KPO Cafe Bar II: All day brunch

I’m head over heels like love with brunch. It’s more like the feeling of being able to slowly enjoy a long extended breakfast plus lunch, while watching time slips by. The idea of an all-day brunch place appeals to me – it’s damn sexy.

Of late, I’m always too busy over the weekends that there wasn’t a chance to have my favorite brunch, and so when I found out that KPO Cafe serves all day brunch during my first visit, I casually suggested to my friend, “let’s have brunch for dinner.” Okay, maybe casually is an understatement; it was a desperate attempt to plot and make her believe that instead of having steak and salad, it’s the norm to have eggs and pancakes for dinner.

Now, I think I’m really a crazy person (having ice cream for dinner) when it comes to food; I mean who in the right mind will want to have brunch during dinnerĀ ? Not many. I have pitched the idea to some of my friends, but most of them think that I’m joking. Surprisingly, it’s either my scheme works or my friend is just as crazy as me – we had brunch for dinner.

How can any brunch be without Eggs Benedict? It is like what har hau is to dim sum, or how chili crabs will be without the deep-fried mantou. After my first encounter with eggs benedict, I’m hooked. The thick creamy hollandaise sauce that is drizzled on top of the beautifully poached egg – it’s a truly magnificent sight to behold.

KPO’s Egg Benedict ($13) uses bacon streaks instead of ham or salmon, and together with the poached eggs, they sat prettily on a slice of thick white toast. For $13, I was expecting a lot more, and sadly it did not deliver. Oh, there’s only one poached eggs? I turned to my friend with a we-have-to-share-kind-of-look. On second thoughts, it was actually not that bad, the streaky bacon was a hit with poached eggs, I would however prefer to have muffin or baguette, instead of white toast. Anyway, the hollandaise sauce was pretty awesome too – honey, it’s all about the butter.

Do you want to pancake with me?

And yes, if there’s one thing which I absolutely adored (besides eggs benedict) – it will be Pancakes ($6). Like I said before, eating pancakes required some knowledge, to cut the long story short; just dunked the fluffy pancakes into the bowl of syrup, let it soaked and immerse in the essence of the wonderful liquid, and I guarantee: you will be happy boys and girls.

I know, the pancakes here look rather sad, they are certainly not like what I had before, but what to do? When you are a hungry man craving for brunch in the middle of town, there’s not much options. Well to be fair, it’s not expensive to have two pancakes for six dollars, it’s more like the consistency of the pancake; one is over-toast, and the other one pales in comparison.

Anyway, this time round, the first question that they asked was not credit card or cash. Instead, they went one step further, they brought me the bill (when I did not ask for it) immediately after the eggs benedict arrived on my table. And so if you are one who will be disturbed by such “tiny acts”, I suggest you head to somewhere else instead. As for me? I like the place enough to go back the following weekend after my first visit. All right, maybe I’m intoxicated by the happiness of finally having eggs benedict after such a long time that I’m not making sense now. If you like brunch, go here, here or here.

KPO @ Killney post office
1 Killiney road
Killney Post Office
Tel: 6733 3648


i would definitely do all-day brunch. (its my fave meal!) :) nick thinks i’m crazy every time i suggest cooking up an all-day breakfast for dinner! and i love how they did they eggs benedict presentation!

You’re not the only crazy fellow. I had eggs ben from Prive at 4pm before and I can have cereal for lunch and dinner as well. So am i crazy too? HAHAH

Jules: you serious? come here for hokkien mee? muahahhaha freaking expensive, and although i love hokkien mee, I really wouldn’t want to eat it here. lol

Shirin: you are officially under my #wearecrazypeople group. The rest are ignorance, they have no idea how good brunch taste during dinner : )

amanda: oh yes, in that case you are also under #wearecrazypeople group. hahaahahahha

pammiez: Hello my #wearecrazypeople, you are in as well! 4pm ok la, not really dinner yet it’s more like high tea. and most places do have brunch up till 4pm, but hardly any place has it during dinner time.

Is it NOT normal to have eggs and pancakes for dinner? :)

Or ice cream could work too.

I think brunch and tea are the two meals worth living for. Lovely, hunger inducing pics you’ve got :)

haha!!! i will also do all day brunch dude!!!

As long as it is good, it will be a good and fulfilling meal!!


I have been a regular follower of your blog for a while (as well as timeless facade) ….love it….absolutely amazing!!
I visit Singapore when I can (not nearly often enough to go to all the places I want to try) and your reviews and pics help me decide where to eat.

Anyhow….saw you bought a new camera….your pics were always amazing…but the detail now is better than even the live view….the detail is crystal clear even down to specks of pepper and herbs!! The camera was definitely worth your investment!

