District 10 Bistro: Charming place decent food

It’s not difficult to associate District 10 with Wild rocket, not when they have the bitter green for almost all their dishes.

Much as I agreed that Wild rocket is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it’s too much when all the appetizers and the mains are adorned with the same greens. And yes, we started our first appetizer with Wild Rocket Salad ($10).

The Selection of traditional cold cuts ($14) had an assortment of parma ham, salami, chicken, with grilled ciabatta bread.

How about some Deep fried calamari and tiger prawns ($10) to get you started? Oh yes! I was actually looking at the portion and realise there’s at most one prawn and two calamari for each of us, so I immediately took my fork and started eating. And after that? I kept a lookout for signs to see whether the others wanted their share!

Wow, there’s even duck in spring rolls now?

The name Homemade duck spring roll ($10) caught my attention first, from the exterior you would have think that it’s just like the other normal spring roll, but there’s shreds of duck meat enveloped within the crispy fried skin. There’s a subtle taste of duck meat, and I like how the sweet sauce actually complimented the dish very well.

The Chili crab pizza definitely has the “Made-in-Singapore” brand stamp all over it. While credits have to be given to the chef who came up with the audacious creation, but the chilli gravy meant that the crispy pizza was moist and soggy. There’s other interesting new school selections such as the sambal chilli prawn and chilli flakes pork floss pizza.

Wagyu meat balls? Isn’t that a waste of the Japanese beef! I’m never a fan of penne, and this case the pasta was a bit over-cooked. But somehow I got hooked to the fulsome tomato sauce in the Rigatoni ($18)

When we were browsing through the menu, I knew we had to order the Crispy Duck Confit ($24). One of the things that I always lamented about, was the lack of duck dishes in restaurants, there’s nothing like a good duck confit to make you happy all day! The duck confit here was a lot smaller than expected, and while I tried very hard to convince myself this will be good, but it wasn’t. The lack of the crispy skin and the dry duck meat – let’s just say I had better duck confit elsewhere.

I thoroughly enjoyed the steak fries that came along with the Country style baby back ribs ($24), but the portions of the ribs were not as hearty as I would like it to be. Come on, give me a full rack, I can finish it!

Did I tell you how I like the way District 10 presented their fish and chips on the old-fashioned newspaper? And how excited I got when I saw peas (yes green peas) served along side the chunky fries and beer battered fish? Fish & chips is all about the crispy battered fish, the thick-slab of fries, with tartar sauce and green peas! I couldn’t remember much of the beer-infused taste in the soggy buttered crust though. But everything’s forgiven with the fresh fillet, and not to mention I totally adored the way they dressed up the fish & chips ($19).

I was tempted to order the beef burger but reckoned that we should save some room for the many desserts that were coming up. And luckily among the six of us that night, there’s four desserts enthusiasts, so we ordered almost everything from their dessert menu. The tiramisu ($9) caught my eye immediately, I’m a sucker of the Italian dessert and all of them tasted good to me.

The American Bramley apple pie ($9) was sweet-licious too. We ignored the accompanying butterscotch set cream and attacked the crusty apple pie. Every mouthful was filled with delightful apple flavour.

This wasn’t the typical heavy type, you know the thing about cheesecake; it’s the kind where you either love it or hate it. For those who preferred the creamy texture, this was a no-no, while for those who enjoyed the light airy cheesecake, the white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ($10) will be the one for you.

I always wanted to try profiteroles ($9) and you must thinking how can I have not tried since I absolutely swore by my cream puffs. Taking a spoonful of the choux pastry, I carefully placed it into my mouth, and swoon! At that precise moment, I kicked myself for not knowing you earlier, it was good – it was damn good. If cream puffs with whipped cream is wonderful, imagine what’s it like when there’s ice cream in cream puffs!

For a split second, I thought that my taste bud must have gone haywire as punishment for being a glutton. There’s liqueur taste in creme brulee! But luckily the others reassured me that I’m not the only one who tasted that, there’s really rum-infused with the burnt cream. Traditional creme brulee with Bourbon vanilla & rum ($9).

Oh-oh-oh! the Palvova must be the prettiest among the rest. She’s so sweet, and charmed everyone with her beautiful red coat. You like meringue? You will like her here.

