Once Upon A Milkshake: OUAM

Remember the times when you were a kid, and blew soap bubbles into the air, making you go ‘aww..’ inside, I have the same feeling when it comes to ice cream too. In this world, not many things can give you that type of feeling and I believe, ice cream is one of them.

You do not need an excuse to eat ice cream.

Whenever I feel happy, I will indulge in ice cream as it makes me even happier. And besides having a patissier to cheer me up when I’m feeling down, ice cream practically does the same thing as it always chase the blues away.

How good can a good ice cream be?

I mean ice cream, being ice cream, is already perfect. How do the ice cream places in Singapore reinvent and continue the trend for something that is already done to death and found everywhere? Well, they either come up with all sorts of fanciful flavors, throw in some exotic toppings, hire pretty girls, let you mix-and-match your own ingredients, reinvent ice cream in the form of sundaes, or this case, milkshakes. Yes, milkshakes.

Ice cream, can never be bad. Even an exceptional ordinary ice cream will taste good when you are craving for it. Unike the other ice cream parlours in Singapore that scramble to compete on the varieties of flavor, the folks behind Once Upon A Milk Shake (OUAM) are a smart bunch; they keep things simple to just a couple of flavor, and package everything nicely.

What’s there not to like when it a) has a catchy name, b) sports a clean and yet bold color in white & purple, c) gives you choices of either ice cream, milkshake, or both, d) comes up with whimsical names like Agent Strawberry and Nutty Peanut Butler.

On the two occasions that I went there, I had the Chocolate Truffle Castle, Sir Cookies & Cream, Vainillapot, and Nutty Peanut Butler. The Chocolate truffle ice cream was awfully good. Thick and chocolaty, there’s no way any chocolate lover can resist this. But it was not my favorite pick, don’t get me wrong, I like chocolate, but I never really fancy chocolate ice cream; chocolate on its own, is already divine.

The Cookies & Cream milkshake, is oh-so-good. There are some renditions of the cookies and cream that are too dense and heavy, while there are others that are too light and hardly have any cookie texture. I like the lush vanilla base that has rich Oreo cookies bits, and at the same time, it’s also not cloyingly sweet. All in one cookie – this is a keeper.

Recently I’m hooked on Vanilla ice cream. Since there’s a huge supply of Ben & Jerry ice cream in my fridge, I’ve been having vanilla ice cream almost every day for the past week. Vanilla, is perhaps the simplest flavor there is, and yet the hardest to attain perfection. I think it’s the nature of vanilla, the subtle, yet sweetly-flavored, distinct elegant taste that appeals to me. Vanilla milkshake, anyone?

Peanut butter can perhaps, be mentioned in the same legendary status like Nutella. Peanut butter, I’m sure, was invented for the sole purpose of satisfying the wildest desire of the human species. Oh yes, there is the lovely strawberry jam, those are great, but it pales in comparison when you put it side by side with peanut butter. The richness of the thick and creamy peanut butter  milkshake simply makes anything ordinary, taste delicious. It’s so addictive that you will eat it straight from the jar.

Which makes it a pity when my friend claimed that she had tasted better Peanut butter milkshake elsewhere before. Perhaps the one here, is still not the one to beat.

The milkshakes are available in 2 sizes (mini @ $3.30 and regular @ $5.50). The mini ones are really tiny, but I’d go for mini and try different flavors. Best ice cream and milkshake in Singapore? Maybe, maybe not. But does it really matter?

Among all the ice cream parlours in Singapore, Once Upon A Milkshake (OUAM) is all about gimmicks,  but I love it! You know what? It’s like a guy knowing that the girl is lying to him, and yet, is willing to be deceived. I know I’m superficial. Whatever, I’m a sucker for all things pretty.

Restaurant Review
Once Upon A Milk Shake
32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Tel: 9823 3779
Daily: 11am-11pm

2 Orchard Link #02-03/04
Singapore 237978
Tel: +65 9233 1624

1 Raffles Place #B1-03E
Singapore 048616
Tel: +65 9649 7893

Once Upon A Milk Shake is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore.

