Rong Guang III: I have a simple tastebud

I said this before – I have a simple tastebud, but nobody believe me, you know, because I am me. People expect to hear that I go to posh, expensive restaurants, attending cool, funky events, But I love my char kuay teow, hokkien mee, roast duck, and chicken rice! All I want is just a simple dinner with you, somewhere, just the two of us.

I love to look at you, taking a bite of the hot spicy stingray, and watched how it makes your lovely cheeks blushed rosy pink. And we grabbed your favourite avocado juice and slurped down everything to extinguish the fire.

I had fond memories of their fried rice from my previous visit. Unfortunately, I forgot that rice was the equivalent of carbohydrate, and you don’t eat so much rice. So a huge portion of the five-dollars-fried-rice went to waste.

And we called in the fire brigade again.

* * *

Memories, are the stuff that life is make of. Thank you

Rong Guang BBQ seafood
Blk 120 Bukit Merah lane 1
#01-07 Alexandra Village
Tel: 9278 7579
Closed on Tue


I LOVE STINGRAYS! hot, spicy, sour, juicy, thick meat. yum yum yum..
My friends and I always have this at Chomp Chomp and Clementi, would definitely bring them here one day! ( :

And, I love your new blog layout! ( : Like what I told my friends whom I share about you and your blog, I believe you will become very successful one day, and I am so glad for you to see the impressive results you have now! ( :
Go on Brad! ( :

love the look of the stingray … esp when the white slivers of fish is covered with spicy sambal.. *drool* Have also tried avocado juice from other places but I feel all falls short compared to this one!

Puff: Go! go! stingray cheap cheap can go anytime! don’t think anymore. hehehe

Shayna: Yea i haven try the clementi one! and chomp chomp too! when are u bringing me? *wide grin* thanks dear, meet up soon yeah? :)

Shirin: There’s three more days, faster eat everything NOW! hee

Rachel: yeah the one here is famous for their avocado juice! man, i want to go back and more stingray!

caibao: WOW! i didn’t know my blog has enable the smell function liao. next time u can put yr hand in and grab some! :D

LFB: tell u more online dude.

jiaying: LOL! faster take then can faster eat! heh

Went just now. I actually pass by the ulu pandan outlet daily but never take note of it till your review. Great comfort food, thanks a lot!

Tesia: hahahaha do u want to go eat with me? :)

Puff: the ulu pandan branch not as good, cos they don’t have so much crowd there, go the alexander one!

harris: oh yeah, we were sweating while eating stingray. Literally part I don’t know. lol

jane: I’m Brad! haha

LFB: :)

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