Sweet Nibbles (Part 8): Here’s a cupcake for Monday!

I meant to blog over the weekends.

But that obviously didn’t work out. I’m swamped with school, photographic society, and personal stuff, but I will post about my DBS Foodster dinner soon. So here’s something sweet to keep you going for the start of the week! And this post is also for Jiaying, who’s always the first to ask me whether I’ll be posting sweet nibbles every Monday.

Da Paolo II Giardino
501 Bukit Timah road
#01-05 Cluny court
Tel: 6463 9628


brad! i love your website’s new look! 10 thumbs up! :) looks so beautiful!

about your post, do you eat something sweet every monday or do you eat something sweet everyday? :)

hope we can meet up soon!! take care for now! xx

S: heh thanks! yes still in progress

fen: I tweet so much so i might as well just put it big big right on top :D

sistafood: “sneak preview” HAHA

tim: yea can’t be help cos it’s big so it will load faster. But I like it BIG! hee

Nic: Thanks dude! :)

emily: The photos are the same size as before, maybe cos you are hungry so everything looks bigger and nicer

Veggiegirl: Thanks! have you got your cupcake today? lol

lainey: Yep I’m totally in love with it too. muahahaha

Tesia: Can you believe i actually haven try their tiramisu yet?!? What something more going on? I don’t know what you are talking about :p

Hehe… they have so many things, there’s plenty of things we haven’t tried yet!

I think you know lah….

wah! so honoured! ahaha but too bad i didnt use com yesterday, only caught your sweet nibbles this morning~ :p love your new layout btw~

oh cool!!! new look!! i don’t mind the whole webpage splattered with chocolates, desserts, cakes etc etc photos!!!

Tesia: hahahaha I don’t know :D

Ffichiban: LOL! healthy? okay, i will change the photo to a very sinful food the next time!

jiaying: please continue to ask me every Monday, i’m sort of used to you asking me liao. heh where got like organic food blog, that photo is risotto can! haha

caibao: hahaha thanks! yeah i will change the masthead photo periodically :)

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