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oh this seems like an adorable cutesey place to visit. I’m definitely liking the use of white and purple – clean look! :) i could do with a milkshake now Brad. x

wow! it really IS pretty! :) love the chic design. [and the names! so cute!]

i’m really loving all your dessert-related posts. take care my dear! xx

I think my first ever milkshake as a kid was the ultra-thick McDonalds chocolate milkshake. Actually didn’t like it all that much… now maybe it’s time for me to get reacquainted with these creamy delights… :)

Brad!! I’m sitting in a lecture now, reading this, and I wish I could run over to Maxwell! Been hearing much about this place but been a bit out of the way! I wish it was at Bukit Timah so I could frequent it everyday :D

Hahaha I love the allusion to lying girls. Hahaha BOYS, tsk Brad! :D

I’ve always loved milkshakes, normally alternating between McD’s strawberry and vanilla. Somehow, chocolate milkshake to me is a little … awkward. Maybe true as you said, chocolate in itself, is good enough.

These guys are smart… all the SG food bloggers have written about them! But they do make a good milkshake – I stopped by ~1 month ago and had the Cookies & Cream

i thought the cookies and cream was insanely sweet. but maybe that’s because my taste buds were all messed up from everything else that i ate that day =P hehehe

diva: Cutesy place, everybody love such places right? Let me DHL/UPS/Fedex the milkshake over to you!

DK: When’s the third time? haha

Shirin: I also love my desserts post, can write heaps and heaps of things on them

Mademoiselle: All of us are the same, suckers for marketing tactics, they always work : )

LFB: Come to think of it, I never tried the MacDonald milkshake before.. time to be more friendly Kenny, let me introduce to the milkshakes.

Dorothy: If it’s at Bukit timah you will go everyday? haha it’s just beside Tanjong Pagar mrt station, so not exactly inaccessible, just take a train down, Singapore is so small!

myfoodsiren: Have yet to try the strawberry and rum raisin, shall try it next time

J2kfm: oh yea, chocolate milkshake isn’t really my type, chocolate ice cream also not that wow. I love chocolate on it’s own.

Reiz: Prettiest shop in Tanjong pagar? Really? haha

allie: thanks dear : )

Mike: Nah, not really in the sense that they din get the blogs to write about them, somehow everyone heard abt it and went to try.

A lil fat monkey: Cheers! looks like i’m not the only one who is a sucker for such gimmicks

button: You need to go back again and order every single flavor there

Lemongrass: Someone should open a milkshake shop in KL too yeah? or you can always come down to Singapore, i will personally escort you there :D

ciki: hehe i need to install the ‘I like this’ button. lol!

ahhh.. after reading the post, it brought back memories of having the best milkshake in my whole life, strawberry +peanut butter.
strong cravings that make me set off from house to OUAM, only i wished it was happily ever after.

it was only disappointment. i wished i hadnt go at all.
at least i went billy bomberss yesterday to make up for losses.. ^_^ v

ah bui bui: Hello! The milkshake was so bad? Well, i wouldn’t say that it’s amazing/excellent/wow, but i like the overall package, the marketing tactics, it works for me. Any good milkshakes to recommend? : )

sorry for the 2nd comment

i forget to mentioned that my fren tried the irish cream milkshake and everyone agree it was fabulous.. ( i didnt try tho, cant touch alcohol)..

ah bui bui: billy bombers has good milkshake? never try them before! haha my friend mentioned abt a place call Steeple deli at tanglin shopping centre, maybe you can go there and try their milkshake :)

The atmosphere and the ambience really look nice. Although I have not been there be4. Find one day I will bring my friend to enjoy the ice cream n milkshake there. Lolx ??

I duno about you but i think that any food / dessert entree which states vanilla HAS to have the flavorful vanilla BEANS for me to look at. Sad to say…vanilla extract or essence just doesn’t do the real vanilla bean enough justice…maybe its just me…o well lol


If you like OUAM, please go and try Makeshake at Farrer Park’s City Square Mall B2. In my opinion, it’s the only competitor to OUAM. It’s super nice too!

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