Tampopo Deli: A boy meets love story

This is a story of boy meets love, and you should know up front, this is definitely a love story. Boy meets dessert, boy fall in love, oh yes, this is a happily-ever-after ending.

The Tart pudding was highly raved upon by the staff at Tampopo Deli; we decided to get it since there’s no harm trying – I mean how bad can custard and tart be? It’s almost like an egg tart, albeit in an Japanese manner, so lets just call this the Japanese egg tart. I enjoyed every bite of the crispy tart, with the soft eggy custard sitting on top; it was not wow, but pretty good.

Meet Chiffon, she’s terrific, if I may: light, moist and airy in all the right places. The texture of the chiffon is amazingly soft, and it’s one of those things that you have totally no idea of what you are eating, and you just keep putting more into your mouth, until it’s gone. And there’s the shredded cheese which gave the light chiffon an additional distinct taste. This is it.

Cream puff is one of my all-time favourite dessert – they are incredible. Like really really incredible. The sweet Japanese cream within the crispy choux pastry was amazing, I took a bite and I don’t know if there’s any thing else that can make me feel so happy. I swear – Tampopo Deli has one of the best cream puffs!

Apparently, the cream puffs are in such great demand that they get sold out very fast. Either make a call to reserve them, or go on the hourly spot (they baked each batch by the hour). There’s no denying that I have a massive sweet tooth. Cookies, chocolate, fudge cake, cheesecake, give them to me, give them all to me. Can you ever say no to them? In short, I like anything sweet, I’m definitely a dessert-holic! It’s so tempting to just order every single dessert from the shelf, and for now, boy will meet love in the dreams.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley road
#B1-16 Liang Court
Tel: 6338 7386

Tampopo Deli is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Hi Brad:

I was searching for best dim sum in spore when I stumbled your blog. I stunned to see the quality of your pictures and content. A job well done!

I’m a regular customer at Tampopo Deli, my whole family loves it. And I hv to be honest, their food looks so awesome on your photos! Their food, no doubt, is really good, but the way you captured it is just amazing!!!

On a different subject, I’m currently searching for the right DSLR for myself. Like yourself, I’ve been using Canon IXUS and wanting a change, getting a Canon or Nikon DSLR. I guess, you’ve just helped me to made up my mind! :)

double thanks!! I’m glad I found your blog! :)


tigerfish: Yeah it’s cream!

caibao: don’t be pity, go and get it! i bet xiqing and u will be going there very soon. hehe

hanxue: it looks delicious yeah? but i like the chiffon and the cream puff more! the custard pudding was not bad, but not my fav.

myfoodsiren: Oh dear, i have not tried any mont blanc before, saw it at canele and patisserie glace, but both times i din get it. Not a big fan of chestnut, but i will try it one day!

chew: IT IS NICE! haha damn awesome, one of those cakes that u don’t know what u are eating, the texture is amazing : D

Hello imedagoze: I’m so glad you find your way here too! I always heard about tampopo deli cream puff, but it took me until now to finally try their stuff, love it! what’s your budget? a mid range model like Nikon D90 or Canon 50D is good enough : )

And oh ya, my favourite dim sum will be at Royal China and Yan Ting! hee

When my friends first raved about and urged me to try Tampopo’s cream puffs, I was hooked! The cream oozes out to the very first bite, they are really awesome..!

Just heard that you actually do not need to wait hourly to buy them anymore =)

ok, i will try that place soon! I’m always only walking past… i seriusly dunno how the waistline is going to withstand YOUR RATE OF MAKAN!!! Desserts in particular! Omg…

Yes! Do try the Matcha Chiffon from Tampopo as well!
I shall try the Cheese Chiffon nx time round.
Oh ya, the cream puff, unforgettable!

I agree! The cream puff is simply divine. But I think it has shrunk in size… And the craze has died down so I don’t think there’s really a need to reserve the puffs anymore. I have seen some puffs on display, even.

I think the milk pudding is incredible too! Especially after adding that coffee sauce:)

irony: yeah they are totally awesome. I think to play safe, it’s better to go on the hourly mark. When i was there at the half hour mark, there’s only two cream puff left!

vonvonx: you MUST TRY their cream puffs! they are to-die-for! hahaha oh easy, i tell my stomach: you be guai a bit, it’s for the better good of everybody, so please don’t let your waistline grow. lol! just kidding, but i try to run more, it helps : )

regine: Hello there! first time leaving comment? hee yeah we wanted to try the matcha, but decided to go for the cheese instead, will definitely try it the next time round! unforgettable because it’s bad? hahahaha just pulling your leg, i know it’s awesome!

amanda: aha! divine is the word to describe the cream puffs. Yeah the craze is not like before, but i think better play safe. otherwise go all the way there they sold out, den have to wait for one hour! they have milk pudding too? or u refering to the custard pudding that I had?

The milk pudding I was referring to is the one in a plastic container/cup. Its at the bottom shelf along with many other flavours such as custard, milk tea and coffee.

tesia: Yeah i know, been there before, i like their katsu! the famous black pig katsu

jiaying: hahaha the first paragraph is a rephrase from (500) days of summer! my version. lol!

amanda: I must have missed it! next time i will try it!

kampungboycitygal: I’m a dessert whore! HAHAHAH

hanxue: really? how so? you like the custard pudding? but the cream puff and cheese chiffon is really really good.

J2kfm: YAY! i don’t drink coffee, so anything works for me. hee

elaine: are-you-thinking-what-i’m-thinking? : D

allie: Hello there, thanks for leaving your comment! yes please try the cream puff, it’s divine! have u had the one at beard papa? somehow i feel this one is even better!

caramel: Blow my mind off, yeah that’s the best phase to describe it! i bet you can have at least two cream puffs and two chiffon cake yourself! :D

Hmm, like different people have different taste, im not much of a fan of cheddar cheese, but im one for puddings and custards! :)

hanxue: actually the cheddar cheese was quite minimum, not that much of the cheesy taste, more of the light chiffon! cream puff is our common language : )

caramel: really? how many? get a dozen cream puffs HAHA

Just had dinner at Tampopo, went there for their Hokkaido Ramen Fair. Heh. Tampopo’s puffs are definately better than Beard Papa’s. Pity they only produce 40 per hr and each person is only allowed to buy 4. But the fact that it’s so close to my work place means I can drop by anytime. Heh.

reiz: just nice for dinner isn’t it? the catalyst for getting you warm up! :D

Jo: hahaha their cream puffs are not available at their restaurant, u need to go down to the deli at basement

matilda: what did u have for dinner? i want to drop by and have their cream puffs soon! and their katsu! oh no i’m hungry now. haha

hello, been following your site for some time now. it’s such a coincidence i read this post today as i’ve been to tampopo deli today. i had the mont blanc and it was a bit too sweet. my friends had the custard puddings in the cups and they were pretty good, you should try that next time! (:

Hello Chelle! thank you for leaving your first comment. HAHA i haven try mont blanc anywhere before, not the biggest fan of chestnut but it looks so pretty! custard pudding in the cup? roger!

But you din try their cream puff? HOW CAN?

Haha. I did tried the cream puff. I went with a group of friends…one of them ordered it and shared it with us. We devoured more than half before he actually got to eat it! Ha!

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