Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen: Still the burger to beat

January is like pressing the reset button and we start anew. Whatever sinful indulge that we have last month, the seafood feast the month before last month, or even the slice of rich and good cake three months ago; all these are behind us – we shall eat our way through all over again.

To begin the new year, I will like to start with an awesome Home-made Beef burger ($12); it’s best not to resist, you know you want it. I like burgers, not those from MacDonald, or Burger King. I mean real burgers with a gorgeous beef patty covered by a slightly toasted fluffy bun, throw in some lettuce, add in a slice of cheese, and even better if there’s caramelized onion – there you have it, a good hearty burger.

I can think of all sorts of excuses just to have a bite of this; honey it’s just a ten minute drive from our place; sweetie lets not cook dinner, it’s easier to eat-out; darling shall we go for supper?

Fancy it ain’t, but who cares, because this burger is a keeper. The only problem is not getting addicted to it.

A word of advise: stick to the homemade beef burger, I made the mistake of being too adventurous and went for the Steak sandwich ($12), and it’s not because the sandwich isn’t satisfying, but nothing can beat a big, hearty burger. While I did not like the steak sandwich, my friend enjoyed it thoroughly; steak is after all, steak, and unlike the beef patty that is made of minced meat.

There has been a mad rush of new burger joints; Burger Shack, Freddie’s burger, R Burger, The hamburger, Sunshine @ Carries, Fatboy’s burger bar, even though I have yet to try most of them, Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen at Bar Bar Black Sheep is still by far one of my favorite place for a good, hearty burger. See you there!

Tell me, where’s the best burger?

Restaurant Review

Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen
879 Bukit Timah Road
Weekdays: 4pm-11pm
Sat: Noon-11pm
Sun: 9am-11pm
(Near brewerkz)

Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Whoa. The burger looks awesome, with the melted cheese wrapping it. =) completed with the caramelized onions! hah. making me wanna go there! =P

thanks for the review! (:

Growing up as kids you always thought that burgers from McDonalds and Burger King were the best food you could probably eat – and then you reach a point in life and realise that there are better and bigger burgers out there! Those burgers look yum! One more month until Singapore! =)

PS. Love the new layout colour palate!


WOWWWWW your photos are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as always you make burgers and food look soo good! I didnt think I could find burgers in singapore.. one day i’ll have to go there ^_^

How on earth do you manage to stay so slim after eating all this food? you are very lucky!

i kinda like freddie’s burger, it’s simple fare but i like the (beef) patty. i heard there’s nothing to shout about for bk’s angus beef burger, so you might not want to waste calories on those heh.

i’m sooo homesick now brad! and your food pictures look so delish. i can get full looking at them! ;) (i’m loving the melted cheese a LOT!) xx

chiewmei: when are you making it for me? : D

thisisyummy: you should! and it’s very affordable too

AY: oh yeah, i haven touch the burgers from BK or mac for a long long time,

Leona: haha burgers are photogenic to begin with, they look so good right? hee nah i run a lot, if not how to cope with so much food?

food ie pics: thanks : )

harris: I haven try the freddie’s burger yet, ya the angus beef patty looks very thin!

mike: yeah i know, just go for the good burgers

Shirin: don’t be homesick, you will be back soon, very soon. Just blink your eyes! have you take down this place in your to-go-list? hee

cant help it but 2 poke my nose to the comments..

I love the MUSHROOM Burger… Juicy…

Ouh… their steak is worth the try.. their mashed potato & sauce… DELICIOUS!

loving it…

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