Oriole Cafe: I know you are the one

I know you are the one. Somehow a part of me, know that I will like Oriole even before I come. Make sense? Because love is blind.

Oriole is one those place that is chic and exudes the laid-back vibe. It is smack right in the middle of town, yet most people isn’t aware of it’s existence. Small, cozy, good food, reasonable prices, totally my-kind-of-place. Oriole!

You like fish & chips? You will like the one here, it’s one of the better fish & chips that I’ve recently; the batter wasn’t soggy and oily even though I took a long time taking photographs, it was still crispy and good. The portions were generous too, with three big pieces of fish at 15 bucks, it’s great for sharing! Most of the wedges were slightly burnt, I’m not sure if it’s done intentionally that way, but it sure was tasty to me!

We took a long time to decide the second main, there was a few choices, spaghetti/risotto of the day, banger & mash, or the oriole burger. But in the end we went for the Beef cheek tagliatelle ($15). The staff loosely compared the tagliatelle to our Chinese kuay teow, but I will beg to differ.The pasta isn’t as thick, so if there must be a comparison, I say it’s closer to Mee-pok. I had a good impression of beef cheeks, and this was delicious! Chewy but not to the extend of being overly difficult to bite, every bit of the beef is immersed in the red wine.

* * *

And for once we didn’t have any desserts because we already had other sweets from elsewhere. But I’m keen to try chocolate fudge cake on my next visit.

Oriole Cafe
96 Somerset road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
(5 minute walk over from Cineleisure)
Tel: 6238 8348

Oriole Cafe is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Hehe! Finally a place that I went to before you! I liked the ambience, though the menu was a little limited. Can I recommend you to try Hacienda at Dempsey? (Or have you been there already?) I think their selection of milkshakes is pretty amazing!

Sistafood: Yeah so qiao that we went on the same day, but too bad never see each other. lol!

lingzie: heh bet u are hungry now yeah? hahahahahaha

thenomadgourmand: Yeah i heard good things about their cho fudge cake

alvina: See you there! :)

Tesia: Well done! when did u go? I went last last week i think. I know Hacienda! I been wanting to go there!! it’s by the same owners as prive! Oh no oh no. I want to go

I’m Brad, my 1stb time leave a msg here. And finally, the 1st place i have been to before you. Love the interial settings though the loud panging noise from the construction site was quite a turnoff.

Tesia: Soon, soon! now no time for brunch on weekends.

shihui: yeah i heard abt their coffee, but I’m not a big fan of coffee so we din have any. heh

Gavin: Hello dude, thanks for leaving your first comment, hope it will not be the last yeah? whoa, everybody is like finding places to go before i go! hahahahah

yayyy, I am going there tomorrow. But damn, it’s going to be a hard choice between fish&chips, beef tagliatelle and the burger!

he’s like national barista champion. so should be pretty good coffee. hmph.. I’ll drop by someday too. Anyway, I just went to marmalade pantry at ION. super atas.. haha.

Hah, I had the fish&chips(super yums), and persuaded the bf to go for the beef cheek tagliatelle. The beef cheek was really melt in the mouth delicious. We got the calamari too, done in a uniquely singaporean way. And I simply loved the latte and chocolate fudge cake :)

Teresa: yes i like their fish and chips! how come need to persuade him to go for beef cheek, he don’t fancy beef? heh. dang, i didn’t order the choc fudge cake, i’m so going to go back and get it the next time!

I went to Oriole today just to try the flat white and it was fantastic.

The table next to me had the beef cheek tagliatelle and they were gushing over it. I couldn’t quite see it was I was there after dark, but, from what they said, it certainly sounded delicious!

I only wish I were spending longer in Singapore so that I could go back to Oriole once more to check out their food!

The desserts are not too bad..

Grilled lemon cake was interesting with a strong spiced taste and the honey crumble affogato was to die for! Unfortunately the bread and butter pudding was nothing to rave about…

amy: What are u busy with? come come, lets go eat all the nice food in the west :)

jasmine: Oh man, i need to go back and try! u din have the choc fudge? ok, i rmb the honey crumble affogato liao. heh

Had the Chocolate fudge cake, it was like falling in love. The other dessert I had was called “something” mess. It was berries, some macarons biscuit like stuff and fresh whip cream. Love it. You should try it too Brad.

jameson: urgh! I know! I should have order their choc fudge cake! haha never mind, the next time i go back, I’m definitely gonna order desserts! hehe

Hi again,

I’m a born-and-bred Singaporean who’s now living overseas for work. I don’t go home that often as it’s a long flight, and I’m a little gutted that all these nice places have opened up after I moved! I should be back more often next year though – friends’ weddings and big birthdays!

Hello Little miss random! yes Singapore’s calling, you should come home more often : ) don’t feel gutted, just take down notes of the places u want to go, and visit all of them one shot when you are back next year! I hope my blog can help when you missed the food in singapore

hi! am a reader of your blog and was wondering if i could trouble you for some recommendations please?

the thing is i plan to be holding a short solemnisation thing, and i’m planning for a simple breakfast / high tea get together. i figured since you’re so well versed in the eateries in singapore, perhaps i could trouble you with some recommendations?

i really like simple cafes like mimolette, oriole (but next to construction site cannot la) etc., would you have any recommendations to share?

thanks very much in advance, appreciate it!

I have recently been to Oriole and I must say I love the ambience. I tried the aglio olio and I wish they had cooked the pasta a min or two more. I believe they were trying to achieve al dente but it turned out a min or two undercooked. However, the starter we had ordered ‘hand-cut thick fries & aioli’ is awesome.

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