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in… someone in Australia appreciates your efforts. Thank You…. and happy eating and snapping.


angeline: you all went KPO already?

Dorothy: oh no, of course it’s normal, to us, but not the others. HAHA yes they are definitely the ones worth the calories! hee

sheila: welcome to my #wearecrazypeople group. so how about having eggs benedict & pancake after a midnight movie? lol pity no place serves that after midnight. I’m sure it will be a blast!

Jackie: thank you for your kind words, it really mean a lot when I know there are people who really like my blog. How often do you come to Singapore? By any chance, are u a Singaporean? yeah I’m loving my new camera, still trying to get the hang of fully utilising it’s prowess : ) do drop by often and leave me a comment, otherwise most of the time i feel it’s just me talking to myself. haha

The Knolls at Capella serves great tasting egg benedict and divine pancakes for breakfast. You should give it a try on the day when you feel like rewarding yourself.Do avoid the waffles, tho’, they’re absolutely ghastly.

angeline: make it this weekend then, go! haha

hanna: Capella doesn’t sounds exactly easy-on-the-pocket. lol and it’s not very accessible too, but i will definitely go there one day! haha how much is their brunch items like? : D

Anyone who loves eggs definitely won’t mind having brunch for dinner.

Looks like another decent place for brunch in orchard area, besides PS cafe.

Nice! :)

I certainly don’t mind having that for dinner!

reiz: yes definitely, but then some people find it weird to have eggs during dinner ma, like not filling. haha

Jo: thanks! Yeah anytime, how abt having it after a midnight movie? : D

matilda: Seriously? it’s good? but for a 15 dollar hokkien mee, a bit too expensive!

Yeah!I got a 2nd hand DSLR le!I can take food photo like urs soon! ^_^ But I still figuring out the functions -_-”

How sia. -_-” my bf gives me material to read up but I kept dozing off after reading abit.

fatkuraprincess: congrats, which dslr u got? Don’t need to read manuals one la, just figure out what button is what, den start! shooting more is the best way to learn : )

diva: true blue brunch person, i like that! hahaha eggs ben always look sublime, they are so photogenic! hee

hello dawn! champagne sounds so dreamy for brunch isn’t it? and oh yes stretchy pants definitely helps! there’s nothing better like pancakes and eggs ben for brunch : )

jumped here from Lingzie’s post. i like brunch, killing two birds with one stone, and an excuse to wake up late on a weekend’s morning.
egg benedict with toasts … heavenly.


Well my sincere apologies for this late reply, for some reason my browser would not let me post a comment.
In answer to your question – I am not a Singaporean – but come to Singapore as often as time and money permit. I just love Singapore and could happily live here again (Lived here in 1970 for 15 months)
Happily I flew into Singapore on Monday but fly back to Perth on Sunday. Loving it here as always, amazing rain!
Had hoped to go to One Rochester tonight (we used to live there) but we called in on the way to Holland Village and it looked deserted so we will go to Peony Jade at Clarke Quay instead. So far we have probably played it safe (and bloody expensive) Courtyard at Raffles, Doc Chengs at Raffles, Empire Cafe at Raffles and Crystal Jade at Holland Village.
We will be going to Equinox on Thursday night.
All expensive and not representative or typical of the variety in Singapore I know – but this trip is to give my Mum and Dad some lovely memories in their old age.

Happy eating and I look forward to catching up on your blog when I get home.

Kindest Regards

j2kfm: hahaha cheers, it’s even better when you can have brunch at any time of the day!

jackie: Hello no worries! when are u all staying until? hee ah you stay in perth, nice. i’m going to sydney in Dec! Whoa, you all went to all the expensive places, actually there’s a lot of nice and reasonably-priced places, how come never try? haha

Love your blog! Thanks for the great restaurant reccos. We love brunch too and will have to try those places you mentioned. Any particular places that you think are good (for brunch) to go with children?

Had breakfast at KPO cafe today, and it was extremely ho-hum! The eggs benedict was basically one slice of ‘toast box’ style White bread, with a bog standard poached egg on top and some streaky bacon. My husband was still hungry afterwards, so I gave him my pancakes. (also nothing to write home about, but at six dollars, tolerable).
Paying twelve dollars for one egg and a few bits of bacon was one thing, but nine dollars for one small cup of quite ordinary cappuccino was a rip-off.
The service was lackadaisical, and atmosphere non-existent. (unless one actually likes being in a boring cafe with young geeks with their laptops and bored looking girlfriends in tow. )
Verdict: Not good value, and no redeeming feature at all.
We will never go there again!

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