Everything with fries: My Obsession with Nutella

It probably seems that I belong to the live-to-eat camp, everything I do revolve around food and that includes tweeting. And you probably envy me for the feasts and good food that I have all the time, right? Actually not quite. The truth is, there are many times where I get sick of everything.

Initially I thought it was because I had too much good food – that my taste buds were numbed so I didn’t even feel excited, not even when there’s so many delicacy in front of me, But really, it’s a lot more serious than that. My problem is nutella. I can give up everything when there’s chocolate hazelnut around, all I need is white bread, no I don’t even need bread – I eat nutella from the jar.

I will never forget that fateful day, flashed back many many years ago; I was young and inquisitive, which was not a good combination. I saw a jar with white lid on the table, it smelt good, and I wondered if it tasted as good. So out of curiosity, I turned the top and stuck my finger into the dreamily sexual-looking spread. My shoulders shuddered as I carefully placed my thumb that had the glossy, brown spread, into my mouth. It tasted like chocolate, and there’s something nutty about it. And I felt like I was in heaven, and you know what? I still feel the same way, every single time when I have it. Nutella is sex, no, nutella is even better than that.

It’s one of those defining moments in life where you know everything will never be the same again. I blame nutella for everything.

As we entered the place, my eyes scanned through the menu and I knew immediately what to order – nutella tart. The thing about it was, you can never go wrong with nutella, unless, you put too little of it. And here, they manage to grasp this simple, yet profound logic. They drizzled tons and tons of nutella with the tart; the half-melted chocolate hazelnut on top of a oreo-based tart, perfect! I enjoyed every bite of it, and it tasted even better when you shared it. We also had the vanilla eclair, while it was pretty good, but it pales in comparison beside the nutella tart.

Everything with fries
458 joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6345 5034


I thought everything with fries sell fries…so stupid of me. I will go try the nutella tart soon hee.

I’ve tried this place.The nutella tart is out-of-the-world! Anyone will simply be obsessed with it! (:
The fries are quite good too, the last time I went I tried their curry fries. You guys should try it real soon!

puffs: HA! nope it’s just a nice name, they do have fries, but not everything with fries. the irony. lol

sistafood: this is like so near your home? go go!

benjamin: wow out-of-the-world, anything that has nutella is good stuff! hehe i didn’t have the food because we had dinner elsewhere and came here for desserts, will try them next time : )

myfoodsirens: muahahaha nutella is always sinful, but good.

lauffabug: hehe yeah happened to be in the area for dinner so decided to drop by since i’m there already!

jiaying: ROFL! where got fry?!? nutella tart is love

I’ve always thought that Marmalade Pantry serves a mean Nutella cupcake…it’s one dessert that my gfs and i always order when we’re there.

But after looking at your Nutella tart…*faints*

S: everything you see on ladyironchef is food porn! muahahahaha and you know you love it. xoxo

June: Yep marmalade pantry/toast has the best cupcakes.

emily: it’s so far away from us! boo. you notice tin hill closed down liao?

sistafood: yeah they just opened for two months or so? i din try the main course, only had desserts. haha

i have no feelings for tin hill, but i was devastated that ubin seafood moved away. stupid rental people!

pammiez: It was not too bad, but not when nutella tart is around. i will get distracted muahahah

LFB: first love? Are you still in love with nutella? how can you not? haha : D

Nutella. what a classic. sultry, sticky and sweet combo of choc + hazelnut.

though they’re rather creative to come up with a Nutella tart.

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