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We all have our own bad hair days, at times where you have to deal with unreasonable people when you rather be sitting down in front of your computer to read at food blogs. At times where you are working your ass off, and it seems work will never end. You know what I mean, and that is why we always look forward to lunch.

My choice of a dining place usually depends on the-craving-of-the-moment, and for this occasion, my dining companion was yearning for some Bak ku teh (bkt), and she brought me to one of her favourite place. I’m a self-proclaimed pig-lover; from roast pork, bacons, to bak kwa; there’s nothing that I don’t like about pork. I know many people refuse to take pig intestines; they are not exactly healthy but they sure are tasty.

The presence of the distinct herbal taste was characteristic of the bkt here. My dining companion had the pork ribs ($5 per bowl) while I had the combination bowl of pork ribs and a mix of pork offals like the intestines, liver, and stomach. I have a love-hate relationship with pork ribs. On one hand I always complain that the ribs are not meaty enough, but I like to gnaw on the bones to finish every bite of the meat, and suck the sweetness of the bones. And the pork liver was cooked nicely, retaining a tinge of pink.

And now, tell me where’s your favourite bkt place?

Leong Kee (Klang) BKT
321 Beach Road
Kampong Glam Conservation area


Yyn: yeah! u know last time i din like pig liver one, den somehow i tried it one day and i like it. hehe

anne: whats the name of the stall? havelock road so big! haha

Misterang: founder’s better than ng ah sio?

Sharon: WOW your first comment! hee alexander eh? how come i din see it when i was there, which stall is it?

hehe :)
er, it’s in between the 2 avocado stall.
their base is herbal kind.
dunno if anne is referring to too?

hard fight between founder’s @ balestier n ya hua @ havelock rd. i’m more a fan of the peppery kind than herbal…

but regardless, no BKT meal is complete without the red cut chilli in thick dark sauce, dough fritters n mei cai!

Brad, i am referring to ya hu at havelock road. pepperish kind yum!

yes sharon, i think we are toking abt the same stall. I have been eating there for like 20 years. but its not pepperish kind; they add dan gui i think. so not all will like :)

sharon: Oh-oh-oh! i know the 2 avocado juice, but i always din notice there’s a bkt stall there. it’s nice eh? hehe

Jules: that’s two votes for ya hua, founders, and the alexander one! hehe i went founders this week, it’s not bad, but not wow.

Anne: omg, 20 years? how can? go back and try!

I still like the one at rochor, the black pepper in the soup quite siong!

But better yet is the one somewhere near katong, where all the good late hour hangouts are. Dark, dark soup…very yummy

I like to tell people what I like!

1) Ya Hua BKT for that shiok shiok peppery kick.
2) A not famous stall at Binjai Park – soup very flavourful and super soft braised big, small and powdery intestine. But ha ha maybe I bias bec this stall is so near my house in comparison to the famous ones.

jiaying: all i can say: you are missing out! Pork is so nice can! haha

Judy: Rochor where? what’s the name? haha seems like everybody remember by place not the name one. rofl

puff: binja park? i only know there got pernakan food, din know got bkt too!

Actually hor, i also didn’t used to like pork liver, in the past I always find it very dry and rubbery & has a metallic taste to it. Until I had really good pork liver- the ones which is slightly pink. And it was “Yumz, i like u pork liver!” for me. By the way, im not a fan of founders, i feel its overrated

Brad: Judy is referring to Song Fa at Rochor Center, just opp. Fu Lu Shou Complex. There’s another branch opp. Central at Clarke Quay, near the overhead bridge.

There’s also Nan Fa (or was it Nan Hua?) at Tanjong Pagar, MOM work permit center. Not so into their BKT but their Fish Slice Soup (???) is not bad as well.

If you really, really into the herbal type and wouldn’t mind travelling out of the country, there’s this very popular one in Kluang, near to T4 or T5 district. I’ve met some local celebs and MPs there a few years back. I know how to roughly drive there but I can’t recall the road name. Haha!

jameson: Hello thanks for the clarification! OH! Song fa, i know, i been there a couple of times (but i din blog abt it) haha tanjong pagar is it the famous outram one?

acutally i’m fine with herbal or the peppery kind, both works for me. u like herbal more? : D

Herbal BKT has it’s own special savoury as compared to the hugely popular “peppery” soup base ones in Singapore.

Yes it’s the famous Outram one call Ah Hua now located at Tanjong Pagar. It used to be located at the now “Pinnacle at Duxton” HDB BTO flats.

Opens 22 hours daily except on Mondays.

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