Sweet Nibbles (Part 9): We started with nothing

Oh look, it’s Monday again.

The start of a whole new week, and another busy one ahead; with the OMY blog awards on Wednesday, going to Kim’s on Thursday, the YES 933 dinner on Saturday, and the third DBS Foodster dinner at Xin Cuisine on Sunday.

There are people in your life who will come and go, some eave in a while and some stay longer. I’m glad to have a batch of friends whom we know each other way back, and although we don’t have to meet up very often, but when we do, there will always be endless topics to chat about. And what better way than to meet up for a good meal together, and chill after dinner with ice cream?

We had two pints of strawberry fields and Snickers Mars honeycomb vanilla; the former was slightly sourish with a robust strawberry flavour, and I absolutely adored the latter with the presence of huge chunks of snickers bar inside the vanilla ice cream.

They are the ones who knew me way back and they are the ones who witness the changes in my life, and like how they put it, it’s hell of an amazing ride to watch me go from nothing to something today. I love my blog!

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-08 Kilat court
Tel: 6466 1055


busy week indeed! glad u love yr blog, coz i don’t love mine haha. the vanilla bean ice cream looks good, i love anything with beans in it. and u had a pint of it? which means close to 500ml already. i wouldn’t wanna travel so far to udders, guess i’ll drop by the one at westmall when i visit my mom nx time.

sistafood: haha i want more ice cream!

Tesia: sure carol : )

zay: thanks zaylene! how’s yr dslr coming?

LFB: Oh yes you do, aww.. that’s so sweet!

Jiaying: Go back again this week! no, go back every week!

evan: i’m sure you do, secretly deep down. heh nope, it’s not really a vanilla bean leh, it’s snicker bars but i guess they put in the beans too!

myfoodsirens: hahaah what flavours are u going to have?

i’ve always wanted to try udders.. but somehow never found the chance to! always interrupted by other icecream distractions along the way =p

sistafood: YAY!

elaine: go try! novena, bukit timah, or west mall. all a bit far for u though. haha

myfoodsirens: Whoa! they are known for their “adult rated” ice cream. hehe.

Camemberu: i love the specks of vanilla beans, so sexy! hee how about the novena one? should be nearer for u! Ah i was clearing up my plugin so i removed that. lol

yx: Yes my dear : )

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