Sky Dining on the Singapore Flyer

This was my first time taking the Singapore Flyer. Flash back to two weeks back, I got a surprise message from Jiafa (YES 93.3), inviting me to join Peifen and him on their upcoming food segment where they will invite the listeners to dine at different restaurants. Sounds pretty awesome yeah?

There will be an estimated of eight sessions, where every week we will go to a different restaurant, and there will be a mini-contest of sorts where listeners will sms in to get pick to go for the dinner. Sky dining on top of the iconic Singapore flyer started the ball rolling.

The Sky Dining is billed as the ultimate dining experience by the Singapore Flyer for the full butler serving in the sky. A couple package ($199++) includes 2 express boarding flights, 2 rotations (1 hour), complimentary VIP lounge access, in-flight host, 3 course menu, with the dessert, coffee/tea to be served in the VIP lounge.

Everybody was so excited when the capsule approached us as we were waiting at the platform. “WOW!“, followed by the flashes of cameras, and we were on board of the capsule. It was definitely smaller on the inside since there was a long table for the ten of us. There was the 2 DJs Peifen & Jiafa, 1 from the station, Julie representing Singapore flyer, 4 listeners and me.

The whole setup is simple but packed with all the necessaries. I like it that way, it was small, cozy and just nice for a romantic dinner.

Jiafa and Peifen doing the recording

We started off with some bruschetta and a surreal drink, which was fresh summer berries in ginger ale.

The breathtaking appetiser of Duck liver pate arrived on a bed of fresh young mesclun tossed in sweet vinaigrette dressing. A cheaper alternative to its famous cousin Foie Gras, the duck liver pate is no less taste wise. It was delicious, everybody finished it in a wink of the eye before we reached the peak of the flyer.

There was two choices for the captivating entree, I had the Baked cod fillet in pistachio herb crust. I always enjoyed eating cod for the smooth taste; the exterior of the cod was baked nicely with a crispy surface while beaneath it the fish retained its freshness. And the side of roasted baby potatoes were worth a mention too!

I managed to get a bite of the Braised beef cheek too. Fusion cuisine has always been a do-or-die thing, it’s either people love it, or hate it, there’s no in between. And I must say I’m on the love side for the curry beef cheek. Somehow, it works. The beef was braised until it was so-tender, and the aromatic spices infused a flavour into the meat that you would never imagine. It’s good.

And two rotations, one hour passed away just like that. Everyone was happily chatting away, eating the food while enjoying the scenary. And Julie pointed out some very minor but interesting details that can only be seen on the flyer. We headed to the VIP lounge for desserts.

The bread and butter pudding came, and the spotlight was thrust onto the giant macaron shell/meringue. There was nothing to rave about the pudding since I’ve better ones before, but it was definitely nice to end on a sweet note.

Everything taste good when the company is right, with magnificent scenaries. Wish you were there. It was a great experience to dine on the Singapore flyer, seriously after this, I cannot imagine myself going up on the normal half hour ride on the flyer since you probably be doing nothing but cuddle together and enjoy the scenary. For more information on the sky dining, you can check out Singapore Flyer website here.

So if you want to have a romantic dinner up there without sharing with four other couples, you can book the whole capsule for just the two of you too, for a princely price of $1500 nett per capsule. My appreciation to Jiafa & Peifen from YES 93.3 for inviting me to join them on the show, and Julie for hosting the dinner.

You can listen to our conversation during the dinner tomorrow, the programme will be aired on YES 93.3 this Wednesday 2nd September 6pm. Do stay tune!

Read about Peifen’s post here, and Jiafa’s post here.


the first picture is gorgeous! i love it! (: and the food sounds so good! but $1500 for a private capsule is quite alot :( although, that’s not as much as the london eye which is £1,200 and only champagne and canapes are served… not dinner.. (so its totally not worth it i guess! :P )

Sistafood: haha yeah definitely! it was raining the whole day, luckily when we were there at night it stopped raining, so we got a clear view of everything :)

Sheryl: Thanks for reminding me! i must still be living in June. lol!

noobcook: no la, where got famous? Just lucky to have the chance to go with them :D

Shirin: heh thanks! 1500 is if u want the whole capsule to yourself, otherwise it’s just 200 bucks per couple, ask nic to bring u for that! :p

ck: yep! it’s not everyday where we get to dine with such a view! but most of the time we were digging in, the one hour passed really fast while we are eating/chatting/admiring scenary.

kaelyn: HAHA wait for your prince to bring you during that special occasion :)

adel: i didn’t take photo of myself! we took a group photo but i didn’t post it. heh

Julia: yeah man, it was great meeting up with a few other folks who love and breathe food too. lol!

wah sey~ah-tas dinner la!!!!! Plus u get to spend the lomantic sky dining moment with Yes93.3 DJ~ humphz!u made me really jealous la! Hope 1 day I can get invited too..but by Auntie Lucy & the other Da Bai Sha~~~ =p

fatkuraprincess: very atas ma? ok la haha yeah it’s fun to dine on top the flyer :)

Nic: haha it’s airing at 6pm today!!

xiqing: HA u finally leave your first ever reply. Well done! keep posting okay

Sarah: thanks! romantic lighting = bad lighting for photography lol

Sistafood: haha wait for your right guy to bring u there for a romantic dinner :)

fatkuraprincess: haha go ask yr bf to bring u there :D

stefanie: hello! thanks yeah i’m lucky to get the chance to dine on the flyer with the 933 DJ and the other folks. hee

Ah so this is what the dinner looks like. Nice presentation! I’m going on Wednesday! Have never been on the Flyer before – the scenery must be good at night.

How come your flyer photo look so good one? Using flash? I went up too, and the flight cabin is so dim, I can’t even see what I was eating lah! But the food is better than I expected!

You lucky guy gets to dine with Peifen!

hollyjean: Oh dear, sorry to hear you didn’t have a good time, let me know if they still don’t give you a reply yeah, lets do something to fix this right : )

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