Sweet Nibbles (Part 10): All time favourite

Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you, and I’m gonna let you finish, but Udders has one of the best waffles of all times…

At least for now, until I find a better one.

Until now, I have always been a big fan of haato’s waffles, but now that I’ve discover about Udders, I’m not so sure anymore. I remember my first visit to haato a year ago; it was one of the moments which changed my humble opinion of waffles, and ever since then I never look back. I had others, which were overly priced and not fantastic. So I kept going back to the secret hideout at Ridgewood for a few more time and I never shared the place with you for fear that it might get over-crowded until recently.

Well, to put it this way, Haato’s waffles are still above the rest, but the problem is Udders is even better, and cheaper at $2.50 compared to $4. My grumble is their waffles are too thick nowadays, if my memory didn’t failed me, it used to be thinner and crispier back in the good O’ days.

Waffles make me happy. I’m difficult to please. Whatever.

If specks of vanilla beans doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what else will. Like one of those things which you will never be able to explain – I’m damn excited each and every time I see the tiny specks of vanilla seeds. There’s this natural vanilla flavour which beats the articifical vanilla essence hands down. I love it!

Memories are the best thing about life, be it sad or happy, they will always be there, although some seem to fade away slowly. Well I had fond memories of the Pure Pistachio, so we resisted ordering hazelnut flavour, which would be overbearing with vanilla beans. You could feel the bits of grounded nuts within the robust pistachio ice cream!

Wow! I can’t believe the waffle is so good. This is awesome. Resist from ordering another one, I’m going to tell everybody about it. Oh, how about haato? And then ouch, my beautiful memory is fading away.

Desserts make me happy, at least temporary, until the magic worn off, and then it’s time to eat it again. They are your best friends, and will always be there for you.

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream
17 Lorong Kilat
#01-08 Kilat court
Tel: 6466 1055

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My beautiful happy memories are fading away too..

“Desserts make me happy, at least temporary, until the magic worn off, and then it’s time to eat it again. They are your best friends, and will always be there for you.”

I like these sentences. Although they can make you gain fats, at least desserts that make you happy will always be there for you..

brad! i’m missing ice-cream already! :P and you had to put a post up on ice-cream AND waffles. naughty! haha. if you love desserts, you should try max brenner’s at esplanade, 1st level. amazing stuff. (very good for the soul, extremely bad for the heart and throat. xP) lots of delicious chocolates and chocolate-related dishes. we have to go there together! lol. xP

Sistafood: sweet stone AGAIN? gosh. must go and try them soon. it’s been so long

princessMic: hahahaha stop drooling, go and try it! : )

emily: Oh man, another friend was just telling me how good spruce is, now you reminded me again that I haven go yet. haha

wenxiu: It’s my job to make you hungry! *evil laugh* muaahahahah

LFB: Stop resisting, succumb to the temptation and join the dark side : D

Shayna: haha u put long lost memory, for a spilt second, I thought u are a troll posting a nasty comment, den i read finish everything and phew! lol

Tricia: Hatched is open already?!? I heard about them a while back, but din know they are open. Which area of Bukit timah? What’s the address? : )

Shirin: London don’t have ice cream? HAHA Oh yeah, i love waffles, and i love ice cream. It’s a double whammy to put up both together. hehe i haven been to max brenner’s, maybe fate waiting for you to come back one year later and bring me there. hee



i cant imagine my reaction after eating this if its better than haato’s………. scary eh. so this one goes well with ice cream?

jiaying: haha you didn’t comment! it’s not in the spam list neither.

I don’t like to rave about food, because it gets people expectations up, and when they finally go and try, it’s good, but might not be as good as what I describe den people get disappointed. But yeah I like their waffles! Oh cos i forgot to tell them to separate the ice cream and waffles. hahaha

vonvonx: ROFL! this is so funny! hahahaha okay, *in a very serious tone*, yes Yvonne, vanilla beans! whee : )

pammiez: I’m STILL craving for them now even though I just had it last week!

Sistafood: Nope, I neglect my west for long enough, now it’s time to explore them. hehe

myfoodsirens: Sure! but probably not so soon, it’s so far away from me!

Tricia: Whoa, you went so fast? how was it?

pam: Gelare one is seriously over priced! even for their half-price-waffle on tue, it’s still more expensive than Haato’s or udders!

Ffichiban: hahaha you are so fast dude, i just get to know about it too. lol!

travelerfolio: Hello there! saw your nomination too, congrats : )

i feel like i’m addicted to udders. i have a craving every other day. and buying a pint just doesn’t have the same kind of satisfaction as going down to the shop and choosing a flavour.

my favourite flavour has to be earl grey. the taste’s a little overpowering though, so take caution when mixing flavours. and i must definitely make a note to try the waffles next time i’m there.

Carmen: Earl Grey? So far I only tried Canele’s earl grey ice cream, they were pretty decent.

Jo: I tried once, but it was so long ago! Need to go down and have a bite. hehe

Shayna: Of course you are not, troll is a term used to describe people who have too much time, like to hide behind the online identity and only know to say nasty things!

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