A slice of rich & good cake

Today is not Monday, but I decided to surprise you with a slice of rich and good cake anyway. Sorry I have been kept busy by a lot of stuff, and I’m not able to blog as frequently as I’ll like, there are so many places that I went recently and I’ll love to share them with you. Until then, lets keep our attention to the cake shan’t we?

Cakes come in all form and sizes, there are the pretty-but-can-be-better-ones, and also some-which-I-absolutely-fall-in-love-with. There’s also those which are very simple and made me go back twice in four days. Cakes are good on a date, and it’s meant to be share with your love ones and friends, there’s just nothing like ending on a sweet note yeah?

I love the look on your face when you grazed upon the slice of rich and good cake, so stop resisting, you know you need that slice of cake! I think I’m getting pretty obsessed with cakes, I even dream about them at night. Oh gosh.

I confess: I’m definitely a dessert-holic, and why not? Desserts chase your monday blues away, a slice of good cake never fails to cheer you up, and I couldn’t help feeling “oops I did it again” everytime I eat a dessert. But who cares? Desserts make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.

Coming back to the rich and good cake, I have been hearing so much about it. Therefore when I was in the area last week, I know I have to get it. The sponge was very, very delicate, it’s quite unlike your typical sponge cake. But the kaya can really be better, it would be perfect if they give more kaya fillings too! Not that I’m complaining anyway, it’s still a slice of rich & good cake.

You know a guy’s a keeper when he eat desserts right? You know I love you. xoxo

Rich & Good cake
24 Kandahar Street
Tel: 6294 3324


jiaying: nope i just got my new camera yesterday where got so fast? haha you won’t be seeing photos taken with my new camera for a while, need to clear the old posts first.

the apprecier: wow! one entire roll by yrself? cool beans, what’s yr fav flavour?

sistafood: Yep it’s in the arab street area

elaine: haha which flavours did u get? both kaya?

thenomadgourmand: HAHAH of cos can, next time u come we go canele :)

DhNy: blueberry ok noted! i heard abt their durian too, but i dont like durian. haha

shirin: YAY! Nikon D700 muahahahhahaha

oh my..I’ve always wanted to try their cakes but can’t seem to find the effort to drag myself down to the stall. This looks fantastically good though. hmph..

the apprecier: Haha seems like you are a big big fan, i wish it had thicker kaya fillings though. lol

stef: i thought it’s only their kaya and durian that’s famous. now everybody’s telling me the other flavours are nice too! haha

sihan: the next time u go beach road/arab street area, remember to keep your radar on

Nate: Yeah it will be perfect if they are more generous with the kaya spread

LFB: I have a love-hate relationship with sweets, often they symbolize the end, while there’s no everlasting sweets in this world, I look forward to meeting the next one, who is waiting somewhere out there for me

Cheers for desserts! They definitely do the trick in chasing away all my blues!!

Nothing beats a sweet treat. :)

Brad!! I can still rmb tagging u as d cake in FB… Rmb?? Haha so excited for u on gettin it.. Was it ur first try? I miss those ‘towel’ rolls.. Soft n fragrant! U shd add Rich n Good on FB.. they hav all d info on their page.. Think they got new flavours now too! Goshzz I wanna get me some rolls now!!!!

vonziez: Of course i remember! it’s not everyday you get tag of being a cake! muahahahhaha yeah this was my first, which flavours do you like? i heard their kaya and durian was the famous one, but i din like durian so i just got kaya. hehe

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