There’s something about old school that’s irresistible to me; the charming environment as though you are taking a trip back in time, with flashbacks of your carefree innocent school days. It was District 10 (by Bonta Italian restaurant) second week of operation when we went, and they were packed full house (160 seaters) on a Tuesday night. That’s something to reckon with! To be frank, there wasn’t any particular memorable dishes which wow me, but the reasonable prices and charming location might just do the trick. I’ll like to thank Hungrygowhere.com for the invitation to the food tasting session.

District 10 Bistro
10 Winstedt road
Tel: 6738 4788


your photos turned out beautiful Brad. Quite a fair review too. hmph.. actually i noticed that you really took a liking to the profiteroles during the dinner. Guessed that was your favourite!

It was full house because Yong Ah Yoke wrote an article on them the Sunday before.

And starters aside (cold cuts + calamari was good), the mains and desserts were disappointing.

Hmm heard a few mixed reviews about this place. Thinking of giving it a try sometime soon. If the food tastes as nice as they look on your photos, the place would be packed!! =)

Love this post Brad! Keeping it in my memories and will probably visit when I’m back again in SG! It looks so chic, romantic yet down-to-earth at the same time! The food looks Yummy – especially the creme brulee. Hmm..

sistafood: So far my best duck confit is at Sage, but people been telling me Chalk has very good ones too.

Hanxue: What are you waiting for? HAHA

Sihan: thanks! took me so long to write this review, hehe yea i like cream puffs so profiteroles are even better.

Jo: they were decent, but maybe they manage to tweak the menu so hopefully it’s better now?

hfb: Yes I know he wrote before the weekend we went.

V: Hello my fellow macro lens user! welcome! thank you! Yay to macro hehe : )

myfoodsirens: give it a try, and tell me what you think. the ambience is nice enough though. but go with no expectations yea

elaine: I know, saw your post that time. And i notice that the baby racks we got were different, ours din have the sauce on it.

ai wei: Because I run! and i not skinny okay, it’s just nice. ROFL

Shirin: and not to forget it’s in a central location too! haha the food was okay, no wow but nice place to chill at night! okay jot down all the places you want to go then when you come back we can go explore all :)


I am surprised you gave it such a great review.

I was there last week and was very disappointed with both the food and the service. I gave the manager a piece of my mind cos experienced such bad service, not just when i was there but also when I called. The staff did not bother to return my call and they got my reservation wrong as well.

My friends and i found the appetizers overpriced for what was served. We were all taken aback and the wine collection is quite lacking as well. Therefore, i do not think Bistro 10 deserves the rave.

My personal view.. =)

Hello M, thank you for your comment. But just to clear things up, if i had given them a great review, i will be purring and raving about it with a superb post title. There’s stuff that I don’t enjoy, the mains wasn’t as good as I will want them to be, some of the desserts were acceptable only.

in a nutshell, while i don’t think District 10 food is wow, but for the price of the food, and the charming ambience, i feel they are still acceptable. Every new restaurant will have their teething problems, so it’s up to them to listen to the customers feedback and sort out the problems : )

same thing, if youve noticed the little dots on e ribs.. Its marinated with wholegrain mustard. I was perfectly ok with it, just tt my friend was quite sensitive to the taste.

Food aside, i liked their outdoorsy ambience =D

elaine: food-wise, the mains weren’t fantastic, it could be better. but then again there’s no way to define better since everyone have diff tastebuds, some people might just like it. And yeah the outdoor al frecso has very nice ambiance, and it’s a plus to be such a central location

Well, District 10 is certainly a far way from the “prawny” District 9 on celluloid. Very old-school, as you put it… and backpacker-college-days-nostalgic for me.

P.S. Can’t wait to meet up in Singapore this weekend, mate! :D

sounds like a nice place for get-togethers and dessert :)

anyway, i think your photos make things look better than they taste, judging from the reviews =p which is alright, since there’s no time to go eat and i’ve started eating vicariously through this food blog :) )

A restaurant called District 10 serving prawns makes me laugh…

Peas and creme brulee, makes me think of a certain foodcrawl in Sydney. This place looks damn good, I’m intrigued enough by the duck spring rolls and chilli crab pizza (is that soft-shell in the sauce?) to want to give this a go.

Good to know new restaurants are still springing up all over the place

the ninja: peas and creme brulee, those are the good times we had in Sydney! yea the dining scene in Singapore is very happening, new restaurants opening all the time

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