Let us buffet by the Window on the Park

The 7 folks that will get to go with me for the buffet @ Window on the Park restaurant are as follow: Danghl, Ling, Jan, Mae, Tesia, Jacelyn, Jason. I have already sent out the email to all of you, please give me a reply to confirm your attendance.

As for the rest, it’s really a tough decision to choose just seven from so many of you, so I ended up tossing coins instead. There will be plenty of chances for tasting dinners, so I hope to see you next time! I just got back from Sydney last night, and I had so much food there! The posts will be up later, meanwhile stay hungry!

. . . for the delicious in you



LFB: Oh yes, beautiful lies in the simplicity my friend

Fatkuraprincess: regina now you are making me feel bad, don’t worry there will be plenty of other dinners to come : )

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