Window on the park restaurant: Dinner buffet

I have a little fetish with desserts. I cannot resist them, especially during buffets. I mean, why wait till the end of the meal to have desserts, when you can have desserts right at the start? Because I eat desserts first.

Remember I took seven lucky readers with me for a dinner buffet?

The best part of the desserts section would definitely be the live station that serves fresh crepes and waffles; I had a great time marveling at the process of making the waffles, and then an inspiration suddenly struck as I took a spoon and drizzled the chocolate from the flowing fondue on top of the waffles and ice cream.

You know what’s the worst thing? They know my wildest desire and they demand my attention every now and then. It’s very irritating. They would wave and offer themselves to me. And then they tickle and whisper into my ears. If the others had not pull me away, I’d have stay at the waffle station for the whole dinner.

Their durian pengat is famous too, and it’s a great idea to have it together with the waffles too; anything goes with waffles – it’s just my excuse for having more! There’s an assortment of mini pastries and cakes available, I liked the mini fruit tarts, and simply enjoyed dipping the marshmallow inside the chocolate fondue, oh what joy.

Among the main dishes, the fried carrot cake caught my eye, and surprisingly it was very good and I couldn’t stop raving it to the rest. After the recent revamp, the buffet has doubled it’s selection and now focuses more on local and Asian dishes,

But when it comes to buffet, I always eat very little of the main dish, okay I will still grab some small bites, like one spoonful of rice and fried noodles, one piece of chicken, and some sushi. After which, I will go back and concentrate on the desserts. Oh well, I have a sweet tooth.

There’s also stations where you can prepare laksa and rojak, there’s several sets of different menu and the local favorites dishes will be rotated every night. Food is all about getting your hands dirty isn’t it? The fun of mixing and matching your own rojak, throwing in as much peanut and youtiao as you want, and putting more prawns and chili into your bowl of laksa.

It was not the chili crab, but the deep-fried mantou beside the crab that took my breathe away. What sheer audacity, they actually had a bowl full of deep-fried mantou along side the big pot of chili crab gravy – it was a direct challenge crying out to me, come, lets see how many mantous can you finish!

* * *

The buffet lunch is $39++ from Monday to Fridays, and buffet dinner for weekdays are $44++. Their weekend dinner buffet has a bigger seafood spread at $46++ per person. I will like to thank Chia Yee from Holiday Inn for the invitation for the food tasting session, and I hope that the seven of you enjoyed the buffet dinner.

Restaurant Review
Window on the Park Restaurant
11 Cavenagh road
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
Tel: 6733 8333


wah great review on buffet! and kudos to eating deserts first!

hehe i dont quite do the same but i do look and decide on desserts beefore even thinking abt mains :)

hehe. I always aim for the fried mantou whenever i eat chilli crab. Because i find eating crab is a tedious chore! Mantou triumps over the crab!

I normally check out the desserts first so I can pace all my other food to leave room for the ones I have my eye on! Only problem once was, by the time I was ready to move on to desserts, most of them had ‘sold out’ AND were not replaced =(

Sorry this is abit off topic, but… I think your tag on the pictures shouldn’t be kerned too tight. Cos if I were to come across your pic on google images or something, I might have a hard time reading what is the url! Try +20 or even +40! It might actually look better!

Brad! This is pure torture! I miss SG food so much now! Nick and I were drooling at the chilli crab and sambal kangkong. Your pictures made us so hungry! Definitely heading there once our plane lands in Changi in June. xx

I was there in mid Oct 09, that time this place was renovated. I thought none of the cooked food there was fresh nor any good, only desserts soothed my frustration (waffles weren’t made fresh).
I guess that was what the 1-for-1($52++) offer quality stood for, $26nett person. From your entry, the pricing is up and I guess the quality & choices adjusted proportionally.

betty: Maybe you can start practicing and eat desserts first like me? But yeah, i guess it’s pretty good for u to start thinking about it when you are choosing main course too : )

angeline: totally, just go for the deep fried man tou with lots and lots of gravy, ignore the crab!

mademoiselle delicieuse: My dear, that’s why i always start with desserts first. Usually if you leave it to the end, they are always finished, or “damaged” by the others. So always have your desserts first

jacelyn: WOW! serious, you brought yr bf back the following week? haha

jay: you mean increase the font of the watermark? okay thanks for the suggestion : )

Chiewmei: You know, if i do not feel guilty not eating the other food, i will really do that, just binge on the mantou and waffles

Shirin: Okay, timer starts now, June is just less than five months away! *big beam*

thisisyummy: Awesome! haha there’s nothing better than unlimited waffles and ice cream

adel: Ah yes they did a revamp, and increase the variety of the food selections as well : )

oh wow~! the buffet spread looks GOODDD!!!
darn…i missed it…could i come along the next time please? =)

ps: am an avid reader…just too shy to comment…sorry

Although me too love dessert so much, but it never strike my mind to hv dessert prior to main course. I’m definitely gonna try this the next round I have a buffet! : )

June: Pls let us know the price for weekday dinner buffet. I tried calling to check but could only get the hotel staff and was told that weekday dinner buffet is $51++!

June: There’s a 1-for-1 offer now? how does it works?

Locks: 51 bucks for weekday dinner is kind of expensive, din know if they change the price. Did you call through to the restaurant or was it the reception counter who answered?

The 1-for-1 offer is for UOB credit cards. Saw it in the promo leaflets they sent me with this month’s bill. There’s a PDF version on their (UOB) site too.

I called two numbers. One led me to an automated voice system and I was put on hold, so I called another number and a lady picked up almost immediately. It might be the reception counter because when I asked for the restaurant’s number, she said she wasn’t from the restaurant but I could ask whatever I wanted to know through her. Not sure if the info is accurate…Would be good if someone who went recently can confirm. :P

i just called and made a reservation for this buffet tonight and was told by the restaurant staff that it is S$51++ per adult.

to be frank, it was a disappoinment.

