the tip-off, i haven been to tom’s palette and everyone is telling me about their ice cream. but i usually prefer vanilla > chocolate ice cream. haha

Hi Ladyironchef,

Can I interview you via email? I need to interview Awfully Chocolate’s customers for my assignment as we are required to do a research on SME, and I chose Awfully Chocolate.

Thanks a lot!

If you agree, please email me~ thanks! if you’re busy,it’s okay. anyway, thank you!

oh haha i see… you are vanilla person. i think tom’s palette folks do a pretty mean vanilla ice cream too… pity that they don’t do it often. found this link ( about them that makes me think they are pretty zany and hardcore about their ice cream. they actually teach people in lessons how to do it from scratch :p

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