Sweet Nibbles (Part 10): Let’s be sweet

The rains, oh, it rains. It is that-time-of-the-year-again.

I like rainy days, I really do. It’s perfect for snuggling in bed, surfing food blogs with a cup of hot chocolate, and a slice of that-very-delicious-carrot-cake.

If you have not tried Cedele’s carrot cake yet, you are definitely missing out on some of the nice things in life. You don’t like carrots? Give them a try first, it’s never too late to split it out if you really detest the taste. The thick cream cheese frosting on top of the moist carrot cake was sweet, but not to the extent of cloyingly sweet – the balance was just right.

Honey, they shrink the cake!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Queen C (what I call Cedele’s carrot cake) seems to be much smaller than before, oh well, I’ll just get another slice of it then.

You know I like girls who like their desserts. And you are also aware that I’m that guy who’s a keeper right? Let’s be sweet!

ps: Just in case you are wondering, this is not a dessert blog. It just happens that I have been eating a lot sweet stuff lately, there will be more savouries in the next post!

1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-01 Great World City
Tel: 6836 1426


-_- emphasizing u are a keeper again~
I can only see the dessert but not eat. That is to prevent my fatty tissue from growing.

Before I lose some weight, i can only lick my screen. lol~

hello brad! :) hmm. i’ve yet to try cedele’s carrot cake and you keep tempting me with your many blog posts on them! :) but yeah. rainy days are meant for hot chocolate and catching up on food/fashion blogs! :) can’t wait to get back to SG!! xx

Oohlala… that’s my favourite cake! The black sesame tahini too! The carrot cake at Raffles is really big with alot more carrots than most outlets, I think.

i’m sorry for spamming your blog post (with so many comments) brad! but i just realized 2 things:
1. i normally type loads of smiley faces in my comments :)
2. i comment more in dessert posts than other posts! :P

fatkuraprincess: HAHAHA i’m joking only, don’t be so serious. when technology improve, i promise u that u can reach out and grab the cake from the screen next time : )

Shirin: you havent try? how can? but so far i only blogged twice on their carrot cake. yes hot chocolate and blogs, definitely! don’t worry about that, you can leave as many comments as you want!

amanda: ooh-la-la! the slice they gave me was so small! what’s the black sesame tahini? nv see that before

I loveeee cedele’s carrot cake!
go to the outlet at raffles city! The carrot cake there tasted the best. And most importantly they don’t shrink!

angeline: okay! the next time i crave for carrot cake, it will be raffles city! seems like it’s a good place, canele at raffles city also give bigger scoops of ice cream.

Lorraine: Oh yes it is, one of the best carrot cakes in Singapore. hee

myfoodsirens: Aha, i shall look out for it the next time i go cedele! but then again, I go cedele just for their carrot cakes : )

hahazz: WOW! what a rare guest we have here. well, don’t need to try others, cedele has one of the best carrot cake

fatkuraprincess: we can’t do that, otherwise it will be raining every single day, i will ask for burger rain, pancakes rain, dim sum rain, you get the idea :p

diva: really? can i try your mean carrot cake? hee

dorothy: YAY to best cream cheese frosting! it’s so sinful, but good yeah?

I find it unbelievable that I have not try the “Queen C”, just like how you have not try Carl Jr! Haha. I recall seeing a bigger version of this so I think it’s not just you who feels that they shrunk it. But, I am just glad that the Cedelians compromise on the size and not the taste.

And yes, guys who love and appreciate the sweets are definitely a keeper!

Dude, if you like Queen C, wait till you come to KL next and I’ll get you some of the Daily Grind’s Hummingbird cake. You will die. (In a totally good way, as death by carrot cake goes.)


Josephine: you have not tried Queen C? how dare u! Man, drag her out and behead! hahahhahaha please go and try, you are missing out! awww.. you make me blushed. hehe

LFB: I KNOW! i saw the hummingbird cake from almost all the blogs that post on daily grind, and their burgers too! urgh

Oooh, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is the best. The 1st one I ever had years, upon years ago was Dome’s. After that greater ones came along and I’ve tried Cedele’s as well. Super moist and do agree that it’s gotten kind of smaller or is it that my eyes have gone bigger …??

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