Hairy Crab Season and A Giveaway

* * * The giveaway is now closed, will announce the winners shortly * * *

It’s that time of the year again – the hairy crab season.

The October and November period is the time for harvesting the tiny crustacean; while they are definitely not the biggest in size, it is often touted as the king of crabs (maybe with the exception to the Alaska king crab).

Almost every decent Chinese restaurant will be offering this delicacy; it’s either you have this, or be square. And they are also not exactly cheap, the better quality ones can cost up from fifty to hundreds of dollars. I was invited to a tasting session by Food Junction recently – they are the first and only food court in Singapore to offer hairy crabs.

The highlight of the hairy crab is definitely the rich roe within; the main difference of the male & female hairy crab will be the latter having more roe.

Here’s the step by step guide provided by Food Junction on “How to eat Hairy Crabs”

Step 1: Lift flap on the underside of the crab. remove the heart.

Step 2: Pry open the toe shell to enjoy the roe.

Step 3: Remove gills

Step 4: Hold on to the legs & break the body in half.

Step 5: Cut crab leg into smaller segments.

Step 6: Push it through to the narrower segment of the claw into the other to extricate the flesh in the latter.

Step 7: Remove Pincer from crap and snip into smaller segments.

Step 8: Cut along the sides of the pincer to extricate the flesh.

The hairy crab set consists of one crab and ginger tea, with the necessary tools like the scissors and gloves (if you need one). We also had some side dishes of steamed pork dumpling (xiaolongbao) which I found to be ordinary; the skin cracks when I tried to lift them up. Order the fried pancake instead, it is a better appetiser and fares much better than the xiaolongbao.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of crabs in general. I don’t understand why people spend so much time and effort to pry out so little meat hidden within the shell; fine I admit, I’m lazy – I don’t like to get my hands dirty! Anyway if you are keen to have a hairy feast, the hairy crabs will be available at three Food Junction food court (Bugis Junction, Great World City and The food place @ Raffles city) from now until 20th December; with the male ones priced at $18.80 and the female one at $23.80. I will like to thank Pris & Racheal and Food Junction for the invitation.

* * *


I bet half of you just scroll right to the bottom when you saw the word Giveaway on the top! So for all the lurkers silent readers out there – here’s the reason for you to finally leave your first ever comment on my blog.

I totally understand how it feels to be on your end, reading my blog from the screen and feeling hungry in the middle of the night; so I’m happy to announce that Food Junction has kindly agreed to giveaway FIVE SETS (1 male & female hairy crab worth $42) to five lucky readers. If you want a chance to win, here is what to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post

Tell us why you want to try the hairy crabs. And ONE entry per person, just write a short and simple line. It doesn’t really matter what else you say, as your impressive or witty comment will not affect the results,  but obviously you can’t just write two or three words. Anyway the point is – nobody wants to read an essay here.

2. Use a valid & contactable email

Please use a contactable email when you post the comment, I will email the winners shortly after to direct you on how to redeemed the hairy crabs from the Food place @ Raffles City.

3. And the Five lucky Winners . . .

The five lucky winners will be decided by a highly sophisticated method, and I reserve the right to re-pick if there’s any discrepancy or foul-play involved (of course there won’t be, all of you are nice people but yeah just in case).  The contest will run until 20th Nov Friday Midnight, and so you have exactly three days before it ends.

Have a hairy crab feast, I hope you enjoy the little gift I have for everyone!


i’m relatively new to singapore and very and definitively new to your blog. i want to try this crab because, to be honest, i don’t have much clue about crabs in general. it would be a fun way to get educated singapore style. thanks.

i have never tried Jiangsu Crab and espically eating crab in a Food court environment.
Would look forward to have the opportunity to taste it with my family! And would share the good news with my friends and get them to patronise Food Junction!

I adore hairy crab and your photos make me absolutely jealous that I’m stuck here in NY.

As per your lurkers and stalkers post, I know what you mean. So, hello there! I saw your link from Julia’s site (a la juicyndelicious)!

If I make the drawing and it’s allowed, please give it to her!

I’m sorry am past the deadline but I just want to make one last ditching effort- I want to try the crabs because I want to know what all the fuss is about.

Since it is a highly sophisicated selection process, we will never know but we might be lucky and be selected ;-)

The crab meat is believed to have a “cooling” effect on the body. I need to cool my body from all the stress from school work which makes my blood boil!

I once watched a movie that involved a fat lady and her addiction to hairy crab even though it gave her hives and that made me want to try it but I have not had the chance. Also, I have been having a chili crab craving, but I think this might be even better!

Cuz I got a dustbin like figure at 42, 42, 42 inches. So eating such delicious food, i dun mind increasing my figure to 50, 50 , 50 inches

oops i’m late. i just wanted to say, you can actually use a calculator to generate random numbers. ie. those calculator you use for O/A levels.

Doc Chuck: In case you are not reading properly, I have already stated it’s a invited session : )

tigerfish: haha yeah it’s rather small, for the average person, 2-3 should suffice, but u can always eat more!

I’ve never had the chance to try hairy crab before, and as a huge crustacean lover, I’d like to remedy that as soon as possible!

Nobody can stop crab’s lovers from falling in love with the hairy crabs..It was simply too awesome for us.

My first time trying it last year – and it was a treat from my colleague. Yummy! :) Hope I could give mum a treat as well. She never had a chance to try them.

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