Buttercake n Cream: Sundae party

You already know by now, I’m sure, that I like desserts. However, it does get me into trouble as I constantly (read: all the time) think about them and the craving just won’t go away. At least not until I satisfied the sweet tooth. So much so that I eat desserts first, and I can even skipped the main course for the sweet stuff.

Anyway, our initial plan was to have desserts for lunch at Buttercake n Cream – only desserts and nothing else. But we just couldn’t resist the kurobuta pork that was waving at us, I mean who can?

Buttercake n Cream was formerly known as Peaberry & Pretzel (selling German food), but the owners have since changed the concept to an ice cream parlour and dessert place. They are famous for their sundaes, and when I heard that they are serving sundaes, the first thing that came to my mind was MacDonald’s hot chocolate fudge. But trust me, their sundaes are really much better than that; we were considering between their berry berry good and Apple Pie Ala Mode ($7) since we didn’t want chocolate or banana in their other options, and we had the latter.

On paper, it was two scoops of vanilla ice cream, with apple pie fillings and almond crumble. Spotting the speckles of vanilla beans was enough to make my heart flutter, and surprisingly, the manner in which they deconstructed the apple pie ice cream (as we like to call it) turns out to be good. I like how the almond crumble provided the crunch while the apple pie filling added an tangy touch to the cold vanilla ice cream.

Tiramisu. Say it with me: Ti-ra-mi-su!

Desserts too, are special. Why end off your meal with a cup of espresso or a shot of alcohol when you can have soaked sponge fingers into both of them, with the mascarpone special that will set tongues wagging and licking at the whipping combination of coffee-liquor-mascarpone. And there’s the most wonderful cocoa powder sprinkled on top of the fluffy mixture which makes you go: oh-my-it-is-so-good!

As our spoon cuts into the Tiramisu ($5.50), the top cocoa powder layer gave way and filled our spoon. Eaten separately, the soaked finger layer tasted like wet biscuit with espresso, and the masarpone like any other ordinary cream, but combine both together, the result is totally different. The different layers seem to fuse perfectly, and the effect is a yummy sensation.

Maybe it’s just me, but honestly, all tiramisu taste good to me; how bad can a tiramisu be? Okay, you are thinking about the really lousy one; what I meant was between the pretty decent, and the very good one. This means us to the question: is a good tiramisu one that has a) strong liqueur taste b) no liqueur or c) a good mixture of both espresso and liqueur? Some people swear by the strong liqueur taste lingering in the tiramisu, while the original tiramisu actually do not have any alcohol as they were meant for children. There’s no such thing as a best tiramisu, everybody have a different preference to the espresso-alcohol proportion.

I feel silly discussing this with you, but the-best-tiramisu has been over-debated for centuries. But who cares? I like all tiramisu.

Here’s another reason for you to explore Sunset way, TGIF!

Buttercake N Cream
Blk 106 Clementi St 12
(Sunset way) #01-52
Tel: 6777 3477

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the tiramisu looks sooo pretty! :) nick and i had this thing in 1st year (2 years ago) to find the best tiramisu in london (have i said all this before?) we judged on price, colour and taste. and so far, he says the the one i make is the nicest albeit it doesn’t stand up very well! xx

Does this happen to be near Daily Scoop?

Tiramisu happens to be my fav cake! But I hate it when the sponge fingers are too wet.!

angeline: come tomorrow! hee if u come all the way to the west, must go galbiati deli at railway mall for their tiramisu too!

Shirin: Of course my dear, the tiramisu made by your love one always taste the best! xoxo : )

jiaying: ROFL! how come you everytime concentrate on my model’s hand? you are supposed to look at the tiramisu instead!

carmen: Yeah they are in the same sunset way area, daily scoop is further down at clementi arcade, this one is nearer to the main road that side.

Sound like a good place for my gurls’ xmas gathering!!!! ^_^
cuteeeee~. You can actually skip your main course for dessert? Sound like a little boy lah~~~!!!!hahahhaa~!But watch ur weight and cholestrol level man!

Hmmm… nvr heard of this shop until now. Anyway that piece of tiramisu held in ur hand looks like the one i saw at mezza9.

This shall be my dessert place tml. Daily scoop another time then

zay: Yep, i finished the posts taken with my old camera, so all the photos from now on are taken with D700 : )

regina: haha it’s quite a small place, how many people do you all have? i reckon they can sit at most 20-30. Little boy where got skip main course for dessert one! only big boy can ok! haha

gavin: Because it’s a new place! they just had a make-over like one or two month ago? previously they were known as peaberry & pretzel. mezza9 sells cream puff too? how come i never see it there before? aha! just desserts? try grill-out too! :)

oooh, new dessert place! can the tiramisu beat galbiati’s (however you spell it)? and it’s so near, can one shot go eat the pork ribs and then have dessert.. yummmm.

eh, don’t think of dessert/eggs, study!!!

emily: yes just a 5 minute drive away from yr place. hee i’m very bad at telling good and very good tiramisu apart, both taste good to me (although some say galbiati’s one is very good) Why don’t you go and try both and report back to me? HAHA

my secret agent @emtokalot reports back from Buttercake n cream & galbitati with good tiramisu :D

but wait, there ARE bad tiramisu’s out there. trust me. I’ve tasted sloppy mash of nothings, cloyingly sweet (Extreme) varieties, and more. good shots btw. esp of the tiramisu.

J2kfm: haha there are bad ones, but as in i can’t tell the good ones and the really good ones apart. so all of them taste good to me (except for the bad ones)

NQN: thanks lorraine! desserts always look so photogenic don’t they? : D

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