Hi Brad, did you go for a weekday buffet dinner because the main courses were very different.

dishes available: bean sprouts, ikan bilies and peanuts, nasi lemak rice, fried egg. very simple dishes.

the lasak stock don’t look like laksa stock and it was burnt. the manager agree and told the chef to change it but it still was burnt after changing. the laksa stock is definitely not like the picture above.

dessert is the best among all. but not as many kuehs as above.

overall very disappointed at the price and quality. haha maybe u were there so it was nicer?


justin: Oh dear, sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good time. i have no idea what happen man, no la, not because I am there then it was nicer. from what they told me, the menu is changed everyday, but still that shouldn’t be the explanation for a lousy buffet. will feedback to the management! : )

thanks Brad! =) i think the worse is the stock being burnt, oh’s over. look forward for better food each day =)

I brought my sister’s family there for dinner last night. It’s a super disappointment and i felt pretty embarrassed.

the buffet dinner is now at $53++ & luckily i had HSBC card so entitled for 1-for-1 but honestly its not worth at all.

There was no one to help prepare the laksa & we had to do it ourself. The place is small & cramp & we were way at the back so walking to the food was a problem.

Their servings were small & food ran out fast. The more expensive ones like cold prawns etc took one hour later before they were replenished but were gone in less than 3 mins.

The steam rice were hard & the ice cream all half melted. I told my daughters they were supposed to drink it not eat.

Overall i wont recommend anyone to go there. for that price u can just go and try Sakura International Buffet.

Hi all, to Window on the Park REstaurant. I am organising for a party of approx 22-25 pax on Saturday 31 July for a buffet dinner. can you kindly email me your menu and promotions available? thank you so much.

I totally agree that the buffet is not worth it. The food served was not fantastic. Items such as nasi lemak, spicy beancurd, penang laksa n rojak.. The cold dishes’ quality are so so too, prawns are not really firm n sweet n raw salmon is like wise too. No oyster or scallop. Thou there is chilli crab, still feel that the price is not justified. For this price, i would expect a little bit more. If not for the 1 – 1 credit card promo, it is totally not worth it. After taxes, it is $60/- per pax (if original price). I will not go there again.

Was so frustrated when i called for my inquiry on the main dish serve for the day. Firstly was very happy when a group of us found that this place serve LOBSTER and CRAB for dinners.As i called in, firstly i was approach by a lady who assist me thru out. but she wasn’t sure on the menu for the day whether they r gonna serve our preferred item. After waiting for awhile, i decided to call back, but in disappointment a staff from the call centre called MARRY actually just turn me down without even listening to situation!! she’s so rude that after she argued with me then i ask her to pass me to the person starts she insist! why must i talk to her when she got no knowledge of the food that i’m inquiring and worst still she argued that the restaurant totally don’t serve LOBSTER!! ridiculous service!If you don’t know you can check!!not throw any answer! worst still customer will runwith this kind of attitude staff!! Then the restaurant manager Kalyan then get back to me with the full knowledge of the things i’m enquiring in.. If this kind of service given, who wanna choose this kind of place, and because of one person, it really bring down the status of the hotel!

Read the comments, some are good and some are not…really hope that I can enjoy the food with my friends and family tonight…keeping my fingers crossed. Will let you guys know if it is worth trying.

Actually I find food is very subjective; eg some people like more salty and some not…if you guys want very good food, you mustnt go for buffet cos it cant be customised according to your likes and dislikes…for buffet, I would emphasize more on customer-service and embience and food is secondary. Imagine a customer being treated like a VIP…would you still visit the place if you were to encounter only some minor faults?…I would…

Hello guys, I have sent some of you emails but I thought I will just comment here for everyone to see.

Apparently their spread has changed and from what some of you have mentioned, it’s different from the one that I had in Jan. I can’t make any judgement since i haven been there recently, if it’s above $50, you have to consider if it’s worth while. But if there are 1 for 1 credit card promotions, hey $30 per head is pretty okay for buffets. Do give them a call to check on the prices, and if there’s any credit card promotions before you head down.

If you need suggestions for buffets:

Went there last Sunday. Very disappointed with the food. Very limited spread. The chilli crab is not as shown in the picture. For 53++, it was a letdown.

it is 76+ (with GST) for a weekday buffet dinner now?? i went to celebrate my friend’s birthday, and was shocked by the bill. i thought it would be about 50+ only..

variety wasn’t very wide.. they had crayfish, which didn’t taste very fresh? abit mushy-like..

hi lady ironchef,

i just want to advise your avid readers to refrain from visiting “Melting Pot” restaurant at Holiday Inn. Coz it will not be a wise investment, regardless of whatever discount this restaurant is offering.

Was there on Jul 2011 for buffet lunch. It was a let down. Sharkfin soup was sticky and try hard to find the shark fin. Sushi rice was hard and dry. This is particularly bad when we know that sushi need to be served fresh. Pineapple for the rojak was stale. The kueh was dry and hard too. Wonder if the chef took any interest at all. On the Plus side, the laksa was good and only some of the dessert were good. Reading your review, standard has detoriated a lot

Hi Guys,

Window on the Park has 50% off their buffets now!

All you need to do is to download “Buffet Mania” off the iOS store (for iphones).

The voucher for Window on the Park is right on top of the application. Valid till 19th Feb 2012 so enjoy quick!

I would like to bring my mom on the 7th July 2012 to holiday inn windows on the park restaurant as it is her birthday. but is unsure about the price. Number of people is 3.

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