Leap into full frame (with me)

I took the plunge again. If you ask me one and a half years ago when I just got my D40, will I ever spend a mind-blowing 3.5 grand on camera? No, definitely not. But oops, I did it again.

Do you need a Full Frame (FX) D700 to take photographs of food? This is definitely a want, not a need. But who cares? I want it! If it means that my happiness satisfaction will shoot up even though being a lot lighter in the wallet, so be it. I feel a little giddy holding this baby, it was akin to the first time you try nutella; having butterflies in your stomach on the very first date; the first time you take a plane; popping a big scary oyster fresh into your mouth, or that first sip of the top quality champagne. In short, it’s one of those life-changing experience that you know your life will never be the same again.

I promise myself that I will not buy another Dslr body for at least another 5 years, 3 years, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to get other lens! As of now, my current gears are Nikon D700 and D40, with a 60mm f2.8 micro lens, and an external flash SB-600.


Good morning Brad.
Wow, a D700. That’s really a BIG LEAP.
Anyway let’s look forward to more tempting photos (of food) from you soon.
Enjoy your new toy:)

Your present photos are great and I am sure you will be sharing with us your photos taken with this new baby in no time…waiting to see them.

hi, i’m a fan of yours! :)
Yummy food you’ve taken!
btw, i’m also a fan of Nikon dslr. D700 is nice :) i’m using the D90 though.. looking forward to your upcoming posts with your new baby! ;)
Great buy!

Hey Gavin, thanks! yeah I’m loving every time i play with it. hehe will post some shots taken by the D700 soon : )

ck lam: hahahaha yep i just finished clearing the posts taken with the D40, so from this post onwards, most of the photos will be taken by the new cam.

Carolyn: thank you! considering upgrade to D700? hehehe it’s very heavy though, but i love the build and the grip, feel very pro one! yeah it’s one the best decision i made


What a jump! I am a canon user. One day, I had an opportunity to use Nikon D300, I didn’t even know how to open the CF Card door to remove the CF. You can imagine.

I guess we will see more of your superb stuff with that new beast of yours.

I am gonna go full frame soon and hopefully that will stop me from buying another DSLR hopefully 5 years…think that’s a bit hard… :P

myfoodsiren: don’t be, get yours : )

keropokman: NO! cannot, you are so evil. haha maybe more lens! *wink*

edwin: Yeah i reckon might as well go all the way to FF if i wanted to change, no point buying a mid-range model like D90 (or canon 50D), and end up getting full frame a year later. faster get yr 5dmkii! it’s totally worth the money! the superb build with the excellent grip, the larger-than-large viewfinder, that’s enough for me :D

Nic: Don’t get jeaslous, get a new camera! HAHAH D90? it’s 1.4k body only. come on, you know u want it :D

keropokman: no i won’t, no i won’t hahahahah. cannot luh, no money liao, body depreciate very fast, so i will just get lens! since a full frame body is good enough already, but i think 2 years down the road, full frame cameras will get smaller and lighter!

Good for you!!!! D700 is bad ass! I am about to upgrade my D40x, just waiting and see if there is any good deals for Black Friday. Thinking about D90.

Btw, 60mm f2.8 micro lens rocks! But for some reason, I still want to buy 50mm F1.4 XD

happy: I chose Nikon D40 back then when I just started because it was the cheapest and one of the lightest Dslr around. And since i brought the macro lens and external flash after that, it don’t make economical value for me to switch system when i was considering to go for full frame. My advise will be to feel the camera and see which grip you prefer, the brand really doesn’t matter, it’s more of the photographer than the camera. Hope it helps : )

Yujai: Hello! yay it’s awesome kick-ass stuff. hee D90 is a good choice, i was considering that too, but then knowing myself, if i had gotten D90, i know one year later i will want a full frame camera, so i just jump straight into D700. yeah macro lens rock, it can do really amazing stuff, the 50mm will be good for taking portrait, it’s freaking small & light, and perfect in low light condition.

1st time leaving a comment here…
anw.. welcome to the gear addiction camp :)
seek salvation in film maybe~ my SLR’s a Full Frame too lol

FULL FRAME ROCKS!!!! Hahaha, who says money can’t buy happiness??

Wah we are all so envious. Now I can say back to you, “I no budget leh” hahahaha.

Glad you took the deeper plunge! :)
Looking forward to greater and even happier food shots!

Wah $3.5k is no joke. I donch even spend 1/2 that amt on my lappie. Haha. But for a photography enthusiast like you, it should be worth la.

A camera-siao friend of mine once told me, “Photography and its equipment are like a black hole. It sucks one deeper and there is the constant urge to upgrade!” Lol.

Have fun clicking away and here’s to great food shots!

Camemberu: hahahahaha thanks! when’s your turn to take the deeper plunge? :D

thehungrycow: yeah getting the dslr is only just the start, den more lens, flash, better bodies, it’s a whole system! hahaha

J2Kfm: Tempted to get one?

Congrats on your purchase! But why full frame? I don’t think it’s going to greatly improve your photography since you already take amazing photos anyway.

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