Cafe Hacienda: All day brunch

Many months ago, a long time before I fall in love with food, I have totally no idea what eggs benedict is, much less heard of hollandaise sauce.

I always remember my first encounter with Eggs benedict, it had a hefty price tag and I wasn’t willing to splurge twenty bucks on two poached eggs, or what I called the most-expensive-eggs-you-ever-eaten.

I immediately regretted it when I saw the heavenly holladaise sauce that was drizzled on top of the gorgeous poached eggs. And ever since then, I went on a brunch-frenzy to make up for what I have been missing out. My goal? To seek all the lovely breakfast food in Singapore

Excluding the ones that I had while I was traveling overseas, it suddenly occurred to me that it was a long time ago since I last had brunch in Singapore. There’s nothing like an all day brunch when you can have breakfast at any time of the day, as and when you crave for it. Cafe Hacienda does not serve all day brunch, but it’s pretty close – they have brunch till late afternoon everyday.

I find the idea of having my breakfast in the afternoon very alluring; sitting down in a chic and cozy cafe, sipping a cup of coffee and tweeting “I’m having brunch while the rest of you are busy at work”.

Credits go to Choupinette of course, it’s a shame that I have not tried eggs benedict and holladaise sauce before that, but it really does not matter now. Although I’m twenty years late, but it’s always better to be late than never. Honestly, I do not understand what’s the big fuss with wild rocket, Yes, it’s pretty, but other than that, it doesn’t really goes down well in the mouth, but maybe it’s just me.

Hacienda’s Eggs Benedict ($13.50) is a replication of Prive’s, I always prefer bacon rather than salmon with poached eggs; there’s nothing like a sinful fried bacon streak to make me go ga-ga.

Memories they say, are the stuff that make our life worth living for. I remember a ferrero rocher cake that I had a year ago, it was definitely one of the best I had. Fast forward to the present, taking a sniff of the cake, I actually felt butterflies inside my stomach.

Please, please let this be good.

I leaned forward cautiously, desperately wanting to get back the moment that I’ve before; I took the dessert with a fork, and carefully placed it into the tip of my tongue. The cake went down, and I refused to acknowledge the ugly truth, so I took another mouthful, and another mouthful, until it was clear that the Hazelnut Praline ($6.80) was really not as good as before.

This was a great disappointment. My friends had warned me that the cake had lost it’s former glory – I refused to believe it until I tasted it myself. The praline base used to be one of the thickest, but now it’s reduced to a mere thin layer which lacked the crunch of the ferrero rocher cake.

* * *

Cafe Hacienda is Prive without the seafront view, but nestled in the greens of Dempsey. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Michel Lu, the dining concept that he brings about is simplicity; a nice cafe that serves delicious comfort food at a reasonable price – but some people just don’t get it. See you there!

Cafe Hacienda
13A Dempsey Road
Tel: 6476 2922
(Opposite PS Cafe)

Cafe Hacienda is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


for a really good brunch (like this one) I have to go into Boston to the harborfront hotels. or do it at home.
but I miss going to boston to eat myself silly at brunch while drinking champagne.

Haha..many do not understand why I would spend $20 on brunch. Ambience is the key to good brunch. Perhaps next time you should try the Peanut Butter Crunch Cake. The praline layer is quite thick.

I wish they would expand their menu to provide more non-brunch items. Think they would do well if they did so given the location and ambience..

Your header photograph is just lovely, which eatery is that?

hello brad! mm I love cafe hacienda too! the atmosphere and how they have the shelves of books at the back that just make you feel right at home :)

yes do give wild honey a try too. I just went there a couple of days backa nd I think you’ll love the place it’s so cosy and all day breakfast food!

jiaying: it’s pretty okay ma, like 10-13 bucks for a breakfast item? you don’t brunch every day my dear, once in a while, or you can choose to do your own at home, definitely cheaper, and can have more

dawn: Oh yeah, brunch and champagne comes together. Drink yourself silly during a lazy sunday afternoon. hee

Angeline: Some people jus don’t get it, they are missing out! Peanut butter crunch cake? sounds delish!

Shannie: Hello there, yes i dropped by wild honey that day to take a look at the place, LOVE the ambience, will go back soon for brunch : )

ratouille: Have fun!

tim: Oh the contrary, i rather they just focus on serving brunch items, there’s hardly any place that do just brunch without the other distractions (think hatched & wild honey). Love those concepts.

sheila: Great stomach thinks alike!

Dorothy: there’s just something about the book shelves which make you go aww.. Yes i love the feel of wild honey, went there to take a look at the restaurant but have yet to dine there.

Alexander: Hello there, thanks for dropping by. yes most of the posts on my blog are cafes/restaurants in Singapore. Happy new year!

the ninja: haha there’s plenty of brunch places in Sydney, why will you want to try this? :D

he needs food: Oh yes, the main requirement is runny egg yolks!

you have to try hacienda cafe’s milkshakes! – triple chocolate crunch is heavenly. (its actually the same as prive’s) I’m a bit confused, are they under the same management?? haha.

and try the chocolate tart. its pretty awesome too.

Nice review I went there to celebrate my birthday with my friends.. food was pretty good but their pizza and pasta was a tad too oily.. and their service was kinda poor

1)we waited very long and they told us they will reserve a seat for us while we waited on the other side of the cafe but they forgotten abt it and i had to remind them 2 times..

2)the waiter asked my friend how she wanted her egg to be served, fried or boiled when poached egg is already a method of cooking the egg.

3) The waiter asked for our order and after we said everything.. he rushed off and came back to note it down and asked us to repeat everything while he made serveral mistakes.

Nice but I think I wouldn’t really want to go back there again unless no choice.

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