Galbiati Gourmet Deli II: My favourite tiramisu

Alrighty it is important that you pay attention now because I have two golden words for you; dessert and tiramisu, and they will be what you are having after dinner tonight, or even better for dinner because you know you want it.

Any tiramisu will do the trick, but if you want a particularly good one, I would recommend the one at Galbiati Deli. This timeless favorite never fails to thrill me with the awesome combination of coffee, liqueur, & mascarpone cheese.

I’m sure you know I have a sweet tooth, and really, I can’t imagine a day without having any dessert. I’m also sure all of us have different favorite desserts. but whatever yours is, I hope you’re eating it. There’s simply no excuses if you don’t even spend some time for a slab of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream; well all I can say is you are missing out. Since the New Year is coming, maybe you should do some reflection, and set a new, new year resolution – have more sweets.

. . . I eat desserts first

Galbiati Gourmet Deli
400 Upper Bukit timah road
Tel: 6462 0926


I eat desserts before a main meal!
I really hope you are dropping by before heading bk to Sg!

And u must take me to eat the best desserts in Sg whn i’m in Sg on the 14th Jan! (if u got time laa)

Miss ME like how you miss Tea-I-Miss-U? ( :
Haha ( :
After you are done with eating your good food, come back soon and meet up soon before I fly off for exchange! ( :

The italian meaning of tiramisu is ‘pick me up’. How romantic is that? I always eat tiramisu with men i’m interested in but i never tell them the meaning. Makes everything more fun!

angeline: come to the west and find me go together : )

caramel: we belong to the same group then! . . . we eat desserts first

thenomadgourmand: no no, i’m going back to Singapore from Syndey first, then probably going up to KL from home. Yeah of cos, email me again on a nearer date, I shld be quite ok for Jan, lets go to Canele!

reiz: oh yeah, there’s plenty of nice places in the west, i’m going to check them out one by one

LFB: AHA! you beat me to that – it’s even better!

myfoodsiren: someday, you will be having a “journey to the west”, i’m sure.

mike: yep! there’s a few which are supposedly very good too, like da paolo, ristonate de parma, prego that I have not try yet though

Shayna: Of course i missed you, it’s been so long since our last chill-out-cum-gossip-session. haha when are you flying off?

C: no tiramisu for you? unfortunately from what I know, there’s no pancakes parlous, you know unlike some countries where they have parlors that specialise in doing pancakes. But personally, a few places that serve brunches like Epicurious and riders have pretty good pancakes

The merry traveller: Aww.. that’s interesting, so did any of them manage to pick up your “hidden messages”? :D

I ate chocolate today, cake yesterday, cookies the day before, and brownies the day before yest, yet here i’m craving tiramisu for tomorrow…

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