Canele Patisserie V: for the sweet tooth in you

I eat desserts first. There is not a single day that I will stop thinking about them. I have a really sweet, sweet tooth, and I don’t know how to control it. Oh heck, I don’t want to control it. Sweets are good, they make me happy.

First bite – wow. This is definitely a ferrero rocher cake. Even though the Caraibe ($8.50) was touted as a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate cream, but it was really a lot sweeter than what we would like it. And this comes from someone who has a penchant for sweet stuff. It would be nicer if there’s more of the crunchy hazelnut nougatine. If you are a big fan of anything-hazelnut, go for Canele’s Le Royale instead.

Among all the different cakes on showcase at Canele, the Jupiter ($7) must be the most outstanding one with its attracting dome shape. The combination of the 64% dark chocolate mousse provided a good counter-balance to the flourless chocolate sponge; the sweetness was done just right, with a subtle hint of caramel and pecan nut nougatine in between.

If I have to use a word to describe the Baked fruit tart ($5.50), it will be pleasant. The whole thing was so nice, we thoroughly enjoyed the lemon filling on top of the tart. You definitely will not go wrong with it.

The Nougatine ($8) is one of the best ice cream around. No kidding. What’s there not to like about hazelnut praline ice cream and salted caramel? The ice cream was divine, and the salted caramel drip by the side was literally the icing on the ice cream. I fell in love, all over again.

* * *

I’m a guy. I like desserts. And I think you should too! Come on, take a nibble, sweets make you happy. This is my fifth (or sixth) time to Canele, and I almost tried all their cakes with just a couple of them left, so another visit should do the trick.

Canele Patisserie
290 Orchard road
#B1-25 Paragon
Tel: 6733 8893

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went too late to the robertson quay one last time!!! so sad! only can see the chef eating at the table ;(

The very first line of your post reminded me of when I was at Cluny Court outside Cold Storage, and saw this paper bag that had the quote: “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” on it.

It’s actually from a dessert shop on the second floor, Taste Matters, and it’s pretty cool – situated away from the more well known Relish and Simply Bread, very cosy place with really friendly people (I went there a half hour after they’d closed and they still beckoned for us to come in for a look!). They’ve got some pretty cool ice cream flavours and dessert concoctions there, though I only had an ice cream.

But anyway. I love Canale’s desserts :) Their Earl Grey ice cream is really fantabulous too!

cai bao: You haven been to Canele before? how can? there’s other outlets, raffles city, paragon and shaw!

shayna: Oh yes, go ahead. you deserve a treat! hehe

amanda: you can’t compare that way, it really depends on what type of sweet-tooth are you! haha ok from brad’s tastebud, it says le royale, barcelona, matcha, jupiter and the macarons! there’s a couple more i haven try yet :)

myfoodsiren: without a doubt, Le Royale!

aiwei: go get yourself some desserts. You know you want it. xoxo

Amanda: taste matters is more like an ice cream parlour right? I know they recently just opened but i haven been there yet. what ice cream did you try there, are they good? Yeah canele is still one of my fav place for desserts, i prefer the nougatine over the earl grey ice cream though. haha

LOL got go once before! their baked rice super shiok sia! last time after laurent bernard want eat their desserts and ice cream but… *heartbreaks. swear going to eat the ice cream soon!

omg, i think cai bao loves these man, look so yummy yummy. brad, you should intro my favourite sandwich too! :) :) haha, kidding~

impressed…i still haven’t got around to try these amazing desserts in s’pore since i’m back almost 5 weeks ago. this post motivated me, so I shall try soon :)

i still havent tried the Le Royale. suppose because i didn’t have enough time in spore to try it but i so will!! :) the Jupiter looks beautiful, like something you can get in Paris called Le Bombe which is like a giant chocolate truffle cake.

cai bao: i don’t really like their main course, will just stick to the desserts :)

liwee: hahaha i hardly bring my camera there, how to “introduce”?

adel: go go! let me know which ones you like yeah? i will go for the le royale, barcelona, and nougatine. triple delight!

sistafood: i know, i know. Heard so much about their hazelnut praline, but somehow no fate yet.

diva: How could you? HA le royale is like their best cake (or at least that’s what i feel as I’m bias towards anything-hazelnut-praline). the le bombe sounds like THE BOMB!

thenomandGourmand: Okay! i want to go KL soon just for what u say. haha

ffichiban: There’s a lot of nice desserts in Sydney too yeah? bring me to the best when i’m there in dec! : )

sweesan: if you ask me, my fav is raffles city, follow by paragon and last shaw. din really like the branch at shaw, and haven go to the one at robertson quay yet

i miss the nougatine!!!!
i think i really over-dosed on the desserts that visit to canele (remember i bought macarons before i had dinner with you guys) could feel my body literally telling me ‘girl too much sugar liao! have to stop!!’ and really my body has never told me that its had too much sugar! lol

sweesan: hahahaha yeah go to canele when u are in singapore next time!

lingzie: there’s never too many desserts! haha more sweets for u? : ) don’t stop, don’t stop!

christine: I’m a rare guy right? HAHAHA when are you all next coming back to Singapore? heh

vonvonx: YES! love their ice cream, nougatine is the best!

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