Yan Ting Restaurant: Best dim sum in Singapore

Oh Yanting, how I hate you!

I first know of Yanting one and a half years back, and I never looked back. ‘Where is the best dim sum in Singapore?’ this has to be one of the most-asked question for all the dim sum lovers out there, and whenever someone ask me this, I will replied without any doubt, Yanting. The best dim sum ever.

Being label as the best dim sum in Singapore by me, it has a huge billing to live up to, but be it quality of the dim sum, ambiance of the restaurant, service of the staff, or (to a slightly lesser extent) affordability of dim sum; Yanting is almost impossible to beat.

Prices have gone up for the Stir-fried rice roll ($6) with XO sauce, it used to be four dollars, but still, I like how it went with lots of eggs and beansprouts. You don’t like the usual steamed cheong fan? Trust me, you will like this stir-fried version.

Rather than skipping the Steamed prawn dumpling ($5 for 3) and make my friend regret not having it, I decided to be nice and it was a good decision. Define a good har gau: it should have fresh and crunchy shrimp that is enveloped by a layer of skin that has the just-right thickness.

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while now, you should know well how I feel about char siew sou, egg tarts, and custard buns – I’m absolutely in love with them. People always think of har gau and siew mai when it comes to dim sum, but for me, it will always be custard buns and Char siew sou ($3.6 for 2).

Sweet and savoury bits of char siew within the golden coat of buttery flaky pastry. Perfect. The best char siew sou ever. This humble-looking pastry is what every char siew sou should strive to become.

The Steamed pork dumpling ($5 for 3) comes with predominantly lean meat topped with a mushroom and fish roe, I enjoyed every bite of it. Come to think of it, even though I always complain that siew mai is boring, but I still order it every single time. Siew mai is still siew mai after all – it’s irreplaceable.

It was a toast between the Stir-fried rice roll and the Pan-seared Radish Cake ($3.20), but since we were in a good mood, we decided to order both. Okay, here’s the deal, put incredibility a lot of radish to make the cake, and pan-seared it until golden brown, there – a simple and good radish cake.

Fluffy, soft buns, with the sweetest and juiciest char siew you can ever find. Needless to say the Char siew buns ($3.20 for 2) – one of my favorite dim sum – disappeared the moment I finished taking a photograph of it.

Happiness comes in the form of a mini egg tart.

Don’t be fool by the dainty, cute appearance, this Egg tart ($3 for 2) is not just a pretty face; it has everything more than that. My hands trembled when I picked up the petite pastry, it was warm, baked straight out of the oven. I took a sniff, trying very hard not to finish it in a bite, and then came the magical moment. The wonderfully light and buttery pastry, a smooth and not too sweet egg custard filling which was good in its own right.

* * *

Yanting has the best dim sum in Singapore.

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Yan Ting
29 Tanglin Road
The St Regis
Tel: 6506 6888

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